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Comedy Kiladigalu, Pailwaan Movie Fame | Kannada Movie Artist | Appanna Interview | Part 1 | Naya TV

Hello, all.
I welcome you all in today’s episode. Today’s guest is from Pailwaan and
Comedy Khiladigalu Season 2 fame runner up, Appanna.
Let’s have a chat with him. Hello, Dali Papanna.
– Hello. I’m sorry..
Hello, Appanna. Pailwaan is all set to release. We’re hearing your name a lot. Even Sudeep praised you
in one of his interviews. How did you get to work in Pailwaan? During Comedy Khiladigalu I was hosting another show for Zee. It was called Yariguntu Yarigilla. He’d seen me in that show. A superstar was supposed to play my role. He couldn’t show up
because of some reasons. They were looking for another role.
It was offered to renowned comedy actors. I don’t know whether they refused it
or I got lucky enough. After seeing my show,
he contacted me. One of my friends had told me
that it was a minor role. When I reached there,
I found out that I was playing a major role. Then I realized that my role
was there throughout the film. I narrate the first half of the film. While selecting me.. They thought I wouldn’t do
justice to the role. When my photos were given to them
and I auditioned for the role they said, they wanted me.
So that’s how I got selected. Actually, I had a very tight schedule. I was hosting a show and participating
in another. I had to go to Hyderabad too. How was the experience
of working with Sudeep? I think, I was very fortunate because he’s such an amazing actor. He’s famous all over the country. He’s acted with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He’s worked under the direction
of S. S. Rajamouli. He’s also directed a few movies. When we act with such a versatile actor we need a lot of confidence. I was very nervous.
I couldn’t stand in front of him. He should like my acting. He had no idea about my work. While acting with me..
He got impressed and started becoming close to me. He’d pull my leg and play
a lot of pranks. He’d also give me some acting tips. We formed an amazing bond. I got so much confidence
that I can act with anybody now. Because he taught me so many things.
Anybody can act. But when it comes to films and camera.. He taught me that very well. He taught me how to act
when a certain lens is added. He’s been a very good guide. You got a call from the makers of Pailwaan. You had got selected
and you’d share the screen with Sudeep. They sent you a script. How excited were you? I pinched myself about 6 times. I thought it was a dream because I have not
achieved anything in life. Other actors who were with me.. They’re waiting to work with Sudeep. They’re eager to work with him. I got to play a lead role. When I got such a major role I thought, this was my life goal. I thought, I was destined to do this. 10 years of theatre journey.. I used to work in serials.
I have played a male lead. I was in Neenasam for about 6 years. This film acted as my life goal. That’s how I got Pailwaan. So this is your first film. I have worked in about 2 movies
before this. Neither of them did well. But this is my first PAN India film. How was the experience
of watching the film first day first show? How did the audience cheer? Actually, I’d been to Avalahalli theatre. I was wearing a mask, glasses
and a cap. I wanted to experience that feeling. I was confused whether I should see my acting
or their expressions. They’d laugh at my jokes
and punches. During my dialogues where I praise Sudeep.. They’d whistle.
But they managed to recognize me. They saw my body language.
They asked me to remove my mask and started clicking pictures with me. They wished me
and praised my work. They said, they needed a comedy actor
like me. It’s an amazing experience. You have worked with many people
in Pailwaan. Yes.
– How was the experience and bonding? Mr. Sunil Shetty is a brilliant
and a good hearted person. I got a chance to act with him. I worked the heroine, Aakanksha Singh. Then I acted with Sushant Singh
and Kabir Singh. I worked with Mr. Abhinaya. I had an equation
with the entire star cast. They’re all a lesson to me. While they were acting,
I got to learn a lot from them. Mr. Sunil Shetty is a Bollywood star. I saw his acting skills.
I learnt a lot from him. They were all my lessons. More than the fact that I have acted
in the film I’m even more happy that I got to learn
from such legendary actors. I have heard that Mr. Sunil Shetty
has offered you a film. Yes. He saw my acting and asked me
to enter Bollywood. Okay..
– I said, I want to act more in Kannada movies. I am somebody who will never forget
his roots. I have many offers from Sandalwood. I’ll first do more Kannada movies
and then I’ll go there. Pailwaan has been released in 5 languages. Yes.
– So you’ve already acted in 5 languages. Yes.. I’m there in all the languages. How was the experience when you watched
the film in a different language? Be it Hindi, Tamil or Telegu.. I have dubbed in Kannada. The local comedians
of the other languages have dubbed it. It was like my body
and a different voice. It was amazing. When you see another artiste
giving voice to your role that is an amazing feeling. They’ve done all well.
The Telegu dubbing is done better than me. Even in Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam. It was a different experience. It is something that I cannot explain. On seeing your energy, I can say that
you’re all set to become a superstar. Sudeep is the only superstar. I am only his friend. Kannadigas have appreciated my work. It’s an amazing response.
The print media and Youtubers..
And people like you.. I have been getting a lot of love. I’m very happy about it because I have got an amazing platform. Sir, how was the role
of the director, producer and DOP? They’re the main heroes of the film. The directional team has done
a fantastic job. People are full of talent. They work with a cause
of making an amazing movie. My directional team and the DOP.. I mean, Krishna’s team.. They’re always like brothers. Mr. Karunakar is amazing technician.
