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Comedy Hunt – # 4 Marriage Counseling

Once you do that Things will be absolutely fine Ok.. Thank You Hmm.. Hmm And remember Suyog Trust is a two way street Alright. Bbye Bye Rebecca Yes Sir Send the next one in Oh… Mr. Prince Choudhary? Ok.. Tell me What is troubling you? I am all ears Life is completely screwed Sir Hmm.. Hmm Natasha.. My wife Now where do I start Last Saturday Till 2 am I was playing Counter Strike And she doesn’t like you playing video games with your friends ha Who is talking about friends? Just the two of us Your wife plays videogames? Complete addict Sir Sometimes DotA, Sometimes CS Fifa, NFS Every day. Video game. Now in the middle of the game.. She walks out A typical case of lack of .. Comes back in 2 minutes What does she have in her hands? Beer Now which man On a Saturday night at 2 am Wants to drink beer? Okay… Soo.. If I understand.. And this is not a one off incident This March, she had gone to Capetown Both of us went She wanted to participate in a Swimsuit competition Your wife is a model? Supermodel Sir Now what happens?
She wins it. Do you know what she says on the stage? I won because of him I am Princess of my Prince I am his this. I am his that. Shut up Now you imagine Your wife wins a swimsuit competition And then there are these 8-10 Bikini babes who come close to you I want a selfie with him I want to give him a kiss I will pull his cheeks He is such a doll How will you feel? Very claustrophobic sir Okk I think i get what’s wrong You think she doesn’t give you enough space Right? Don’t even get me started on space Do you know where I was for New Year’s eve? Bangkok My wife’s New Year gift Along with my 4 guy friends on a sponsored trip, she sent me to Bangkok Now 4 guys For 4 days Are going crazy in Bangkok Doing whatever they feel like Do you know how many times she called me? Not even once Now that I am back. At least ask now? How was it? What did you do? Show me the pics. Enquire a bit Do you know what she says? What happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok Leave it Sir. The stories are endless You don’t have to suffer listening to them No No.. I want to hear everything Please Just the other day we were watching Game of Thrones Do you know what she says while watching? *Message on phone* Baby I am making kebabs for you tonight It’s her She knows I LOVE Kebabs That is precisely why she is making it To be very honest, I am not understanding as to what is troubling you? She is very possessive sir Just day before, we were having a threesome Everyone is getting their equal time Everyone is enjoying Everyone is happy Out of nowhere Do you know what she says? Baby please get involved more Baby try this. Try that What all will I do ??? And that girl Brazilian Whoever she was, her model friend For me she is still a stranger right? What is the problem??? That is what she does’t tells me Are you out of your minds? What kind of a man are you? Your wife is a supermodel Sends you to Bangkok Enjoys beer She plays videogames with you Do you have any brain in your head? Have been patiently listening all this while *Phone rings* What is it? Sweety, our kid is not home yet Must have died somewhere Calm down Anshuman Tell me what’s troubling you? I am all ears

100 thoughts on “Comedy Hunt – # 4 Marriage Counseling

  1. u guys are really doing a fab job.. the content and delivery is top notch.. Rahul, m a big fan of u! yaar tambhram bhi hun… would love to meet u in person !!
    p.s – I knw u r married and am not in louvvvv or anything with u :p but I love ur work!

  2. I am so surprised. u guys deserve more likes n subscribes. such quality and different stuff. pls collaborate more and make videos.


  4. legendary, and goals, i want a wife who'd play games and trust me, and i don't want any Bangkok trips unless it's with her😁

  5. loved the video…
    superbbbb as ever
    and also happy to see my fav artist Rahul Subramanian with my name as character name
    loved this coincidence 😊

  6. I Had a panic attack in the morning. Shud hav started watching ur videos right away 🀣 instead of being cranky πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  7. Supppperrrbbbb🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣Tell me what's troubling you, I'm all earsπŸ‘‚πŸ»

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