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bismillahirrahmanirrahim as salam aleikum my name is Asad yaqoob and I'm from Lahore Pakistan once again I welcome you all to my IELTS listening video in this short video we are going to discuss multiple choice this multiple choice is taken from section to listening section 1 and section 2 so this might appear in section 1 and section 2 it's not for section 3 and section 4 let me tell you if multiple choice comes in sections one that is very simple options are very short in section two again that is very simple options are short but in section 3 and section 4 the options are actually long so let's take a start we've got the questions first I I read the questions for you then I play the audio you take the test and at the end we'll check your answers let's take a start christian number 1 is what food do the speakers decide to prepare for the party now it's a question in multiple choice the question statement is extremely important so it is actually a question sometimes it's a suggestion sometimes it's about agreement and all that what food do the speakers decide to prepare for the party three options pizza sandwiches hot dogs and let me tell you they will talk about all three options and one will say we go for pizza second we say sandwiches third we'll say hot dog and you will say what to do now so at the end whatever comes that is going to be the right answer so listen very carefully it is your test and you're going to tell me whether it is pizza sandwiches or hot dogs next question is what will they do next now what will they do next means after this what will they do after that and there are three options go shopping next means right after that okay go shopping decide on the music sort out the invitations now maybe they will say we will go for shopping tomorrow or we will go for sure being later and all that you got to see what will they do next now the first thing they're doing actually they're deciding about the food which food should be prepared now what will they do next listen and again I'm telling you they will talk about ABC and they can talk about them in any order what you need to do your pencils should move now for example if they say what will they do next first say let's decide on the music afterwards so you go to music and listen carefully whether they agree to it or somebody says no no no we'll talk about music later I think it is important to go for shopping now and the other person says well guys I'm sorry we cannot go for shopping because we don't have money as yet it means it's not even shopping so just don't listen to a word listen and decide whatever they are talking are they agreeing on that is it the final thing they have decided or not once you do that you will be able to reach the right answer in multiple choice okay then we have another one which I will play afterwards now I play the audio questions are in front of you just do them good luck listening section one hi Sam we'd better start planning the party it's in less than two weeks isn't it yeah guess it is there isn't much to do is there well we need to sort out food for a start why don't we just order some pizzas but we always do that let's do something a bit different and besides it's pretty expensive hmm what about a barbeque then or we could just do hotdogs hmm too much preparation involved there are a lot coming you know sandwiches then that's easy enough sandwiches that's a good idea hmm hang on that would be even more preparation than the barbecue better go back to the original idea I suppose Pete says it is then now we also need to think about music and invitations well we don't need to buy invitations I think we should just do them on the computer and keep costs down good idea and what about music we can just use the same stuff we had last time it's fine okay well if we don't let people know soon there won't be anyone there so let's make that our priority have you got your laptop yeah I told you there wasn't much to do welcome back guys so what is your answer question number one huh sandwiches huh hot dogs pizza well done well done pizza exactly I like pizza there's why pizza is the answer here good job pizza now what will they do next huh yes it is actually sought out the invitations now you have to listen to this audio again to decide why other two answers are wrong once you know the reason why other two answers are wrong in multiple choice believe you me you will always reach the right answer okay this is the final tip for multiple choice once you know the reason out of three options why two options are wrong and definitely you will find the right option now I'm going to play another audio but before that let's read the questions listening section three question number three what aspect now this is from section three what aspect of pollution do the students decide to concentrate on decide it means they will talk about it one will say we do this other will say we do this that is not the answer that these are the other two options but what they decide their third option is your answer okay one will say this one option other will say this another option but what they decide to do the third option that will be your answer what are they the pollution air pollution industrial pollution or the word pollution is repeating just underline water air industrial and they will talk about all three options but you have to see what do they decide okay one little question that I play the audio enjoying me too how it's so interesting I else is so interesting what do the students decide to do next now after deciding about this thing what do the students decide again it's about decide decision what do they decide to do the next a contact their tutor for more health so you can underline contact tutor B visit the library to find more resources visit library more resources see Chipwich topic other students have chosen check topic other students ok now they will talk about all the things one will say this the other one will say that but whatever they decide decide means phrases they're going to use for decision that is going to be the right answer now let's just listen to this and then I tell you which answer is the right one good luck listening section three hi Julie have you got time to plan our project sure I've got a few minutes we need to choose a topic based on the theme of pollution don't we that's right have you got any preferences well I did a huge assignment on water pollution last year so we could just do that actually the tutor did make a point of saying not to use last year's materials so we'd better not he's probably a bit out of date now anyway also it focused specifically on industry and I think we're supposed to take a broad view that's right we could look at something totally different like the effects of fumes on air quality hmm good idea and we could make sure we include all of the sources like traffic and factories so what else do we need to do shall we go to the library and look for resources actually I think we'd be better off looking online the good resources in the library are often all out at this time of the year anyway before we notify the tutor which topic we've chosen I think we need to ask the others what they're doing your rights we need to make sure we're not all doing the same thing let's ask them this afternoon in the tutorial great idea well guys okay so for question number three what is your answer water pollution huh okay your answer is in the steel pollution wrong yeah air pollution you're just a good student well done air pollution okay what about question number four contact their tutor no visit the library to find more resources no they did not decide check with topic other students have chosen because they decided to do that clear good well done fantastic so this is how you guys can just do multiple-choice again I tell you the question statement in the question statement sometimes they agree or disagree it is about their agreement in the question statement sometimes it is about their decision right so you need to read the question statement carefully that will help you find and when you find the reason why other two options are wrong you will always find the right option if you liked this video hit the like button and don't forget to subscribe my channel I teach I also online if you want to join my online rights classes my whatsapp number is given you can contact me for that I have a Facebook page açelya cube aisles you must like my Facebook page there I'm going to share some great information on Isles on the daily basis with you thank you very much I wish you all the best eight bins in your IELTS listening take good care of yourselves Allah Hafiz


  1. Asad Sir, this video is really helpful. However, if you could make full length Listening test. Thank you in anticipation.

  2. Really great video, you simplified it as easy as possible. I expect more tougher one from MCQ(with long options)

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    Thanks for boosting confidence 🤗🤗🤗

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