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100 thoughts on “Comedians in Poland: Piotrek Szumowski “Being Polish” – polskie napisy

  1. I went round a polish woman's house once and she asked if I want something to eat I said sure… She literally put some cabbage in the microwave… Is all your food that shit? 😂

  2. In Brazil Brokeback Mountain was translated as "The secret of Brokeback Mountain" is not as bad, but still weird tho.

  3. ..?. Polish have humour.?? .. Begin of Polish joke : "Five Russian soldiers raped my grandmother"…  Ends with : " And now they ALL in mass-grave.. HaHaHaàà."…   THAT is Polish comedy.!

  4. For years I heard my Mom say 'eniwez', and one day it just clicked that she was saying ANYWAYS in her own way. I'm curious if I'm the only individuals who brought attention to this identifiable words.

  5. Why so many Poles called Peter or Adam? My mate is polish (Adam) and he says every time he goes home there are no young people there they've all moved to the UK.

  6. Low level vulgar jokes about own parents for strangers to laugh… i really don't know man… it sounds like meanness, infamy or whatever it is called.

  7. Where in the Uk did he grow up? I'm UK born Polish myself, but this comedian sounds more Irish mixed with aussie? wonder if he lived in Ireland or Australia at one point. Because it doesn't sound like a Polish British accent or a British accent either 🙂 nice to see some Polish standup 🙂

  8. Iceland is notorious for American movie titles..
    Die Hard 1 2 3 – Á tæpasta vađi 1 2 3
    Google translating back to english is:
    At the worst.
    But literally means: On most limited wetting.

    Thats right

  9. Movies titles are not translated in Poland. They are just made a guess of what more can to catch an eye of consumer. That's all. Other thing is that low level IQ community is running all media (but that's not the only polish issue)

  10. Lmao the movie thing is not unusual. We Israelis also come up with rather uh… interesting names for movies. For example:
    1. Despicable me- stolen on the moon ('stolen on' something means to really like it)
    2. Frozen- break the ice
    3. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs- falafel rain (cause the only round foods we're allowed to eat in Israel are falafels apparentaly)
    4. Ferris Beuller's day off- I hit a faucet for the teacher (this is a phrase for missing class, sounds better in hebrew I promise)
    6. Hangover- on the way to the wedding we're stopping in Vegas
    …and many more.

  11. Being the first person to discover that deep down, Poles are actually hilarious, Piotrek won the Nobel prize for Comedy and became the richest man in Poland.

  12. Exciting news from the Polish space program today! They announced that if all goes according to plan, they will definitely put a man on the sun by 2024.

  13. My boy is 3, and goes to Polish daycare…so he brings polish words and I'm like what???
    And he just giggles…and brushes me off…

  14. That negative part hit really hard. I'm a hungarian. Most of us are smiley, but they drop very negative "hints" when they are talking. "How is your wife?-> Oh she is really cute, and so cherry, yesterday we were shopping and I wish I was dead."

  15. Not only titles are horrible translated to Polish ;p we live in era when average schoolboy can communicate pretty well in English, so it's suprising how people get paid for "profssional" translation which make no sense xD For example i was watching an episode of Friends on Comedy Central, Ross broke a lamp and said "sorry, my bad" and it was translated as "spoko, to moje łóżko" which literally means "cool, this is my bed" xDD i guess "bad" and "bed" sounds pretty familiar and "my bad" is an idiom, but come on… this is their job to make it right ;p

  16. Спасибо алгоритмы Ютуб, но я хотел русские стэндапы изначально посмотреть

  17. Oh yeah, my country is famous for its awful translations too. For example here in Finland the show Big Bang Theory is translated litterally to Foggy Glasses

  18. I used to do roofing with these cool polish dudes that couldn't say caulk. They always needed cock. The black cock. I miss roofing with those dudes. Shout out to all the polish on Milwaukee's souf side!

  19. I know Karolina Goswami, she is Polish. We Indians respect Polish a lot, because Karolina is such a good unofficial ambassador of Poland.

  20. wszystko fajnie do momentu poruszania tytulow filmow.. to nie jest tak ze nie znamy doslownego tlumaczenia, ludzie ktorzy zajmuja sie marketongirm i promowaniem filmu wykorzystuja celowy zabieg by przyciagnac do kina i mniej wiecej przedstawic o czym bedzie film.. dziekuje pozdrawiam i zycze sukcesow

  21. And yet it is one of the safest places to be . Immigration wise , the polish have the best immigration stance. It basically ads up to – if you believe in the horseshit crap of the Quran you are most definitely not suited here…..

    And thats why i admire the polish.

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