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Comedian With Spina Bifida Has Last Laugh | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

Lila: Having a disability in stand up comedy, I feel like it is a responsibility for me to talk about it. I really want to normalise disability because for a long time, the word itself disabled used to make me really uncomfortable. My sweet baby. We’re about to look through some of my outfits for what I’m going to wear tonight. We’ll let her go. All right, let’s get to it. I’m excited. Because these are the shoes I’m going to wear tonight. I can barely walk. I look like a baby giraffe in them. But it’s worth it on this day. I’m so excited. My name is Lila Hart. I’m a stand up comedian, as tall as an LA parking meter. And I live in LA. Oh, no. I have Spina bifida. Oh, sorry. No, I already messed up. Oh my God Definitely being smaller in a world of average height people, I’ve really learned to I guess like adapt in a way but this is actually this is really cool. This dress. This dress is the dress that I wore the very first time I did stand up. I am as tall as this microphone stand how about that. 4 6″. Even when I drive, I sit on a booster seat. Fortunately, I have really long legs because my spina bifida, it makes my torso really small. But my legs are like normal. So which is kind of funny. Spina bifida is basically like being born with how I describe it as being born with a spinal cord injury. You’re born with a hole in your back and the doctors have to go in and try to close it. I had seven major operations, most of all of which were before the age of 14. In and out of the hospital, as I got older. And all my friends are dating people. And I literally had guys tell me, “Lila, you’re really pretty, but I can’t date you because you’re a midget.” And that really hurt me. When I was in college. All I wanted to do was be in a sorority, right? Like, that’s the ultimate form of acceptance. None of the houses wanted me. And it was at a party and this drunk girl came up to me and she was like, you know, ‘Lila I feel so guilty. I just have to tell you, I’m so sorry that none of the houses wanted you because we didn’t want to be known as a house with the crippled girl.’ And, you know, that obviously, like sucked and broke my heart. I am so far removed from the person that I was in high school. Because of the level of confidence that I’ve grown through, stand up comedy All I wanted to do back then was to be accepted, right? Like to be part of a group. And then you moved to LA and you’re like, what can I do to stand out? And it’s like, well, you know, joke’s on you again. crippled girl wins. It’s fine. Crippled comedy. Fantastic. Like a magical unicorn I have long legs. Magical unicorn more like my little pony. My boyfriend does a lot for me, actually. He carries bags, like he reaches things for me. So I’m very lucky that I have somebody like that in my life. Eric and I met because we’re both stand up comedians, we kind of, you know, saw each other in the scene. When I’m with Eric, I forget that I have spinal bifida, I don’t even feel small. So tonight is the premiere of small talk live, my mom is going to be there. So we’re going to have a mom panel where we have the moms come on stage, and I do a little interview segment with them. Same size as an LA parking meter. Yeah. Lila: I do a little dance before I’m getting on stage. Like it’s just like a little like. Silly like kind of dance that I do. If people are like what are you doing? Like I’m about to perform. And I’ll just like kind of get like silly to kind of to loosen up, away. Even if there’s no music, I’ll just like, you know, do a weird little dance. Okay, I got a little too into the pre show dance so excited. A little bit nervous. Oh, goodness, the teeth. I’m a little bit nervous. But more excited. I’m just really happy that my mom’s here. When I’m on stage, and I make people laugh by sharing a story that used to cause me so much pain, and that I can go on stage and I can talk about it. Like it’s like I can say the words out loud that used to hurt me so badly. And I can connect with the audience and I can almost in a way it’s like I can make it see how silly it is to use these words and make fun of somebody I don’t know. For a long time, the word disabled made me so uncomfortable because I didn’t want to accept that I had a disability. I didn’t want to accept that I had spina bifida. It made me feel like you know there’s something wrong with this word when in reality, there’s nothing wrong with being disabled. Presenter: Lila Hart. Lila: When I was in college my Professor laughed at me when I said I wanted to have my own talk show well, shows him now. In fact I have to try and work 10 times as hard and I feel like that should be celebrated. You know, it’s like, yeah, I’m disabled. And I’m also sexy, and I’m also fine. And I also have a great boyfriend. They already lost him too I was going to bring her out in my liberace bag. I could still go on to be one of the greatest comedians of my generation, having spinal bifida and being disabled and all. I’ve got a messed up back you guys know I have spina bifida, so you know what I mean I can’t lift things. And I know I look big today, it’s because I got these giant shoes on make me look like a baby giraffe. My ultimate dream would be the first disabled comedian to host SNL. and that is what I would love to do some day. Now I’m on stage saying disabled, crippled midget, all of the words that used to give me so much anxiety and now I just feel so free. Small Talk Live Nothing upsets me midget, I’m the baddest midget so.

