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Corny Jokes #2 + SHOUT-OUTS – EFF yeah

Hello, InnerTubers. It’s more corny jokes again. Apparently you like it when I tell other people’s
jokes, so, why the fuck not, right? Actually, we’re gonna do some shout-outs,
too. Oh boy, I know you guys live for that shit. Let’s jump right into it. Stevie Roder wrote to me on one of the YouTube
things. He says, “Hey Granny. I love your videos. Please turn these into a bi-weekly series. Well, here it is, just two weeks later, and
here’s your jokes, Stevie. That CloudyGuy writes, “The poor Italian
chef’s wife. Cheese still not over it. We cannoli do so much.” [stifled giggle] I love it. Colddrakequeen actually had a cooking series
suggestion. She says, “How about a “late as fuck”
segment for all of our bedtime snack needs?” Now, that’s a really good idea. I’ll put that on the list. And you guys are so tolerant, really. Bee Gnome said, “You could read a manual
and I’d still watch it and like it.” Awww. I love you so much. J. Howard said, “What do you call a cow
with 3 legs? Lean beef!” Ha Ha! That’s a good one. And the Lippman Family says, “We love you,
Granny. That was awesome. I will watch you tell jokes, anytime.” Next up are a couple of guys who probably
should straighten this out somewhere other than right here. Derrick Schlumbrecht says, “What do you call
a herd of cows masturbating? Beef Stroganoff!!!” Okay. And then L Burris says, “Granny, what do
you call a pasture full of bulls pleasuring themselves? Beef stroganoff! So, is it the bulls? Or is it the cows? You guys will have to explain that to your
children. And then Gingy1000 paid me the ultimate compliment,
“Granny is turning into a dad.” Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. Wakko Warner actually asked a very good question. “Hey Granny! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen your
videos. How’s the Patreon thing going?” Well, funny you should ask. There’s a link to my Patreon in the description. And, if you’re looking at this on a mobile
device or a tablet, there’s a card that you can click, right above my head, right
about now. inmemoryoflael writes, “What’s green, and
sings and lives in the refrigerator? Elvis Parsley!” Hah! That’s a good one. If you’re as old as I am, you understand
Elvis. And, man, could that boy sing.flutter flutter flutter. Phil M. weight in and he said, “OMG…Those
jokes are lame AF…” And, guess what? I know what those alphabet means. Bruce Gilbert shared one, “What do you call
a bird flying through a screen?? Shredded Tweet!!! Ho Ho. And I hope you guys are following me on the
twitter – grannypottymouf – with an “f” at the end, because when I signed up for my
account, there was a character limit and I had to make a decision – a command decision
– “f” or “th” and I went with the “f.” I really like this one. Keknegen kai says, “I love you so much for
these puns and I will need to tell them to my friends and annoy the shit out of them. And then I remember Granny loves me.” Oh, yes, I do. Silverone858 says, “Great jokes and I can
tell my 9-year old.” Well, you’ll have to give ‘em a facts
of life lecture as well. Brandon Plantier obviously has a little bit
of a reading comprehension problem. He said he thought the thumbnail said, “horny
jokes.” No, Brandon. I don’t go there. April Sheppard shared this with her friend,
Sylvia. “Don’t ask why. I was just Lmmfao (Laughing My Mother Fucking
Ass Off).” Well, it was all initials, but I know how
to read them. “Like real frfr (for real for real). I think it’s just cuz I love her.” Oh, you guys. You just touch me. Adam K sent three, but I’m only gonna read
one. “How can you tell who the blind guy is at
a nudist beach? It’s not hard.” [stifled giggle] Susan Erskine has such a
sweet comment. She said, “Thank you for the giggles. You’re the tits! In the other video I had something like, well,
we all take our fun wherever we can find it, right? BigMan7o0 said, “Damn straight. We take our funnies wherever we can find them! Thank you, Granny. David Del Grande had a really funny one. “Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven eight nine.” Cannibals. Oh, fuck. Leif with a name I can’t pronounce said,
“As bad as corny jokes are, they always seem to make us laugh.” And, you know what, guys? There are Amazon links to a whole bunch of
funny joke books right there in the description. If you buy from an Amazon link that I give
you, it helps fund more videos. You all want that, right? Sean DeChristopher had a real cute one. “What is a chef’s favorite thing to do? Cut the cheese. ‘cuz who doesn’t love a fart joke?” And then Non Binary Gingerbread Person said,
“I’m close to 60 and I never grow tired of fart jokes.” Then Sean answered back, “They make me giggle
like an 8 year old.” Just a couple more and I hope you’re having
as much fun as I’m having. Jacob Dixon “Why didn’t the TP cross the
road? He didn’t want to get stuck in the crack. How do you make a hanky dance? You put a little boogie in it.” Julie LeMaster said, “My favorite kind of
jokes! Thank you so much!” And Brittany Nicole Rupert with the love. She said, “These are fucking hilarious,
Granny. We love you.” And, you know what, guys? I love you, too. [kissing sound] Granny loves you. You know it, you know it, you know it. Always. I love you. Stay tuned. Follow. Share. Tag. Do whatever the shit it is you do. And get my shit to the whole world because
everybody needs to laugh. There’s too much crap going on right now
and we could all use a laugh. [kissing sound] Granny Loves You. That was a bonus kiss.

