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Comic Michael Longfellow Performs in the Open Mic Round – Bring The Funny (Open Mic)

– Hey, how’s it going? How’s everybody doing?
– Good! – I grew up
with divorced parents. Any divorced people here?
Broken homes? Broken home nation,
where we at? – [whistling] – My parents got divorced
when I was like a baby-baby. I was, like, months old. I don’t remember
them being together ever. The idea sickens me. [laughter] It’s gross. I didn’t even know
if they really knew each other until I was older. It was just like,
“That’s my mom adult, “that’s my dad adult. “Sometimes they wave,
but I wave at the mailman. I don’t know that guy.”
[laughter] My first memory
is showering with my father. [audience laughs, groans] One shower too many, you know? [laughter] Just one week too old. This brain switch flipped. I should have told him, “Oh,
I think I remember things now.” [laughter] I don’t think there’s no one behind these eyes anymore,
Papa. – [laughing] – ‘Cause he was like
a single dad, so you can’t–
you couldn’t leave me. I was a baby.
You can’t leave me. So he was just like,
“Uh, yeah get in.” Scrub-a-dub
for a little while. And that’s all fine
until one week you’re too old and you turn to the right
and you never forget. You’re just… Just–it was huge, dude. I remember it being huge,
you know? But I was tiny. I was tiny, so who knows? We don’t know. [laughter] I’d love to get another look, but how do you bring that up,
you know? But I wanna see for the scale. I wanna know for the scale. – [laughing] – I bet it’s like
when you drive by your old elementary school
and you’re like, “What, it’s only that big?
That’s crazy.” [laughter] Hey, that’s it for me.
Thank you guys. You guys were great. Thank you.

20 thoughts on “Comic Michael Longfellow Performs in the Open Mic Round – Bring The Funny (Open Mic)

  1. I didn’t like him all he did was tell penis jokes. Now don’t get me wrong genitalia jokes are funny but that’s all he did and on top of that they were jokes about his dads penis

  2. Guys who think this guy isn’t funny, Dry humor and timing isn’t your thing. His timing is great.

  3. Divorced parents and then showering with his dad, and I guess, being impressed by his dad's huge penis. No funny here. I just felt bad for him.

  4. So far we’ve got a decently funny dry comedy guy, a decently funny story-based comedy guy, a decently funny foreign guy, a very good sketch comedy group, a very bad sketch comedy group, a terribly unfunny man in tights, two talented but hard to understand brits, a guitar player who forgot to write an actual punchline, a very funny older comedian, a decent handsome boy, a pretty funny sketch comedy duo and a puppet

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