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Comedy Central Makes Fun Of XXXTentacion’s Death.. | @gnfu_mayday

me nigga ass with a guy they gonna keep this shit on repeat make it like 4×6 time was believing nigga I'm going back because the boy beauty she is anyone still morning XXX Tantus young he's a he's a rapper who was murdered he's dead now he was he was shot he was on his way to buy a car with $50,000 in cash and somebody shot him and took the money which is very tragic but I think also it would be a very good venmo commercial [Laughter] that's the first thing I thought whatever though I got enough ammo I should get been hot what is shit like this gonna stop they're not to fucking my nigga Xu got in these respect the fact that this nigga is dead think about it like this do y'all motherfuckers make fun of you just wanna be as gangster niggas that get shot not do y'all make fun of them how they took all that shit nigga music videos and songs and everything else talking about hockey no nigga top they gank ain't no nigga smoke them and all these different kind of shit just to fuck around and end up in the ground did y'all talk about that dude they don't talk about that at all like let me know oh yeah that's pretty much what I thought because at the end of the day y'all tell them niggas RRP don't make no type of funny style ass jokes about dumb niggas but when a nigga who was actually not promoting violence and they go who was actually trying to prevent suicide and do positivity in the fucking world actually dies that that's when we decide we want to make fun of motherfuckers okay I see how this generation is now now I can see if you just joked about the nigga the way he looked or something like that you feel me like I can fully respect and let that go but to really make fun of how he died like give me wrong this isn't one of my usual comedy videos and shit but at the end of the day that bitch deserves some type of back glass for that shit you feel me and you can tell the crazy part shit that make me cringe is the fact that you could tale look at her face like go back rewind real quick do whatever you got to do going to Instagram account whatever you feel me but rewind whatever you got to do and look at her face when she's telling the joke you feel me when she first started jokes she's like you guys alive but they're all right you've known me in continued once she heard laughter you feeling it just like if you didn't want to tell it what why why did you say it you feel me you knew it was our bounce just about a way to face look we could tell you knew it was out about so why would you do it by come on now I'm just done like for room you

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