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Cops MOCK Dying Man

>>So this video that you’re gonna see in
a bit, it’s pretty hard to watch. This story is three years in the making. So this week, we all got a video made public
after a three year battle between the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Police Department. It’s a video of an incident that happened
after a 32 year old man, his name is Tony Timpa. That was his name. He was 32 years old at the time, he actually
called 911 saying that he was schizophrenia. He hadn’t taken his medicine and he was scared. We find that he was unarmed at the time police
get to the scene and I think it’s important to note that, he was at a store and he had
been handcuffed by store security. So he was already partially restrained, his
hands, he was not able to move his hands. He was handcuffed. Officers got to the scene decided he needed
to be further restrained. And so they put him on his stomach in the
grass, face in the grass. One of the officers knees on his back and
then proceeded to stay this way for more than 13 minutes while making jokes. Take a look at part of this video.>>Help me.>>Tony.>>Hey, get on the ground.>>No, you’re gonna kill me.>>I’m not gonna kill you.>>You’re gonna kill me. You’re gonna kill me.>>You had a yacht club in Rockwall that’s
going to be a big boat.>>Hey Tony. I’m trying to help you out man, just relax.>>So like I said this went on for 13 minutes
when he initially stopped responding. The officers were laughing, making jokes about
waking him up for school. Eventually paramedics get to the scene and
he’s lifted onto a gurney. And at that point, his body is limped, his
eyes are partially open, and listen to what the officer say.>>Is he knocked out or dead, is he?>>Nah, he just moves.>>Okay.>>I think.>>I was a little freak. This guy down here, did he?>>I don’t think he did.>>Is he breathing? I hope I didn’t kill him.>>I love homeless, he became a We ain’t friends.>>Exactly.>>Unfortunately, we know he did pass away. A county autopsy report ruled Timpa died as
a result of a sudden cardiac death due to toxic effects, excuse me, of cocaine and physiologic
stress associated with physical restraint. The physicians who examined him ruled his
death a homicide saying the stress of being restrained and extreme physical exertion contributed
to his demise. Police previously claimed that Timpa was aggressive
and that they only used that level of force to prevent him from rolling onto a busy street. Now, his mother and her lawyers released a
bunch of evidence that eventually led to an excessive force lawsuit in federal court and
an indictment. The grand jury indited three of the officers
involved, Kevin Mansell, Danny Vasquez and Dustin Dillard. But in March, the Dallas County District attorney
dismissed the charges against them and they returned to active duty the next month. I just think it’s important to remind that
he called police.>>Yeah, that’s what
>>He called them asking for help.>>There was no crime here. I just wanna be super clear. And they didn’t respond to a crime thinking
that he had done it or anything along those lines. He said, I’m schizophrenic, I didn’t take
my medication, and I’m really worried. And so, please come and help me. And the cops came. And instead of helping him they threw him
down, they zip tied his feet as well as his legs as well as his arms. And then they laughed and laughed as he passed
away. Well, where’s the help? Where’s the goddamn help? He asked for help. And so this goes to unfortunately, the same
thing we discuss every time, which is policy and training. If all you have is a hammer everything looks
like a nail. So a guy, you’re responding to a call of gunshots? Okay, you bring a hammer, right? You respond to a call of someone who needs
help, you bring the hammer. Wait, why’d you bring the hammer? No, he asked for help, right? And every police department who isn’t adequately
training their cops to know when there is a medical situation as opposed to a physical
safety situation, well that you’re doing a terrible job and whoever’s a commissioner
or the chief should be fired. I mean how many times are we gonna see people
that have some degree of mental stability issues or however you want to phrase it get
killed? There was the homeless guy in New Mexico,
there’s this guy, and by the way he’s wealthy. He’s in a Mercedes, etc. In this case, I mean, the culture for the
cops is, it doesn’t matter, all I have is a hammer. Where’s the goddamn nails? Let’s go nail him into the ground. I mean, they say that they get trained on
de-escalation, but I haven’t seen it, right. And I get it, in the news you see the bad
things and you don’t see the day to day stuff that’s goes fining them of course, I’m sure
there are good cops throughout the country that do de-escalation too. But there are far, far, far too many departments
that don’t teach that. They teach the opposite. No matter what happens, escalate. At the end of the day you’re supposed to serve
and protect, does that look like what happened over there? Guys, and if you’re a cop and somebody looks
