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Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents: Jo Firestone – Facebook – Uncensored

I got off Facebook.
That’s really good. That’s a big life improvement. – Is anyone here–
– ( applause ) What are you guys doing?
You gotta get off Facebook. It’s terrible.
It’s so terrible. I feel like Face–
It’s like– Okay, so if someone– like, okay, here’s the deal. If I’m alone at,
like, 2:00 in the morning, I will go through
all of your pictures. Like I’ll look at thousands
of your pictures. I’ll know what
your friends look like. I’ll know what their friends
look like. I know what their parents
look like. Like I know–
If you go on a vacation, I know what you wore
every day. Like that’s just something
that I’ll– I’ll spend my time doing it. But if you dare come up to me
with a real photo album… you even show me
three pictures printed out, I’ll be like,
“Get the fuck out of here! You’re wasting my time.
Get out of here. My time is precious.”

26 thoughts on “Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents: Jo Firestone – Facebook – Uncensored

  1. The most disrespectful thing you can do to women is patronize them and give them specials based solely off of the fact that they are women and not based off of their talent level. Smh.

  2. I'm no comedy expert, but if the deliverance was better I think most would think it at least was a decent, okay-ish joke. I have heard way worse.

  3. Her comedy IS awkwardness, including her delivery. It's beautifully neurotic!
    She's almost like a female Bobcat Goldthwait.
    Check out her mock interviews on Jimmy Fallon to really see her shine (and squirm) in a spotlight.

  4. I like her comedy, but the isn't a great stand up. The awkwardness is great for improv, and her podcast with Manolo Moreno (possibly the only comedian more awkward than jo) is great.

  5. These comments are really mean… it was a good joke. Sort of weird to upload a 1 minute stand-up clip but it was a good joke.

  6. She sounds like stand-up as a second language. Also Joe Mande does that exact joke but WAY more creatively. #Hack

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