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Comedy Short Film | Bitch Please | Omeleto

hey beautiful Who likes chocolate pancakes i do good cuz they got a fat stack right here just for you Also i’ve got a fresh dog of sheep’s milk yogurt topic gluten-free cereal and a coffee just the way you like it maybe this is so Oh, charlie Yeah, baby, hey so i’ve been thinking uh-huh! the past seven weeks have been nothing short of spectacular No i was just telling becca how it feels like seven days or seven years It’s just been so doggone But seriously this whole time i felt so guilty why because i’m a man and Meeting you and learning from you and realizing what feminism actually is i just feel like i’ve changed so much charlie let’s seriously let me finish because even though i’m totally like a woke bro right now i can’t help but feel like i’m still somehow a part of this man’s world men have ruined the earth and subjected women to our tyrannical rule and dropped nukes and and then we’re rewarded for it like i was just reading a medium Bri you’ve got a budding career that’s gonna take off it’s going To take off and yet you’re constantly being held back by men like me charlie if you really think you need to one you right now no you think our heroes ever needed men in their lives look at amelia earhart ruth bader ginsburg beyonce what about jay-z i just, want you to reach your fullest potential you might be and you’re not thrown away just shut because you’re just like the country you’re young scrappy and hungry and you’re not gonna wayne knows exactly you gonna work I’ll take all i can get out of here you don’t need to see kali on the walk? It’s okay he’s my burden now one less man hold you back i’ve been walking him for seven years yeah, but if you didn’t have them in your life then you’d probably be a lot farther along in your career what if we pause for a second and you came back and beth Hmm you want to put it on pause for a second uh humphrey have a great day charlie Did you rescue him yeah i saw him on the other side of the highway Four years ago i was just driving down the road and the natura i just pulled over and like you on the hike like you? actually rescued him yeah come on wedding welcome home all right Hey charlie that’s me oh, wow so sweet thank you and who’s this little bundle of, joy oh this is monkey a monkey Are you coming on our date with us? mmm maybe next time Okay bye monkey bye so how long have you had monkey five months no way

100 thoughts on “Comedy Short Film | Bitch Please | Omeleto

  1. Jeezsh! Too much kissing in the first minute! And that guy is gay which is NOT a problem accept he’s playing a straight guy and it’s not working out to well. We can tell he’s gay, therefore he can’t be all sweet on this chick!

  2. Why use a gay guy though…….or his personality is always this "gay"? I dont get it…… or is it the afterlife where he was a dog before?🤔😤😐

  3. Anyone please help me understand what was this about, and what is the correct interpretation of this? I really need to know as I am left helplessly bewildered after 7 or so minutes….

  4. Lmaaooo am I the only one who noticed or probably thinking that this girl just got up from bed didn't even get up to brush her teeth before kissing him or eating breakfast… like I really can't stop cringing or crying. Tbh that has been my number one fear since I was a child when sumone talks to me or me not brushing. This may sound weird but when I forget to brush my teeth I tend to stay quiet n cry until I brush my teeth n people I know are always concerned n confused why am I so quiet and sad. Ok and another thing is WHY IS THIS GUY KIDNAPPING DOGS WTFF!!!!

  5. WHAT AM I WATCHING I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING THIS GUY LITERALLY KIDNAPPS DOGS!?!?! I'm not safe with my dog anymore if I see this guy

  6. gaaaaaaaahhhhh! So gross and creepy! Ima have to watch food videos for a half hour now to get the visual taste of this out of my head. 😛

  7. Great production values, but too creepy for my tastes. Thumbs up for making me squirm (i.e. fast forward) during the opera/slow-mo and 'american beauty' moments.

  8. It was all funny until naked covered in roses- made me think he does weird things to dogs and that freaks me out.

  9. After watching “alpha male strategies” for a while, this video drives me absolutely insane. Even without watching the videos, by instinct I would hate this

  10. Question! What is the opera song in the background at the end? I am a music major at NAU and Im getting trained to sing opera love finding odd places to find repertoire haha

  11. It's really hilarious. I can't understand the story until it ends. And when you started showing those real dog owners crying then I understand what happened and lol 🤣.

  12. Hey. This is Glen with Movie Breakers. We would like to add some of your films on our site. Is that ok?

  13. Hamilton is just randomly brought up based on a single word.

    Me and my friends described is a single day

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  15. He obviously was not allowed to adopt from a shelter so he resorted to kidnapping doggies. That's some psycho shyt

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