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Comedy Night but no one is a comedian

Huh This is funky. I like it. You know I was gonna create a character, but, uh, this might do. I’m liking this. How do I talk? You just talked K: Admin. How do I talk? Open your mouth and speak, like you are doing. K: Oh yeah, my bad. You’re gay. K: Thanks, dude. We’re gonna start again because obviously you don’t know the FUCKING alphabet! Another Banana. K: Hey, I just joined what’s going on? A story with the alphabet!! Each little letter- each next word starts with a new letter of the alphabet. We’re on, uh, another banana K: and another banana ok another banana is No, C! K: See what? K: See what? I can’t see what you’re doing you’ll just have to explain it over voice. Get off the fucking stage. Maybe you should’ve asked that before you got on the fucking stage bruhhh. K: I’m new here. I want the attention. Let’s do a bit of singing. *girl sings* Kevin: Can’t wake up! *girl sings “Wake Me Up Inside” by Evanescense* K: Can’t wake up! K: Can’t wake up! K: Can’t wake up! K: Can’t wake up! Well start again what we’re doing is we’re going through the alphabet and we’re each saying words that start with the next letter along or a long to make a story. Although- Bitches. Can’t. Shut up Hello. I’ve got a really funny joke. What are you doin’??? Oh fuck off you ginger prick. Goddammit!! So this is a song from My Chemical Romance. *sings Famous Last Words by MCR* K: Can’t wake up! What the fook is this? K: Dude shut up, she can’t wake up. *sings AllStar* Yeah, I’m shine if you don’t glow. Sorry I just had to get rid of the emotion- K: Man, man, you got it out of your system. K: We all need to do it once a day. No way! No way is that Kevin. No fucking way. K: I don’t think it is I think Kevin has hair. No fuckin way! K: He’s in the police, too – I don’t think it’s him. No fuckin way is that fucking Kevin! Dude! No fucking way! K: Woah, calm the fuck down. K: Why are you so angry? Disaster. Hello. I’m new here. I don’t actually know what’s happening. K: That’s okay, man, this is the reasonable thing to do get on stage and ask, That’s what I did too. Hot dog. Stop trying to keep the alphabet thing alive, it’s fucking bullshit K: What letter are we on? Forget the fucking alphabet! K:Another banana is… K: Can I sing sometime? Yeah, sure, sure,sure K:Wow you are nice, okay, *clears throat* This is a song called Fly Me to the Moon K: *sings* Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars K:Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. That was beautiful. K:You can’t do can’t wake up, though. Policeman you you haven’t said much, you okay? Get on up there go on. K:You’re like 1/4 of the Village People come on get up there. There are you from Ireland? K:No, not you don’t look at me like that D-d-did you hear about the people- the two guys who stole a calendar. They got six months each. K:Did you guys hear about the the two guys that stole the calendar they got two- K:They got two, I think they got six months- fuck dammit. They must have heard it before. K:If I’m honest, I can’t hear you, and I’m pretty sure he’s trying to summon something like he’s trying to summon a demon *scary whispering* K:Dude I can’t hear you over him summoning something I need an old priest and a young priest like right now *Girl* Sing us an Emo song! K:I walk a lonely road, but it’s- I- I don’t know the rest. I’m sorry. Oh yeah, I’m booed guys. K: My self-esteem can’t take this You’re fucking shitty, that’s why dude. I think we should go on Skype now, And leave poor lovely Kevin alone. K: It’s okay, I’ll go and Skype by myself. K: *sings* I walk this lonely road… So I’m gonna start up a story alright, and then you guys gonna finish it up alright? K:okay. We haver wakes up one day come on and get some bad- And then he dies. K:the end But in the sequel, he is resurrected. And then he fucking dies again. And then he starts to beat box. *Guy in princess leia hair starts to beat boxing* K:And then he never ever does that again Dead babies AIDS! K:God, I’m really glad I joined the room that says genuine comedy acts only. What’s 9 inches long, pink, and it makes my girlfriend scream when I put it in her mouth? K:A ferret! K: It wasn’t a ferret was I right? Alright guys, I want to see someone up there for like 30 seconds doing a genuine act 1 2 3 4 *Kevin laughs* 5 6 K:I liked that, that was good Your mother is so fat… thank you. K: It’s a glandular problem. Please don’t bring that up again Jesus can walk on the water. Can we swim on land? Oh shit. Go ahead K: yeah… All right, thank you. So…. K: That was good, good job man. Boo!! K: Why are you thanking them? They’re booing you what are you thanking them? K: Anytime someone leaves he comes back up. K:Jesus Christ, he’s nervous K:Why you shaking like that I don’t know if you’re nervous or you’re about to have a stroke *badly sings Let it Go* K: Let me show you how a man does it. *singing like a god* don’t let them in don’t let them see be the good girl you always have to be! Conceal, don’t feel. Don’t let them know…. Well now they know! Let it go, let it go! *Someone joins in* It’s me again, thank you! K:I thought it would be you I had a feeling I had a feeling it might be you up next. K:Well, I’m gonna take a seat now, alright. Kevin! Thank you Are you in an accident, it’s not your car. K: Are you paying too much for your car insurance? Well call the Chelsea Building Society. We can sort everything out by phone and post. Remember, dial 0-100-1111. Kevin get on the stage. K:Okay I’m on the stage now. K:This is an easy crowd this is for all the girls in the audience of which there are none This is girls just wanna have fun. K:*singing*I come home in the morning light, My mother says when you’re gonna live your life right Oh mother dear we’re not the fortunate ones and girls They wanna have fun. Oh girls Just wanna have, fun K: Cow jokes or banned. So there was this magic tractor right and it, uh, it turned into a field. K:Do you get it because it was magic and- there was a cow in the field there was a cow in the field!! Oh yeah alright that’s fine. That was a good boy. Yeah, oh K:The star is back – seriously, can you just tell us what your deal is you just stand there on the stage like breathing? Oh, I got to you, yes. If you’re breaking your bid I can hear your laughing! Or crying What do you get when you cross a smurf with a cow? blue cheese K:I’ve had enough K: *singing Arthur theme* And I say hey hey, what a wonderful get in where you can learn to work and play and get along with each other. You’ve skipped ahead! K: got a listen to your heart something or other and listened. and uhh Hey! You’re a piece of shit! And I say Hey! What a wonderful kind of day! Thanks guys, I’m so happy that everyone in the audience have joined in and that we all like Four five K:Five six five Wait what? Say it again, K: It’s five Five six five? K: Yeah, five six five. That’s what? Well, I’ve got zero seven eight three four K: no it’s zero seven eight three four five six five- Yeah, five six five K: five six five again. That’s it. five six five. K:Yeah, so each other. Oh wait You sure? K: O eight five seven five five six Five five six, okay, okay, give it a ring Look at that, it’s an incorrect number. K:That’s surprising. oh seven eight three four oh seven eight three three four five six five five six five Alright guys, I guess that’s the end of the video. Sorry if I sound weird. I’ve got another throat infection seems to never end, but yeah I hope you enjoyed and if you did I’d appreciate like in the video if you haven’t subscribed already Please do and hit that little bell for notifications too – other than that I’ll see you next time bye. Bye Thank you so much for watching my video. I just want to give a quick shout-out to some patreon supporters That’s curvy the mid poke Akkad Daniel O’Neill Daniel Galan Brendon Dotson very poor Elliot her be eating top Leo Martina Dave Burke a free guide Nana candy Kiwi James R England Stewart Steven Lyle Smith and which early Paris Lee tastes so much guys bye for now

