Laughter is the Best Medicine

cql on crack~

eh, jiang cheng! *i don’t need friends, they disappoint me* eh eh eh! *i’m a bird mother f- i’m a bird* *look at me mother f- i’m a bird* *this* *is* *SPARTA* should kill them and feed to your dog *not on my watch!* *NOT ON MY WATCH!* i’ll help u *can’t touch this~* it’s crooked, it’s still crooked what are you doing *can’t touch this~* why your uncle and not your dad who’s your uncle his uncle is me *oh shit* *oh shit* *i want to see my little boy* *here he comes* *i want to see my little boy* wei wuxian! jiang cheng! *i am… disgusted* jiang cheng, don’t be so angry go away *…i’ve fallen…* *…and i can’t get up…* what *hey… how ya doin well i’m doin just fine* *i lied i’m dying inside* *i will…* *kill your friends and family~* *to remind you, of!* *my!* hyAAAAAAAARGH *love!* *da da da da da~* *cuz I knew you were trouble when you walked in* *now i’m lyin on the cold hard ground* *let’s get down to business!* *to defeat the huns!* you’re a pretty interesting person *stop it* *get some help* *you’ve got a FRIEND in me* *you’ve got a FRIEND in me* *blablabla* *you just remember what your old pal said* *aw you got a FRIEND in…* open the door! *i don’t like where this is going* *stop!* *stop!!* *STOP!!!!!* so thickfaced, won’t even blush lan zhan?! *hey terry u want sumthin* *this bitch empty!* *YEET* ngaaAAAAAAAA if you want to blame someone, you can’t blame him *is this allowed, what the f* *is that, allowed?!* wangji if you’re… worried about master wei i’m not *are you SURE about that* lan zhan! *don’t let your kids watch it!!* nghyAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA oh, your clothes are so wet from the pond!! you must be so uncomfortable!! take them off, i’ll dry them for you take them off! won’t take them off? i’ll help!! *daddy?* *do i LOOK-* *watch this liz* *you can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half* *and…* *now!*

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