He work speaks for him. He’s always focused about work. Mr. Krishna is a fantastic DOP. He was the cameraman for Mungaru Male. The DOP work was done pretty well. The directional team faced
a lot of challenges. They handled many renowned actors. Sushant Singh..
They’re all famous actors. They’d handle them all well. They know things. They supported everybody. Mr. Devaraj, Krishna’s younger brother.. He’s contributed a lot to the film. Music.. Mr. Arjun Janya. I have nothing to say about him.
He’s always there with Sudeep. The film was supposed to release on Friday,
but it released on Thursday. We’ve got an amazing experience. It’s a family entertainer. There’s a cause. You’ll know it only when you watch it. Okay, sir. Please watch Pailwaan
at your nearest theatres. He’s become so famous. Please do watch the film. Sir, you gained a lot of fame
in Comedy Khiladigalu. Yes.
– How was the journey? I’d like to thank Zee Kannada
and Comedy Khiladigalu. They hired me as a mentor. They saw me teaching kids
how to do comedy. Be it our director..
They got impressed. Then they asked me
to join as a contestant. I was the runner up in season 2. There was a championship
between the contestants of season 1 and 2. I win there too. Then our channel head
and asked me to host a show. Zee Kannada has done a lot for me. I think, no other channel
has done so much for me. As an actor..
During our promotions they talk about me and my show. One more thing is..
Zee Studios bought our movie. Even in Hindi, Zee Studios took it up. We have a different equation with Zee. I am here only because of them. They’ve promised me that they’ll always
have work for me. They love to have me on board. We’ll always be grateful to them. Zee Kannada gave me all I ever wanted. You were hosting a show titled,
Yariguntu Yarigilla. – Yes. How was the experience of hosting a show? Actually..
I was doing your job. So..
Suraj and I were newcomers. But we had a courage
of taking up anything. I still have the same courage. We have the courage to do anything. He’s in DKD now. We’re good at all departments. That’s what an artiste is supposed to do. While anchoring.. It’s all about talk back. You’ll have an inner voice talking to you. I should have answers to all questions. So you should always keep laughing. That’s how you anchor. When a guest walks on the stage the inner voice will help you with content. It’s all about how spontaneous you are. We should be very creative. That was a challenge. You have a lot of mics
and wires around you. You must keep laughing. You should also speak good Kannada. These are the challenges.
You must be aware of it. You should give some content. It should be fun.
The audience should love watching us. The audience has a remote.
They have an option to change the channel. We should stop the audience for doing that. Only an anchor can do that. Be it talking, pulling others’ leg.. Or discussing good issues. An anchor should have a lot of experience. People should praise you. Suraj and I would watch others. Be it on YouTube or watching other shows.. Then the show got the best TRP. Very nice.
You have given me a lot of tips. I’ll learn from you.
Thank you. Do you like hosting or acting more? Basically, I love acting. I like hosting too. I am still sure that I’m a good host. I have anchored in many stages. That’s when, I got an offer.
But most importantly I entered the industry as an actor. I come from Rangabhumi Neenasam. I wanted to work in films. It has finally come true
through Pailwaan. How long has it taken you
to reach here? About 15 years.
– My God! I have been in the industry
since 15 years! I have worked everywhere. I was waiting for my day. I’d always pray that one day, my efforts will bear fruit. Everybody used to tell me
that I’d achieve something. I didn’t know what I’d achieve.
I didn’t know that it would be Pailwaan. How much happiness has it given you? I am contented now. I feel, I have achieved it all. People from my hometown call me
and say that they loved my work. They invite me. That itself gives you so much happiness.
They call me. They say, you have nailed it. They
praised me a lot during Comedy Khiladigalu. It has gone to another level. My friends and other media colleagues call me and praise me. They appreciate you.
– Yes. I have achieved it all. I should accept all the offers
and do justice to those roles. That’s my job. Were you always passionate
about comedy? Look at fate.
When I was in Neenasam they never asked me to take up
a comic role. I did cynical roles and gangster roles. There was always a comedian inside me. Then I discovered him. Sihi Kahi Chandru cast me
in Parvathi Parameshwara.. Then I realized that I
can be a perfect comedian. That’s when, I got some confidence. When I entered the industry, I took up
negative shades and comic roles too. But I got fame as a comedy actor
after Comedy Khiladigalu. Okay. Are you happy
that you’re known as a comedian? Yes..
I’m more than happy. I have got a job which I love. I have got what I wanted. It’s not easy to make anyone laugh. When go on-screen to make people laugh how do you prepare yourself?
I have a quality of impromptu since birth. I like doing that.
I don’t rehearse. I only have an idea of the present. I keep doing impromptu. I deliver it then and there. I make a script
to suit the audience. I do some research.
I see what’s trending. They should blend.
Research and impromptu and a kind of jovial nature. We used to do that. I do the same on stage too.
There are many people who acted with me. When I start talking on stage,
they’ll start laughing. They laugh out loudly.
– But you’re not making us laugh. You still haven’t made us laugh. I’m fed up making others laugh. I want people to make me laugh now. Like they say, comedy is serious business. The way you explained it
made me realize that it’s a task. Yes..
You just got to learn. You can do anything you want.
All you do need is some humor. An actor should have that quality. That nature will make you laugh.
It’ll always help you. If I’m asked to make you laugh,
I will make you laugh at any cost. I won’t give up.
– For our viewers.. I have worked in a film to do that. I have worked in Comedy Khiladigalu. I have hosted a couple of shows.

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