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  1. God making Kevin: a little bit of funny pours half of the bottle in a little bit of Jim Pickens pours whole bottle and a little bit of singing talent pours ungodly amount in whoops



  4. would you consider doing another video playing Comedy Night? It was one of my favorite short series!

  5. i just baught this for a friend and i i told him its toxic but we don't care after seeing u play we just gonna fuck around and be stupid and pretend we don't know any better.

  6. I love how at 9:02 when kevin says “ and i say” My emo brain instantly Goes to Crazy=Genius by Panic! At The Disco even tho he was singing the arthur theme song 😂 (this video is too emo for kevin having a gaming channel)

  7. The only reason that i watch him is his taste of music i mean not much of people is familier with Frank Sinatra s fly me to the moon and his evil thats also good

  8. Bald Guy: ….Hello….. I got a really funny joke.

    Angry guy: WHAT’RE YOU DOING

    Bald Guy: Oh fuck off you ginger prick.

    Now that’s some comedy on comedy night

  9. How can you see into my eyes like open doors
    Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb
    Without a soul
    My spirit's sleeping somewhere cold
    Until you find it there and lead it back home
    Wake me up
    Wake me up inside
    I can't wake up
    Wake me up inside
    Save me
    Call my name and save me from the dark
    Wake me up
    Bid my blood to run
    I can't wake up
    Before I come undone
    Save me
    Save me from the nothing I've become

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