Laughter is the Best Medicine

100 thoughts on “Comedian Reacts To My IG Posts | Try Not To Laugh

  1. Unrelated question: What if you find someone unconscious sitting up? You can’t do chest compressions like that, can you? And it could be harmful to move them. Are you just not able to help them?

  2. Pls like this I wanna ask to doctor mike if eating your own skin is okay or not and what it is called caz since I was a kid I used to eat alot of skin my fingers since they would heal again quickly and when I get wounds I eat the skin I dunno why this happened to me and Im 14 whenever I get a appointment with a doctor I cant asked them about this so pls answer this, And thank you for reading!

  3. I can't stop watching this video. For some reason, seeing Doctor Mike spit all over the place makes me happy! Does that makes it my kink??🤣

  4. Pamela so sorry for the loss of your father. Thank you for choosing the Leukemia/Lymphoma Cancer Society. We lost my 15 year old niece to Lymphoma less than a year after her diagnosis. 😖

  5. Blowing whistles with those wheezes😂😂😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 that's is my favorite kind of laugh

  6. Late subscriber but if half the doctors looked like youuuuuuu most people would gladly go to the doctor moreeee..

    But I enjoy my Dr…she is amazing…love what you guys do!

  7. I was watching your video and found it hilarious. However, laughing is painful for me due to tonsil stones I've had reoccurring since I was about 16. I'm in otherwise good health, not on medications, 22 BMI, occasional smoker, and a huge fan of bottled water. Why do I keep getting these nasty painful stones in my throat and is there any way to prevent them?

  8. Where is the dis like …… u hate this video —– this video SUCKS •°•°•°•° #LOVEDRMIKE love ur channel Dr Mike …… n most ur videos…… stay safe ….. safe a life bro —— Thank You Doctor … PEACE

  9. I was watching this around midnight trying not to laugh cause my parents were sleeping in the next room and I realized you laugh harder if you are trying not to…

  10. More Pamela stuff please. You too make me laugh on my journey back home from work! She is so lovable!
    You should do like a weekly thing! I'll watch wathever it is.

  11. I am going through a really bad time right and i haven't been eating and stuff but this put a smile on my face. Thank you for making me laugh

  12. This is literally your best video yet. 😭🤣 I’m dying!
    Also, I have to ask, why do I get congested when I laugh? This has been happening for as long as I can remember.

  13. My bones are like always cracking they get stuck so I have to pop them back.

    I always have headaches.sometimes I wake up with them.And I’m not dehydrated.I don’t drink juices

    I’m so confused

  14. This video is so funny and crazy! And Bear is so sweet, he is so concerned about his dad's condition. Love you Bear! Get well soon!

  15. She's so funny. I could only watch a few minutes. I was laughing so hard I triggered an asthma attack and had to go to urgent care for a neb tx.

  16. Hello Dr.Mike so..I’ve had a mole since I was born it was redish and now is normal brown. Is there a chance this mole could be cancerous. Also this mole is in my eyebrow and I would get very bad headaches

  17. Hey dr.mike would you react to a let it go medical parody here on youtube? I think it's called i don't know. I don't get all the things she is saying maybe you can clear them up

  18. Doctor Mike, do you think you can comment on, or maybe even do a video on Chiropractors? I have been doing research and there seems to be a divide with some people saying Chiropractors are bogus and some say they aren't. I know D.Os use some of the same treatments as Chiropractors.

  19. Hey! I really like your videos and I have a question.
    If I have severe anemia, the symptoms may include: palpitations and tingling in the chest?

    When that happens, I can't breathe well and I'm very tired.

  20. Oh hey my dad also died of cancer. I’ve been part of the dead parent club for a while but didn’t ever give thought to the specific sects.

  21. Hey Dr.Mike. Love your videos. I have a question that I’m really hoping you’ll address. What do you think of the new policy in the province of British Columbia Canada that no longer requires nurses to get a flu shot AND are no longer required to wear masks if they do not get the flu shot? I know you’ll do your research and I’m sure you could explain this subject really well.

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