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  1. Today is my 28th birthday ❤️ and I’m so grateful to have this video shared with the world. Thank you Barcroft 💕

  2. You should never give up on your career aspiration! You've got a charming personality , charisma and you're cute. Get an agent.

  3. I'm 4"11 people call me midget but i don't let negativity get the best of me….. your super gorgeous in so many ways

  4. More important how you are looking inside. She is strong and she has support for herself and around.

  5. Beautiful & Smart young lady, can’t believe that her friends were so mean to her , that’s very Sad 😢 💔Good luck to her I wish her nothing but the BEST ❤️😘

  6. Yea thats the thing, she makes fun of herself, making it is ok. So people treat the same as she treats herself and then it is offensive…

  7. My son has the same condition as lila. He was born with spina bifida but unfortunately he is wheelchair bound. He has also done some comedy.

  8. The sorority sisterhood is just a bunch of drunk whores, I hope they see how amazing she is and what they missed out on.

  9. OMGosh she's absolutely gorgeous. Her smile, personality, attitude, her wit & all around attitude makes her stand taller than the majority of people on this planet. She remids me of Alyssa Milano. Tell me she doesn't look almost identical to her Success doens't know a race, gender or height for that matter. I'd say she has everything & then some going for her. She needs to know to NEVER look down because only God looks down. She is an inspiration & Lordy she is in Los Angeles 😀 I want to go see her perform now. She's about an hour & some away from me. #Goals

  10. In life, the disability isn't the physical ailments. The disability is the ignorance of those, who don't see the beauty or what the person has to offer as a human being❤😍
    Have a beautiful day

  11. It puts others issues into perspective. Being turned down for something natural is just wrong. Her confidence is inspiring.

  12. I really don't understand why those sorority houses didn't accept her. I didn't even know she was "disabled" when I first saw her. She's just a bit short, and I don't see anything wrong with that.

  13. You r a BEAUTIFUL, witty, funny, well spoken, good-hearted young woman! I am inspired by ur strength and heart. And, oh yeah, u happen to have spina bifida You WILL host SNL one day, too! Speak those positivities into existence, girl. Just being honest….yes, I notice ur disability 1st, but TRUTHFULLY, as soon as u start talking (ur spirit shining!), ur disability quickly disappears. I noticed as i was watching vid, ur disability became almost obsolete. Believe me wen I say that when u start…, well….being you, YOU r who we see. Ur shine is bigger than ur spina bifida. Believe that. May God, the Father bless you

  14. Is this the girl who was on Little Women LA? The girls went out, saw her show and were kind of offended when she said the word midget.

  15. This woman is beautiful inside & out. She doesn't need those stinking sororities, which are nothing but popularity contests anyway!
    To the disabled: Show them how smart & wonderful you are! I've become disabled later in life. Embrace what you can do, not what you can't do!
    Happy birthday, Lila! Your attitude & smile make you ten feet tall!

  16. You're not disabled you're just differently-abled and we are all different thank God that's always something to celebrate

  17. Omg she is so beautiful😍❤❤❤I'm also short naturally, 6th graders are taller than me, and I'm going to the 9th grade😂😂

  18. You are so very gorgeous, and great at what you do! So glad you found your confidence and are doing what you love!

  19. There's something about her that reminds me of a mix between lady gaga and old school Madonna

    Ps… amazing woman

  20. ….there is no disability….you are differently able…but even that is not true…you…that is what you are!

  21. I am so happy to see how well her life has turned out since high school and college. She’s gorgeous, talented, and she’s definitely going places. I hope she gets to go on tour one day and that I can see her live! You rock, Lila.

  22. Lila, girl your personality is amazing and you can just tell you can light up any room you walk into!! Keep it up!!❤️

  23. It kills me that people let the petty minds of the soulless have so much power over them! I'm glad she seems to understand a bit more that it's better to be a unique beautiful compassionate person than a copy of every other ordinary dull idiot.

  24. She needs to go on America's Got Talent. Her story would get her featured and she would have a great platform to get seen.

  25. I have the Chron decease but this video make me feel less sick and maybe I should stop complaining because they are people in worst shape then me.

  26. The first thing I noticed about Lila was how pretty she is, then when the camera pulled out to a full length shot, I thought WOW!! Look at those legs! She’s hilarious too. I hope to hear more about your comedy and am sure that she’ll make the big time. Love this video, Lila is so inspiring.

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