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Comedy Short Film: The Siren’s Song – BBC

Once upon a morning, dreary. While eye rolls, weak and weary. Half asleep, my dreams were clinging. Suddenly there came a ringing. Some
form of horrible, screeching. Screeching on my bedroom floor. ‘Time to get up.’ I muttered,
reaching to my bedroom floor. Wonder if I slept a little more? A soothing, soft peaceful
singing drowning out that putrid ringing pleased me. Filled me with heavenly delight never felt before. I could forego my usual bathing. Indulge this sleep that I’m craving. Have you been looking after yourself, Sam? You’re looking a bit… rough. If I pressed the button on my bedroom floor. Back into the bedroom churning, all my soul was in me burning. Soon, again, I heard that ringing. More agonising than before. ‘Surely,’ said I, ‘Surely singed disturb this peaceful sleep I was in.’ Let it be then. Time to get up and walk down that corridor. Let my will have the strength a moment, to walk that corridor. What if I slept a little more? With haste, can’t waste time with eating. I’ll make it to that morning meeting. Late again Sam. Third time this month. Come on, Sam. If I pressed the button on my
bedroom floor. If I caressed the button on my bedroom floor. That alarm ever stinging,
still is ringing, still is ringing. Buried deep beyond, somewhere on my bedroom floor. I feel my mind unhinge in this labyrinth I explore. It’s time to rise. What if I had a little more? This soothing siren’s song, turning my wistful feelings into yearning, though it’s promises deceiving. I can’t deny what I adore. I’ve been so worried about you,
Sam. You seem so… different. All I need is a little more. ‘Please!’ I cried. Thy sleep you’ve left me to these drifted dreams you’ve sent me. Take me back to the darkness. Give
me the sickness only cure. Leave thy loneliness unbroken. Let me press the button on my floor. All I need is a little more’ Maybe, I should just.. get up.

8 thoughts on “Comedy Short Film: The Siren’s Song – BBC

  1. Bloody BRILLIANT!! Laughing so hard the entire time, remembering my now-25 yo son every day through high school😜😂Sending to him!

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