86 thoughts on “Corny Jokes #2 + SHOUT-OUTS – EFF yeah

  1. I have sex in my blood!! Help!!
     How could I have gone all this time and not realized it?!!
    Turns out, hundreds of millions of people have this!! OMG.

  2. Knock knock who's there
    -interrupting cow
    Fuckin love you granny!
    Awe I got the shot out! Thanks granny!

  3. I’m glad you gave me a shoutout Granny, and it’s alright you can’t pronounce the last name it’s fine, but thank you for the jokes again! Jokes always make people giggle or at least put a smile on your faces and make someone’s day better!

  4. loving the video granny and loving the jokes even more, you are just amazing. well worth watching and laughter is the medicine for the soul. I am greedy for sure I need more granny jokes! I must have!

  5. I got a joke for u what do u call a nun on roller skates ( virgin mobile) lol that's the tits there and what do u call a cow with no legs (ground beef) lol I love yre shows

  6. Those jokes are so old I fell off my dinosaur and broke my wooden underwear…LMFAO… just kidding Granny although I do know some of these jokes and they are still funny!

  7. Granny when I was a chef in the 70s we use to call beef stroganoff "beef stroke me off " fuck yeah granny your the best.

  8. Hey Granny Potty Mouth i love your corny ass jokes they are amazing keep them coming Homie we love ya to pieces God Bless

  9. I have a grandmother that is perfect in every way, kind, caring, giving, no swearing. You are like her evil twin and I really LOVE it. Can you be my 2nd grandma? Please?

  10. I love you so much, and wish you were my grandmother…I never had one… 🙁 Anyways…..What do you call pigs going to bed?…Pigs in a blanket…LoL… 😉

  11. What did the Mama corn say to the baby corn?

    Where’s Pop corn?

    Love hearing these jokes from you, Granny. You bring lots of smiles to us. Stay fucking awesome!

  12. Love you Granny! ❤️ So glad you've made this a series! I love a corny joke! They're my favorite! I have one for you if you'd like to use it in a video.

    What did the mushroom say when he was kicked out of the party?

    "C'mon! Lemme back in! I'm a real FUNGI! (Fun-guy)"

    Hope that made you giggle!

  13. You always make my day after a long fucking day at work. Thank you for what you do! My kind of funny! You’re always awesome Granny!

  14. What do plumbers and the Grand Canyon have in common? They are both involved in water drainage systems…. What? Did you want me to point out that both have a crack the whole world can see? 😎

  15. You are the best Granny, I’m 16 and you’re my favorite youtuber! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to put a smile on my face ❤️

  16. I just ordered joke books off Amazon from your link! Thank Heaven's for you putting this out, I was running out of material! I said 'isn't it the tits'? To my husband yesterday and he just about fell off the couch. He loves you now too! Pretty sure you're going to make his company one happy place this Monday!! Muah 💕

  17. What's the Thanksgiving Video this year, @GrannyPottyMouth?? I'm doing a LOVELY veggie roast (of course) and a vegan garlic aioli for the brussels sprouts….mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. Hahahahahahaha . i love you granny (we know its bulls 😉). Back from an illness . seeing this put me on the healing end (laughter is definitely the best medicine). thank you granny you Fucking rock as always ! 💋💋💋

  19. Hey Granny, love your jokes, and your cooking videos, heres a great joke for you, "what do you call a chicken with lettuce in its eyes? Chicken Ceaser (See's a) Salad" it would be great if you could put this in your next Corney AF video!

  20. Hey, granny, here are some of the best one liners I've ever heard.
    " Have you ever heard the joke about the roof? Never mind, its over your head."
    " What about my new construction joke? Actually, I'm still working on that one."
    "What did the cheddar say when… Eh, that one's really cheesy."

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