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Comedy Kiladigalu, Pailwaan Movie Fame | Kannada Movie Artist | Appanna Interview | Part 2 | Naya TV

So let’s talk about your personal life now. Where were you born and raised? I was born in Ramdurga, Belgaum. My mother still sells bananas for a living. I come from a very poor family. I’m stable now. My younger brother has got married. I’m also married.
My wife is also from Neenasam. We’re batch mates.
I have a kid. I’m currently living in Bangalore. My mother and my village
helped me become what I am. My mother and my village. Because my mother would teach me
many things. I’d listen to everything. And the villagers..
They’d insult us. I’d give them counters. As time passed by, the actor inside me
started taking form. Someone who is in a terrible situation
can make others laugh. Charlie Chaplin is the biggest example.
– Yes. So I had pain and grief. I wanted to do something to get rid of it. If I’d tell people that I’d make them laugh,
they’d take along. I was a buffoon.
My job was to make others laugh. They’d give me some food and money. They’d take me along. I was happy
that I’d get some food and money. I learnt many things. One day..
My thoughts were.. I always wanted to go ahead in life. I’m never turning back. That is something..
– You should never see. But life has taught me many lessons. I remember all the lessons. That’s why, I’m living a happy life. But I want to act with legendary actors. I still have that wish. Okay. You said,
your cutouts are all over your village. People are loving you now. You weren’t a very famous face. Who supported you a lot in your village? My guru, Ashok Donbal. He’s an artist. Actually, he supported me,
sent me to Neenasam. He guided me.
He taught me everything. He explained me how
the media industry works. I’m here only because of him. He’s made me that capable. I give him all the credit. And my villagers.. My seniors supported me a lot. There are many people. I learnt a lot from them. I learn from everybody. One should always keep learning.
– You said, your wife is also an actress. Yes.
– She used to act in Neenasam. You..
I’m sorry.. How did you feel she saw you
on the big screen? Pailwaan released. She watched the
film and saw people praise you. How does she feel?
– She’s proud of me. She expected this from me. She keeps pulling my leg. She doesn’t praise me. She won’t do that.
When I ask her her opinion she says, why should I praise you?
Others should praise you. I know what you are.
I’m happy that.. She liked me
only because of my acting skills. I am..
– Have you acted together in a play? Yes..
Many plays.. – On screen? We’ve acted in a serial.
We played a couple. I’m sorry..
– Yes.. When you come to Mahalinkapuram what can you do?
Why don’t you eat on time? This is the accent. There are different dictions
in different parts of Uttara Karnataka. I used to speak all the languages. I used to catch the intonation. People would like that. I used to speak in their dialect. Some people speak Urdu Kannada. There was an animal on my car. When I threw a stone at it,
it ran away. I used to speak that language too. This is why people liked me
in Comedy Kiladi. I used to grasp the language. My guru..
He asked me to join Neenasam. Actually,
it’s difficult to get selected there. Yes..
– It’s not a cakewalk. Around 500 people would have enrolled,
but they only select 12 of them. When I appeared for the interview,
some people were trying for 6 years. I was lucky to get selected
in the first attempt. I was very lucky. It’s all because of blessings. Everybody has supported me. The film has released.
I hope, they still support me. You were mentioning about your guru. When did you meet him? One day, when I was roaming
in my village during the Ganapathi season.. People would tell stories
using puppets. They used to tell Ramayana
and Mahabharata stories. You mean, puppets..
– Yes.. A puppet show. Then Lord Ganesh would bless them. That’s all automatic. They came up with an updated version.
It’s expensive to bring puppets. They chose to go with actors.
It was like light and sound. They needed an actor.
I was jobless. You would have to do about 80 shows
a day. Five minutes each. We were jobless
and hence we went. I grasped it well and acted. Then he observed me. An artiste would be there
in the middle of thousand people. Some people can’t make out
whether he’s a good or bad actor. It’s all about the grasping power. He observed me. There’s no retirement. Where do you see yourself
in the next 5 years? I want to be a good actor. Legendary actors should praise me. Awesome.. You must now answer
in yes or no or in one word. Politics?
– No. If you’re given a gun,
will you shoot anybody? No.
– Coke, soda or water? All of them..
– Coke, soda or water? Which one do you like the most?
– Soda. So you mix soda?
– Yes. Is it?
With what? Whiskey.
– You answered so directly. Many people have said, they don’t drink.
– I didn’t want to lie. I wanted to be a frank.
– Which is your favorite whiskey? Your fans might gift you a bottle. I have no brand.
– Anything is fine. Love marriage or arranged marriage? Mine is a love marriage.
– Okay. Which one do you like..
– Love marriage. Okay.
Did you like this interview? Yes.
– Have you lied in this interview? No.
– You’ve been honest. – Yes. Rest assured.
– Thank you so much for making time for us. Your movie has just released. You’ve come here and have shared
your thoughts with us. Thank you for your time. When someone is dedicating
their time to you you should take it up. Thank you for inviting me. Thank you so much, sir.
– Thank you. What would you like to say
to our viewers? Pailwaan has released.
Please watch it in theatres. Please keep supporting me.
It’s a family entertainer. Please watch it. I thank you for making our movie a hit. That was Appanna. I’ll be back with yet another guest
in the next episode. Until then, keep watching NayaTV.
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