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Conceited Strikes Hot w/ This Retaliation Joke | Crack Me Up | Episode 4

– You kind of look like, like
somebody just lightly placed your hair on top of your head. (people laughing) (upbeat music) (school bell rings) [Narrator] – This
is “Crack Me Up,” the show where two
comedians battle to see who has the best
jokes in the schoolyard. The goal is to make
whoever’s in the hot seat laugh the most. The catch is, the Hot Seat
will try their hardest not to crack. Round one is a tit-for
-tat style speed round. The comedians will have 90
seconds to go joke-for-joke, each laugh gets a point,
most points wins the round. Got it? Let’s go. – Breaking, breaking news,
yes, I’m out here at Pride Week at the LGBT parade,
and we have the center from the Washington
Wizards, Dwight Howard. How are you? (women laughing) (bleep) – Uncanny. (mumbling) – Huh? Ah! Ah! – Don’t have nothin’ (laughs) – I’m tryna find it. – Ah this is funny. – Ah? No! – False alarm. – Breaking news, breaking news the wait is over the wait
is over we have found him, we have found him. The guy, he has been missing yes we have found
him Charlie Clips. He was too big to fit
on a milk carton so we had his picture on the
whole cow, but we found him. (laughs) – This is stupid. – No bull… – We’ve now found the
smurf’s last weave hanging out on top
of…this ones head-hair. – We also found the smurf (laughs) – Hold on. All right fine forget it. Oh my god, breaking news. That same person that
we found we actually found his yearbook picture
but he was so big we had to put it on two pages. – Charlie Clips here he is. (bell rings) [Narrator]- Round two is a
tit-for-tat style speed round each laugh gets a point,
most points wins the round. – Hmm, where do I know you from? – It’s-it’s I got it every-and
I don’t forget a face. When I was a substitute
teacher I remember you were my student. I’m the one that gave you the D. (laughs) – She laughed. – That was smooth,
that was smooth. – Man, where I know you from? – I don’t know, tell me. – Oh, I was watching this
infomercial late night, you was the before picture. (laughs) – I got it hold on,
where do I know you from. ’cause I know most of us
are here, we have Timon, Pumba, the hyena, Rafiki! Rafiki from Lion King,
that’s what it is. That’s what I remember. Now I remember, I don’t forget. Wasn’t you the tethered
daughter in “Us.” – Yo. (laughs) – From the previews,
actually that’s funny. – That’s actually a good one. – You (bleep) – I know it’s somewhere,
I think he had a show with Joe Button. (laughs) D.J. Academic, that’s who
it is, I knew I knew you. (laughs) – Yeah yeah, you was on the
poster in the baby Gap store I seen you. – Where do I know you from? – Don’t go there. [Narrator]- the third and final
round is called Word Play. In this round each comedian
will riff off the words they pull from the hat. Most laughs not only win
the round, but the game. – Booty meat, something I don’t think you’ve got too
much of back there. – Oh, my word is gym. (laughs) something Charlie has not
seen in a very long time. – But me and your mother
going to work out just fine. – That’s fine. – Read; Floyd Mayweather
doesn’t do this. – That was great. – Boo. – Oh she boo’d. – And we ain’t even
do that, (bleep). – Wobbly, every time Charlie
Clips walk he’s wobbly. – You know what else is wobbly? That joke, get you
ass over there. [Narrator]- round three
ended in a tie, so that means we’re hitting a bonus
round with roast. You know, you kind of
look like-like somebody just lightly placed your
hair on top of your head. (laughs) – Ah, that was a good one. – Your eyelashes look like
they weigh a few pounds, like if you-you bat
them hard enough, you’ll lift Conceited
out this room. (laughs) – Don’t hold your laugh, hater. – You got to laugh. – What them boots do? – He say “what them boots do?” – Them steel-toe? (laughs) – Damn, them big ass shoes
that look like the bullet on the Mario stage. – They do. – Those color of Jordan’s
match the same color of all the strap on’s you
have in your house. – I’m going to tell
you the funniest thing. – You, look like you
actually know the recipe to what the Rock was cookin’. (laughs) (bell rings) – Lets go, taking Charlie
Clips’ mother out tonight baby. [Narrator]- and the
winner is…Rome. – Yes, you can’t take
my mother nowhere. (laughs) You can’t take my
mother nowhere. Talk to ’em boy,
you know what’s up. – You came through. – You know, your
growth is stunted. It’s a’ight though, you
know what I’m saying? (laughs) – The fix is in, but I’m
still taking Charlie Clips’ mother out, and you all
all invited so we out. Let’s go baby. – It’s on you?

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  3. how does it make sense to have so many rounds if round 3 is all that matters – if its a tie the bonus round rules and the other rounds dont matter? XD

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  5. mmmm why dont you just bring in actual commedians. conceited we need you back in battle rap leave the jokes to michael blackson

  6. Yall mf's stole Roast Me from All Def, and turned it into this bullπŸ’©, HOW DARE UπŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

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