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20 thoughts on “Comedy Connections – Fry and Laurie

  1. please don’t be that american who says words to the effect of: “i had no idea hugh laurie has an english accent, only ever seen him in House..”

  2. 14:45 – how they came up with the vox pops on A Bit of Fry and Laurie to control the pace of the show (and to use random funny lines they'd come up with).

  3. And here I am, watching this for the first time, thinking…. "Holy shit, Hugh Laurie is BRITISH?" I wasn't familiar with any of his work outside of "House", and it blew me away to find out he's not American.

  4. Anyone notice Hugh's accent is slightly American now after living in America and doing House for so long?

  5. I know they can't include everything but I'm surprised they didn't mention "Kingdom" as that was quite a big deal.

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