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CONVENIENT NAKED CENSOR LIGHT BEAMS!? – Noble Reacts to Anime Crack Neptunia Edition

What’s cracking, guys? Welcome to another… Nep-Nep, bitches! I’m takin’ ova! Aww yeah… Aaanyway… welcome to another NOBLE reaction video here, guys… If you haven’t guessed from the intro, today we’re gonna be doing some more anime vine/cracky things here… … but Neptunia style, here! By LadyCroft PR. You guys have been cravin’ this for a long time now… You’ve been sending me messages after messages, and I even found out recently that, you know… Lady Croft has been subscribed to me for, like, nine months now, too, so… Let’s share some of the Nep love, here… She’s all about the Neps- I’m saying “she” because of the “Lady” Croft in the name and she’s got a picture of Blanc on there… I’m just sayin’… I could be wrong! But anyway, yeah, I wanna share some of the love here… There’s tons of Neptunia crud on that channel, I love my Neptunia crud… I feed off of it… Anyway, so… I’m down for a good laugh, hopefully you guys are down for some good laughs here… It’s just from the anime, and, um, yeah! Let’s get to it! Alright, here we go! “When Nepgear wants Neptune’s attention” You mean… like, everyday? So, anyway, let’s get to it… um… oh, okay. Oh, Pewds! No… Poor girl… Please… “When Neptune wants (anyone’s) attention” Yes! Holy fuck, she wants attention! “I am watching you!” Of course… Nepgear would be like that… Alright, I’m already digging this, this is pretty fucking hilarious. Damn, that’s a lot of Nep action there… Some cracks, baby, aww, I love my crack- I mean, You know what I mean… That got awkward… oh, god, the bishies! That’s not good… Vert’s not gonna like that. Nailed it… I even called it! …even… Oh, geezus! Oh… well, then, I got a thumbnail! God, damn it, those light beams… oh… N- nice, Flintstones… S- wha- what’s with all those sound effects?! Only in a Nep game. Oh… Uh… What the f- What was that Engrish?! Oh my- Yes… Well, she IS pretty gay… Alright… Blanc’s just not having that shit… Oh, god… Mm. Damn… Get rekt, Blanc! Get rekt! Aw… Uh… Oh, well! Oh, my god! What have I been missing?! Oh, man… Noire best goddess? Geezus, poor Neps getting rekt… Peashy’s violent! Mm! Alright, is that Pewds again? Fuck that, man… Don’t trust it! Don’t trust it! Okay… That’s not sunsh- well, it’s sunshine for me, baby… Oh, yeah… There’s sunshine… Oh… Um, you know, if you’re into that… Just saying. Not- not that I am… What? Oh, god, IF, what’s going on? Yeah. She’s freaking out! So many of her pictures… That scream is amazing! Oh, there we go, some Lion King action… Yeah, when I got that reference wrong- what, he’s just holding her up! There you go… Oh, my god, it’s amazing… Oh, my god… “Still shooting!” “Headshot!” Oh, my god, I love this… She fits that so perfectly… Oh, my! Those light beams, baby… What the? Oh, my god… “…first. Who the fuck are you?” I like it! NO! Yes, that is… Oh… She IS really boingy when she grows up… Yes… “One episode later” Very boingy! That DID escalate very quick- Her boobs are massive… Massive tits! What’s up? Awww… Yes… Get the fuck out… Blanc IS like that! Oh, my god… Yeah, no problem! Oh, my god, this was hilarious! This was amazing! I mean, it’s even better when you actually know the series… … a lot, too… but it was still pretty good! I think everybody can enjoy that, that was-, that was nice and there… You know, it had the fanservice too, which was nice… Um, lots of thumbnail action there and I- oh, god, lots of thumbnails… And there you go, guys, some Neptunia anime cracku! So fucking good, oh my god! LadyCroft, that was amazing, oh, very well done! Very well done! I, I have got sufficient amount of Nep in my- ‘jected into my bloodstream! It was good! It was good! Uh, it only makes me want to watch the anime more now, too… God, I really wanna watch that… But, anyway! I hope you guys enjoyed this. If you did, definitely, definitely check out LadyCroft PR! She has a bunch of Neptunia content- I have never seen so much Neptunia content on a channel before… Damn! It’s pretty good! Again, I wanna, I wanna see the anime, though, I really wa- especially after seeing a bunch of her thumbnails… But, anyway! Oh, I’m teasing now, oh, I’m giving the tease! But, anyway… I hope you guys also enjoyed this video from me… Um, definitely leave a like for me because I’m so fucking goddamn needy… And I hope to see you beautiful sons of guns again… next time. Yes, guys, I felt myself up there at the end… Welcome to a Noble video.

100 thoughts on “CONVENIENT NAKED CENSOR LIGHT BEAMS!? – Noble Reacts to Anime Crack Neptunia Edition

  1. So, I haven't done anything with Neptunia yet, but I plan one it… But I have to ask, 3:32 is that a trap or just a loli? I'm kinda confused….

  2. Funny how the light beams are practically legit clothes in the Nepverse. Proves how fourth wall breaking Neptunia is.

  3. The sad thing about him saying it's funnier when you know the series? I've tried looking it up. YouTube only has vids on the first two episodes (english dub) and nothing but clips other than that. WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER SOMETIMES? But yeah, even then I definitely got some vibes from those two episodes that just screams "hentai"… I could be wrong, but… I don't think so.

  4. Iris heart is my favorite godess if you mix iris heart with Neptune and switch the genders then you have me

  5. on the crack at 5:31, I literally threw my headset off of my head. THAT FUCKING STUPID ASS MOVIE WILL BE FOREVER ERASED FROM MY MIND!

  6. Lost Pause, can you please react to the Neptunia anime? I'm a massive Neptunia fan myself and excited for the Steam release of Cyberdimemsion

  7. i finished watching the anime…


    at least season two of dragon maid will be released soon ;-;…

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  9. Tbh, my fav goddess is vert. While reasons 1 and 2 are quite obvious, reasons 3 is that she has a mature nature, but she still is an extreme gamer.

  10. question:what is this…console girl in the intro?

    EDIT:ok,take it back,first video shows who it is(but what anime is it from?)

  11. Noble wathed episode 1 of bunikula Noble relised that he just wathed somting that wasent anime Noble relised that he wathed a childrens show Noble dies

  12. Nepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnepnep

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