like they need help, I know that sometimes they’re faking it. We’re not unaware of that. We’re not like golly gee, we’re naive liberals. Sometimes people are faking. Of course we know that, right? But sometimes I need you to consider this,
sometimes they’re not faking it. Sometimes they actually need help and they’re
about to die. So you might wanna consider that option after
you got them hog tied.>>Exactly, now and I look at a lot of sociological
research studies and they pretty much confirm that when you have large groups of men without
enough female presence that you get meanda throw behavior like this. And this is why we continue to have this almost
frat boy experience because we do not have enough women in the department as well as
the oversight that we need. And so it’s something that culturally seem
to be getting worse, but also with the advent of the body cameras we’re wearing, we’re really
getting to see what’s going on. Cuz otherwise we were just relying on these
police reports for what? Decades and centuries kind of just saying
it went one way and that’s all we had to go with. And now we know it’s not a safe place to be
if you’re in the police’s company.>>Adrienne, I actually want to follow up
on that cuz there’s one other thing, right? So think about why they tied him up in the
first place. Which part of the culture triggered this,
right? Because it’s obviously endemic to police culture
all across the country. It’s not every police department, but it’s
far too many. So they go to help them. But once they’re there, since he’s scizophrenic
and that’s why he asked for the help, he’s a little panicked, right? And they’re like we are now have a 1% of 1%
of 1% chance of being harmed ourselves. We might scratch a nail or get a papercut
or something while we’re trying to help this guy. So training kicks in, you’re much more important
than the citizen. Go kick the citizen’s ass, it doesn’t matter
what the original cause was. Don’t ever, ever take a chance with your physical
safety. Take a chance with the citizen’s safety. Nope, the training should be reverse. So, being a cop is a hard job. No it’s not. Almost anywhere in the country, you can take
out a gun and murder someone and get away with it if you’re a cop. That’s the easiest job in the world, okay? It would be a hard job if you were doing it
right. Where we ask you, hey, we empower you with
a badge and a gun, but we’re asking you, from time to time, take your safety into risk. Because you’re there to protect the citizens,
right? And when a citizen calls for help, let alone
any situation a cop’s dealing with, if they’re a little out of control because they have
a mental issue or a health issue, your answer shouldn’t be, let’s, God. Why do I keep doing that today? I’m sorry.>>You’re upset, it’s understandable.>>It’s completely-
>>Not every reaction should be slam him to the ground until he stops breathing. So can we train officers to not do that? And when we ask for that incredibly, simple
request on behalf of black people, white people, Latinos, Asians, poor, middle class and now
rich, right? The cops go, as if they’re the victims, like
how dare you? We are affronted, and we are offended that
you dare complain when we kill people in the streets. Yes, well go ahead and be offended. We find it far more offensive that you keep
killing the citizens.>>And another part of this a lot of people
were upset with outside of the fact that brutality, the aggression there, was the joking and the
mocking this man. And it just seemed like there was just no
compassion whatsoever. He’s obviously unconscious and there’s lots
of laughter, joking about potentially killing him. The Dallas Morning News also got audio of
a Dallas Police Department disciplinary hearing, audio from that. And in that, two of the officers involved
in Tony Timpa’s death actually told department leaders that they mocked this handcuffed man
while he was pinned to the ground as part of a strategy to prompt a response from him.>>My God.>>What does that mean?>>Come on, it was just frat boy antics, they
were looking at his license they saw he lived in a wealthy place and started making yacht
club jokes while he’s on the ground. He’s suspended completely, like you said,
hog-tied. Like, this is just Neanderthal culture, and
then they protect each other.>>And last thing is, if I’m the person responsible
for this area. Whoever is commanding in this, whether it’s
the mayor who hires a police chief or whoever it might be, right? My first reaction would be not to target the
three guys who are there. I’m not saying I would, I would do a very
serious investigation and I would likely fire them for letting that guy die. But I would first go to their boss and go,
what the hell is your training? Did you train them that you’re supposed to
hogtie a guy who asked for help? And if they stop breathing, to not care about
it. Is that the training you do? What the hell, are other cops in this area
also trained to not respond when someone stops breathing? Cuz if that’s your training, you’re the first
one fired. First one fired should be the bosses.

