Laughter is the Best Medicine

Should we trouble my sister today I will copy my sister Meow Meow Then she will get upset OK.. now should I call her? Sister…..come here soon. Welcome to aayu and pihu show… OH-OH-OOH-OH Sister what are you doing? Aayu please dont disturb me…I am on phone Hmmm…. have you done your home work Which subjects did you do? I did all of mine Yes Yes school is about to start, that Did you buy the tie? Okay, bye Are you copying me? Aayu please do not copy me Aayu you know I am a really beautiful girl You know when I will grow up I’ll become a really good doctor Are you a girl Yes Aayu lost, Aayu lost Oh God I lost It’s okay You lost, now sister will copy you, okay I eat food, I drink water (teasing) My friends are Rishab, Arun and Nehal I love chocolate the most My name is Aaayuuu….. I am the biggest stupid of this world I am the most beautiful brother (teasing) (singing a song) Sister how many questions did I asked? 1, 2 8 or 9 maybe Sister lost, sister lost (dancing) You know? sister lost Did you see my power? I made my sister loose Do you want to become powerful like me? So drink 2 glasses of milk everyday No one can win from me, not just sister Aayu just give me 1 chance I’ll give you 1 chance If you loose, you will have to give me 10 chocolates I will have to think about it okay, I will give you we will start now copycat game start okay come here (tickling) come herre (tickling) Yes I won I won Did you liked our copy cat game? If you liked our copy cat game please play it with your friends and siblings and whoever wins the game, tell us in the comments till then keep on playing and keep on watching Aayu and Pihu show Aayu and Pihu show Tata Where is he going now? All he cares about is his chocolates and you don’t forget to subscribe and write the name of the winner in the comments bye

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