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5 thoughts on “Containment 1×08 Promo “There’s a Crack in Everything” (HD)

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  2. Great show. I don't get why people are so upset. It's been announced as limited series. The cure is from the kid. Not much of a second season with a cure. Continuation will just be a disappointment. If there was no cure then it could have been a second season. I bet the whole first season is already shot and completed.

  3. when i saw the first promo i knew i didn't want to start this show cause i knew it would have me hooked, but now i did 😀 (and it does ://)

  4. just saw last episode so you want to make us believe that someone whos has touched the bloodstain on the glass door might be infected inside the jenna Building ? If Lex's superior isn't the bad guy according to the preview then who is ? Xander make some huge balls there on that decision ! at least it doesn't turn into our typical zombiesque tv show and kudos for that! something is thing don't make any sense to me ! and what a surprise it is all the fuss that government girl try to pull up on Lex !

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