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Crack, Crack, Pop: Instant Relief for Low Back Pain! From Your Baltimore Area Chiropractor

Good evening again. It's Doctor Blake Kalkstein from Kalkstein
Chiropractic. Your Baltimore area chiropractor. And you guys remember Jordan, when we adjusted
her mid back she felt immediate relief from that tension in there and she goes, I forgot
to tell you my low back's bothering me. So we're going to adjust her low back today
too. Go ahead and lean in. And that was the first time you got adjusted
right? Ever. Yes
When I adjusted you the other day. So, were you nervous when I adjusted you? Not really, no. No. But you felt immediately better? Yeah. Instant. Instant relief for upper back. So we're going to give her instant relief
for her low back too. And we've never looked at her low back but
we examined her prior to this video so I know exactly what's going on with her. Bend this. Right her, I've got you. So bend this here and… So Jordan's wearing one of these plaid dresses
are all the rage. I'm seeing all these young ladies coming in
here so were just going to give her a little coverage here. Let this roll down. Let everything roll over. Did you guys hear that? Already, just going to get one more right
in here. There you go. Now roll to the other side okay? Okay. Just bring this hand through. And here, and bend this top one here. Okay. Let's roll that. And then we bring her over. She's already wanting to crack but that's
not the one we want. We want this one right here. Let that drop. There we go. On your back. Good. Now let's have you stand up, see how that
feels on you, okay? Way better. Way better? Yup. You got it. Awesome. Perfect. So thanks for watching. If you have back pain don't crack it yourself. Try the stretches we've shown you and if it's
still bothering you go see a professional. Go see a good chiropractor. You know, someone who's got five stars on
Facebook and Yelp, like us. Thanks for watching. We'll see you next time. Bye.

30 thoughts on “Crack, Crack, Pop: Instant Relief for Low Back Pain! From Your Baltimore Area Chiropractor

  1. Lol I like how easy this was for you. Chiropractors do this to me and put their whole body weight into it and it often takes them multiple tries

  2. I get a sharp pain in my lower back when I make certain movements. Any recommendations in the Oklahoma City area? Will travel out of OKC if need be.

  3. my lower spine hurts so bad that if i lay on my back iam stuck screaming in pain , then also a spot to the right had side of spine its made my life hell would this work for me as sometimes iam stuck for hours

  4. I mean can't we do that ourselves….I do that to my back sometimes just twist it till it cracks and I feel relief too …

  5. I think this is what I need, I get sciatica pain that shoots into my leg and buttock on the left. Also sometimes It almost feels like my lower back just above the left glute gets locked for few moments and then when I move again it makes a huge single crack and relieves the locked up pain sensation. But I feel this adjustment would really help me

  6. in my area there are like 20-40 chiropractor offices, how would one go about finding a "professional?" Im in vancouver Washington

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