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Comedy Duo Frangela Performs Their “Movie-Goers” Sketch – Bring The Funny (Open Mic)

-Ooh, girl, I’ve been waitin for this movie to come out
for months. -I know. Me too.
-Mm-hmm. Oh, here we go, here we go
here we go. -I rewatched 1 through 7
so I would be ready. [ Knife plunges, man groans -No, the black guy’s dead
already? We didn’t even make it
through the credits. -That’s got to be
some kind of a record. Oh, wait, wait,
here comes the cute girl. Here comes the cute girl.
-Okay, okay. -Oh, home girl is showing
a lot of side boob. You know what that means. Dead.
-Dead. -Shh.
-Shhhh. -I know, she should be quiet
-Mm-hmm! -The killer could be anywhere.
Run, girl! -No, no, no, the other way
-The other way! -The other way!
[ Knife plunges ] -Dead.
-Dead. [ Laughter ] -[ Clears throat ] -Oh, you got allergies?
You got allergies? Hey, you need to try
the shh-shh. -Or have you tried the hoh-hoh -You should try that.
You should try that for that That’ll help with the —
[ Engine revs ] Oh, my God,
he’s got a chain saw! -Oh, my goodness, girl.
I can’t watch this. Tell me what’s happening.
Tell me what’s happening. -Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
-Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. -Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
-Tell me. Tell me. Tell me -Okay, I’ma tell you, girl
I’ma tell you, girl. Okay. Okay. Okay,
so what’s happening is, okay, the other cute girl, she’s changing out of her bikini
into another bikini? I think it’s an evening bikini
I don’t really know. Now she’s trying to open
that crazy evil puzzle box -Now, why is it that every tim
in every horror movie, people do exactly what the crazy
old man says not to do? You know what that means.
[ Knife plunges ] Dead.
-Dead. [ Laughter ] [ Cellphone ringing ] Is your phone ringing, girl?
-Is that your phone? -Somebody — Is that your phone?
-Is that your phone? -Somebody — Oh, wait, girl,
I think that’s my phone. Girl, I think that’s my phone. I got it. Wait a minute, girl.
Wait a minute. Hello? -Tell them you at the movies -I’m at the movies.
Who is this? Hello? Who — Girl,
I think this is you. -What? [ Laughter ] -I think you butt dialed me. -Oh, I sure did. [ Laughter ] -I’m at the movies! -I’m at the movies with you too,
girl! [ Applause ] -Uh, excuse us.
Could y’all keep it down? We’re trying to watch a movie.

70 thoughts on “Comedy Duo Frangela Performs Their “Movie-Goers” Sketch – Bring The Funny (Open Mic)

  1. I always like this kind of satire like “
    The black guy is dead already we haven’t even made it past the credits”

  2. It must have taken hours for the two of them to rehearse exactly when to say dead so that the knife sound is timed perfectly. Tons of credit goes to you guys!

  3. If anyone is wondering why they look so familiar, Frances was on Hannah Montana as Roxy (Miley’s bodyguard) and Angela was on Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

  4. Awww Frangela!!!! I've been a fan since like 2004 when they used to make weekly appearances on Best Week Ever 😀

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