100 thoughts on “Cops MOCK Dying Man

  1. absolutely disgusting, siitzophrenia is already among the worst mental disorders and those with it suffer greatly in their life day to day routine. These subhuman cops treat him like a subhuman. wish some how they would have it so they can experience the pain of it. I have a child with autism, i see his suffering, it absolutely disgusts me when i see people thinking that mental disorder is a joke.

  2. I miss the days when police were peace officers. Now they fancy themselves paramilitaries. They dress and posture themselves as if they were special operators in the military. Drop the camo BDUs and go back to the hats and ties. Get them out of the cars, on foot and on bike, interacting with the community TO HELP PEOPLE and train them entirely in DEESCALATION.

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    Stop the press! Did that chick turn this into a me too movement?

  4. they took advantage of a handicaped man which they don't feel deserve to live to PRACTICE some of their techniques. When you put your knee in someone's back can stop someone's heart. idiots.

  5. I like how TYT frames him as a innocent mentally disabled dude when in reality he was coked up. Not saying his mental didn’t have anything to do with it but the part where he had toxic levels of coke in his system was skipped over pretty quick. Seemed pretty important to note, kind of seems like intentional biased framing on their part js.

  6. As soon as the Empire finds youre not economcally viable, youre either put inside the corporate labour prison system or a body bag.

  7. I think these are exactly the kind of police America is breeding. To kill the helpless without remorse and they will not be convicted, and at the same time with the news media help, they are heroes. So politicians won't address it because it will seem un American and give the impression you don't care about the safety of America and our first responders: thst actually appears to be mutating for the worst; the green light is stuck on green for now . Most likely It's gonna get a lot worst over time..

  8. Wow – the trolls are devaluating this guy being a "drug addict", dehumanizing the man pleading for help. This is horrible.

  9. seen some terrible cop videos in my life and they just seem to be getting worse, the unwarranted shooting and killing is bad enough but the taunting beforehand is just an added layer of inhumane grossness

  10. I've always said and still do that in order to become a police officer that everyone that wishes to has to have at least an associate degree in sociology with 3.0 grade point average maintained.


    the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society.

    the study of social problems.

    I don't know just seems to me that being a cop and the definition of sociology go hand and hand ?!?!?!!?

    but whatta I know…..

  11. Eric garner had the same fate don’t worry they have investigated themselves and found no wrong doing by themselves and if anything we are willing to give these officers a paid vacation for this

  12. Is this the first generation of cops raised on video games? Not blaming the games, but in many of these videos, the cops seem to act as if they are part of a game and not real life.

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    Gotcha, because women can never be corrupt too right??
    I swear all of these people have varying levels of stupdity and hate

  14. Workplace bullying is patriarchy?….my most crappy bosses have been between women and white men….both tend to be bullies in the workplace just based on my experience

  15. That is so wrong then lie so blue life matter when other life don't then they laugh at his death so if a cop get killed then it's a big thing

  16. Question : How do you call a person who is not aware or indiferent of the pain he inflicts on someone… Well the answer is a sociopath. Since when law inforcement is the right place for sociopaths ?

  17. How does the D.A have the power to dismiss an indictment? That's the issue that was not discussed here. This was an affluent white man. They finally got an indictment on callous officers. Finally able to set a precedent in bringing cops to justice. And the D.A is able to throw the case out?

  18. These cops were just callous & disgusting!! They should all be fired & face justice for this man's unfortunate & unnecessary death!!

  19. Is that black chick on the left on drugs? Like male cops need female cops for oversight? What a load of sexist drivel. What we need is the best people for the job regardless of gender.

  20. The details are very contradicting. This schizophrenic individual called 911 for help at the same time he was apprehended (handcuffed) by store security..? No something’s missing here. I believe store called police because he was acting crazy as a result of schizophrenia. Nonetheless, the cops failed tremendously on how they responded and deserved to be fired. They knew he as schizophrenic and joked about a serious morbid incident as if he was a dog and not a human life. Their laughter is sick and callous regardless of whether he would’ve have died. The cops have a job to serve and protect. They did neither in this instance.

  21. (6:17) is utter bullshit. Adrienne Lawrence is on her feminist rant and Cenk of course allowed it. “When you have large groups of men without enough female presence that you get Neanderthal behavior like this. And this is why we continue to have this frat boy experience.” First of all, I’d be surprised if any of these cops were ever in a fraternity let alone attended any college (you only need a high school diploma to be a cop). Secondly, Adrienne seems to be obsessed with frat boys…she reiterates this same term at (9:51). Third, imagine how everyone would be outraged if some guy said…this is what happens you don’t have male presence, you get a bunch of cat behavior from these chicks. That would be the most misogynistic statement ever and an incredibly blanketed generalization. Yet when Adrienne states that all men to be supervised or need one female presence as if female cops don’t act like frat boys…nobody cares. Such a ridiculous stupid statement.

  22. Can we ascertain anything else from this situation other than the fact that these protecting servers decided to mock this man and force him to die?

  23. So he died because he got restrained while being violent while he was on a ton of cocaine. Sounds like he would have been fine without that powder up his nose. It sucks that it happened but…

  24. I've seen posts from people on social media that they're scared to call the cops for anything, cause they might die for it. Seems like they were right. Don't call the cops for any reason.

  25. Seems like sociopaths and psychotic people have figured out how to infiltrate your police forces across your country. There’s no other rational reason why so many police are filmed doing these loathsome things.
    Prosecutors won’t prosecute police, because they’re afraid of alienating said police and deterring people from joining.
    It makes no sense. You actually want to deter those types of people from joining in the first place.
    Do your jobs and prosecute.

  26. He called the cops on himself for his safety, and was killed……while they laughed. They didn't care. He was terrified that they would kill him. He begged them not to kill him. 😥

  27. Here's an idea. I white mentally ill man dies in the hands of cops so the african american brings up a solution of more women in the force. Sounds about right.

