Laughter is the Best Medicine

Comedy is Art by Hari Kondabolu

having an album album please this came out to LA I just appeared on David Letterman and these are four things because they're legitimizing things which is unfortunate that I don't feel like we need and have to do jidam eyes themselves but yet we often have to don't think we're seen as a legitimate art form I can listen in to high-end clown redleg another thing and no offense to clubs there any sounds of music my guys draw the first bunch I don't think we're all given the respect user I had I feel that were our dreams attack always have to to justify what I do it even now what people ask me what I do for a living and I'll say I'm stand-up comedian and also many people say things like let's not know how to process that information at all like as if I said I'm the Scarecrow you can do that the thing you can do realize we're Portland some you're like oh I do sample form and I'm going to take this that sends up to the animal look all right get up we deserve a joke no Omega Joe we're big

28 thoughts on “Comedy is Art by Hari Kondabolu

  1. reralmente odio a este sujeto……….. no existen palabras eficas, enanas ni humanas para describir lo que siente por este individuo

  2. Este es el canal de un verdadero intolerante de una raza intolerante, como que les gustan los Simpson , pero no a Apu, lo que indica que se burlan de todos pero no quiere que se burlen de los Hindúes, que acaso todos los demás somos sus payasos.

  3. Eres un imbécil hijo de tu puta madre no sirves de nada el la vida solo eres un estorbo para la humanidad Apu es lo mejor tú eres una mierda hijo de puta nadie te quiere pinchi estúpido voy a denunciar tu canal por imbécil y por hijo de puta

  4. Whats it like to think you are funny ? You fake shit of a comedian what kind of fucking comedian is against censorship you pussy

  5. Amigo, entende q los simpson discriminan a todo, hasta al americano promedio que lo toman como gordo, alcoholico y vago, Apu es el mejor y que viva Apu la concha de tu madre

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