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Comedy Central’s Roast of Alec Baldwin 🔥 Red Carpet Interviews | The Peak

– You know what it’s like? It’s like a gang initiation. Yeah, it’s an honor to be in the gang, but you get the crap beat out of you. – Oh, Robert De Niro, I’m freaking out. I’m going to rush to the
stage and give him a big hug. – And what do you not want
people to make fun of you about? – I don’t care, I’m dead inside. (laughing)` – Hey it’s me Kerryn Feehan with Paramount Network’s The Peak. We’re at Comedy Central’s
Roast of Alec Baldwin and we’re about to talk
to some film and TV stars who are definitely going
to get their feelings hurt. – Is there somebody in particular you’re excited to see up there tonight? – Robert de Niro, and
Alec of course, yeah. – Well, Robert de Niro. I’ve never met Robert de Niro. I’ve never been in the same
room with Robert de Niro. As far as I know. (laughing) I’ll be disappointed if he knows who I am. – [Billy] I’m looking forward to De Niro. – [Kerryn] Yeah?
– And De Niro’s not that much of a cutup usually. – Honestly, Alec Baldwin,
can I say anyone else? – I’m most excited to see everybody, especially Carrie, ’cause she’s dope. She’s the best, and I’m
excited to see Alec, man. He’s seen ’em awesome. – Well, I’m hoping to catch
my own reflection on it, and be like, “Wow, I love that guy.” – Nikki Glaser.
– The man himself, Alec Baldwin, I’m ready
to just see this guy get his life destroyed. – Kind of Caitlyn, I
haven’t seen her in a while. – Why do you think Alec
is such a good target, and so much fun for this? – ‘Cause I think he has a notoriously, I guess a bit of a temper. (laughing) – I feel like ’cause he
can dish it out so well, he can probably take it really well. And he’s extremely good at improvising, and I feel like he’s going to come back on anything anyone says
with something even better. – Just because he’s done so much work. – I didn’t know people don’t like him. I couldn’t love a man more. – He’s got a thick skin. He grew up in Massapequa or something. He grew up fighting with everyone, his brothers, and everything else. So he’s just got a good
temperament for this. – I’m looking forward to the
awards with friends jokes. – [Kerryn] If you were to get roasted, is there anything you would want people to not make fun of you about?
– My genitals. – Oh, God, I don’t know, I mean. I wouldn’t be roasted, so. (laughing) – That incident in that mountain
at Guatemala that one time. I don’t really like
talking about that now. – Well, I wouldn’t want them
to talk about my sexual, I mean, nothing, why? – I honestly wouldn’t let anybody make fun of my body appearance or my personality or any of my work that I’ve completed. Or any of my friends and family. Or just anything that
I’ve done in general, so besides that you could
make fun of anything you want. – [Kerryn] If you were to be roasted, is there anything you would want people to not make fun of you about? – Oh, God, with me, come on. I mean the obvious is the
obvious, so I would just take it. I would just take it all. I’ve taken it, so keep going,
whatever, have your fun. – I think it’s an honor, I
mean, that’s the whole point. It’s like you’ve achieved
some status in our culture that we can kind of
try and bring you down. That’s the whole point, if you can’t, he’s such an iconic presence
in our comedic landscape. That’s the fun of trying
to bring him down. – Look, honor or not, everyone’s hitting him
with both barrels blazing. So he’s going to get it. – I don’t know. Can you really have it out for Bal, unless your a certain presidential figure. (laughing)
You know what I mean? – [Kerryn] If you had
to roast me right now, what would you say? – Wow, this is.
– See, nothing? Perfect. – You look like eclairs threw up on you? (laughing) I didn’t mean that.
– [Kerryn] No, I loved it. – I would say your dress looks like a gay parrot threw up on it. – Don’t miss Comedy Central’s
Roast of Alec Baldwin, premiering Sunday, September
15th on Comedy Central.

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