  28. They bullied him to death, plain and simple. They got there saw someone “weaker” than them and tormented him for their pleasure. They were back in
    grade school all over again. Just Sad!

  29. Do not call police for any reason… They're only here to harm you.
    Pigs like this should only either die of cancer or a gunshot

  30. The lack of respect and zero empathy these officers displayed should be valid cause for immediate dismissal from any law enforcement department in the country, but unfortunately it's not and that's a real problem!

  31. Stop bleeping the damn videos. It’s important for people to hear how cops actually speak. Your censoring on their behalf.

  32. Female police officer’s tend to escalate things further, With verbal abuse. It’s like they feel they need to show and prove that they are as tough as the male officers.

  33. he said they are going to kill me then they kill him this is what happens cops only kill they don't help

  34. American policce are the least trained police in the civilized world. Thats no joke. If a problem cannot be fixed with a gun or an arrest, they are lost. They dont know how to handle things. They arent trained in that.

  35. @6:14 '…I look at a lot of sociological research studies, and they pretty much confirm that when you have large groups of men without a female presence that you get neanderthal behavior like this…'

    There is clearly something wrong with the culture at police departments, and a lot might be ascribed to some of the most toxic expressions/interpretations of masculinity or as you call it 'frat-boy experience'. I am sure there are many studies that point to the positive impact of having more women in male dominated spaces such as police departments. However, I can't image any self-respecting sociologist to make an argument like the one stated above. Is the aim of citing 'sociological studies' to help make sense of this absolutely horrifying treatment of Timpa, or to further discredit the social sciences for right-leaning viewers who already claim academia is an extreme-left project.

  36. Well… some of it is lack of moral compass. A lot perhaps. But more importantly is a lack of training in a broader sense. They are trained to neutralize a threat, so they see anything not normal as a threat they have to neutralize. But this required empathy and some kind of sense to suggest this wasn’t normal, or he called cause he didn’t know what to do. This makes you really wonder if you are better off trusting your neighbor.

  37. Evil. These guys are evil. What part of the stress that this job creates causes you to laugh at a potentially dying man?

  38. USA that weird country where when you have a medical emergency instead of calling an ambulance you call police.
    That's because police is free oppression for all. But an ambulance YOU HAVE TO PAY A CRIPLE DEBT.
    I'm so glad that i'm not from USA and we have free healt and education system here in Argentina… but i'm so sorry for USA people. I watch this channel because i think that the politics inside the empire affects us all, including far away countries like mine. And also, bernie is a cool guy and i want him to win. He will be a cool emperor.

  39. The jury let him go because we have jury nullification for police ….the same way no one who murdered a black person was convicted in the south back in the day.

  40. Cops win every time… Loop whole for people who want to kill people and get away with it… just become a police officer

  41. The Young Turks is the name of a murderous movement in Turkey built in the German model and practices that were later followed by the Nazi Party. They orchestrated ethnic cleansing of 2 million Christians, Armenians ND Greeks. Do not allow them to play a role in the American political system. The YouTube channel they proudly promote and the their Grey Wolves pack are proud of a murderous, fascist past in which they were aided by the Soviets as well. They have no right to pretend to be for human life and humane values.

  42. We have no idea how he was behaving before they restrained him. I'm guessing he wasn't calm and composed, or else they would have held his arm while he was cuffed, instead of putting him on the ground and restraining his legs. It's not uncommon for a cop to use their knee for further restraint, and they said he would have rolled away if they didn't. He was screaming and trying to escape, despite his previous call, his mindset changed, and he didn't mention that he was on cocaine. People on cocaine are unpredictable and dangerous, now add schizophrenia to that. There's a benefit of a doubt here.

  43. I disagree with Adrienne. I don't necessarily think that having more women on the force is going to prevent this behavior anymore than having more people of color on the force. As we see with other forms of police violence, often a woman or officer of color is present, but the status quo prevails anyway. In order for change to take place, that status quo needs to change and the only way that can happen is to hold officers and departments accountable when events like this happen. We have a LONG way to go in that regard.

  44. it's not thr fault he died even tho the reacted like asshole cops the way they cuffed him up .. the jokes are jokes who cares

  45. The police should have called the paramedics. There was no crime being committed or reported. This was a medical emergency, he should have called for an ambulance, but he probably did, and they sent the police anyway. This is stupid. We are stupid as a country if allow this to continue.

  46. Perfect piggies avoid prosecution in line for promotion and set to get paid! The thick blue line! Yay! 'Merica I love you!

  47. It's the same in the UK; cuts in mental health budgets – mean the cops are having to deal with the mentally ill, something they just can't cope with.

    These are social problems for psychiatric nurses, not problems for beat cops to deal with.

  48. Cenk, I hear you always talking about police training. I really think it has nothing to do with training, but with a person’s mindset/heart

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