Laughter is the Best Medicine


I think I could go tomorrow. Ok. Well, you put the bill on the table, as usual. As usual. And I make the calculation. Well I’ll make you a bank transfer. By the way, have you seen?
The aloe vera has made babies. Yes, I saw. – It made four babies, it’s so cute.
– Four? I thought there were only three. No, I think there’re four. Yeah, anyways,
we’ll have to think of repotting them or the roots will rot. Well, I don’t know if repotting them… Caro? Caroline? Caro? You here? You’re making a big poo-poo? Caro, I warn you,
if you don’t go out of your hideout, I… I… But… Caro! Caro, you’re fucking pissing me off! – Hey mom.
– Hey sweetheart, how are you? Good, and you? Yes, I’m great! Look, you’re father made me a wonderful surprise – You won’t believe it, he offered me a…
– Mom, can I call you back? I’m sorry, I’m looking for Caro. How is it you’re looking for Caro? Well she…
Oh fuck, my cake! Hello? I don’t understand, she put the phone down. Hello, Amandine! Sweetheart? Hello? – What a fucking bitch!
– Oh, so vulgar! Wait. You scared me! What? Wait… Oh no, my cake! Caro! Coming…

2 thoughts on “COSMIC JOKES – LUCTUS

  1. Superbe…on sent la fibre artistique de père en fille .
    Vivement la suite..
    Beau boulot Mlle lamy. Ainsi qu'à toute l'équipe.

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