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Crack Swallows LAVA& BYPASSES Homes Big Island Hawaii 2018

aerial view here so there's the crack there's a big tree that I just showed you the tree house was in let's see how far this lava goes so there's my house right there guys actually it's our house Dana sorry I've been missing that haven't been including my wife but it is our house and look how he'll be spared however the lateral movement here is still inching forward so we're praying yeah I would be merciful this is where we're at right here so you can see how much it's advanced since yesterday a tremendous amount it was way back here come through the trees the trees are slowing it down anything in this way does slow it down somewhat it's inching forward notice there's a little finger right here that could start that looks pretty stalled out right there I don't see any smoke coming off of it so as you can see it's progressed in this crack around a lot of our properties Isaac and rayna's is right over here this is Katerina's and then over here is Isaac and Reyna so it's almost to their place but it's still again in the crack so it's directing it around our land again there's Dana and i's house and so you kind of see how close that river of lava is it's really in our backyard and we're gonna get a little closer vision of this Wow I never thought this crack would come in so useful hopefully you guys are all able to see this without the glare so this is in this area right here is like really wide it's one of the more wide areas and you can see it sits it's filling up it's definitely like a good halfway up but it's moving eastward so this is where the end of it is you see all the smoke burnin this is a Isaac and Raina no I'm sorry this is Katz this is Isaac and rayna's right here so Kat it's right in your backyard 50 feet from your place good thing it's about 50 feet below your place so we're going to continue to pray that this keeps going down this crack and that it doesn't flow on either side but just it's got to make its way out somewhere we're just hoping it dodges all of our homes that are still standing again my heart goes out to joy and Drew and Katie and Beau and Rachel and Joey and our June and John Nonie she's lost and and Charlotte sir eat these are all people that have lost home so keep them in your prayers that they will be able to recover and rise out of this you know we know they can they're all strong people with a lot of a lot of support so we're flying at 323 feet there's two road in there see how close it is next to that so that's where it stopped right right at cats house I'm getting some low network connection hopefully it's still coming through there's a been a few cell phone towers I think maybe at least one I know of that's been pushed down by the lava so I think our connections are getting worse and worse so this is coming back in looking at the lobe that's covered a good portion of our property you

46 thoughts on “Crack Swallows LAVA& BYPASSES Homes Big Island Hawaii 2018

  1. Does a road follow that whole crack? The landscape looks like the ground was disrupted if you follow it with your eye, where does it end?

  2. Don't you feel bad there is not a Hawaiian family name that the pilot has mentioned. Cindy, Bobby, Marsha, Greg, Mike, Carol there are no Hawaiian names like Kailiuli, Kaio, Umiyamaka, Kahane, Makalii, Ka'ahumanu. The haoles have taken over, We can all see what happens when Madame Pele (The goddess of fire) gets pissed off. One bit of advice for the Brady Bunch it would be Akamai to leave offerings of Ti leaves, bottles of Gin, and cigarettes just maybe she will spare your property. After that you should offer to host a homeless Hawaiian family who cant afford the ridiculous price of land (the same land that was stolen from them) by your ancestors) and housing.

  3. So sorry guys, that this is happening to you. God answers prayers and he can redirect this lava away from your homes, Bible tells us that if we ask Father for something no matter how huge and you have massive faith, it can move a Mt. Hang in there, my prayers are with you all.

  4. OMG to be able to witness this once in a lifetime experience without loss of lives is kind of miraculous, thanks for an awesome quiet presentation, stay safe God Bless

  5. Do you guys have power service and water out there? And septic??? I don't see power lines and things like that.

  6. Great Video, thanks. While you are doing this, perhaps you will tell us what possessed you and the others to buy/build a house and the side of an active Volcano? It has always been active. It was never considered dormant. History shows that when there is a Solar Minimum volcanoes & earthquakes become active.

  7. This is a FLAP and TRAP… to grab your interest and show ADS to you all while they waste your time.

  8. God bless and keep you in His grace! – Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:24‭-‬26 KJV

  9. Be careful not to use your drones… DLNR just arrested a guy who was using it. They said on khon2 news FAA is putting a temporary restriction in a 5 mile radius, not allowing people to use them or you get citation for it. It jeopardizes helicopters that are flying there.


  10. Dear Videographer, sorry, but it's not "Dana and I's house". Try "Dana and my house". Am very glad the lava is bypassing the house, though.

  11. Seeing such awesome, lush beauty of God's creation while at the same time looking at the devastation is SO mind boggling! May He bless those who've lost everything with His grace, peace and love as they lean on Him for His provision to meet ALL their needs … in Jesus' name I pray. AMEN!

  12. I wonder why the forests do not burn all around as they would in California. Is it because the ground is wetter and you have more rain?

  13. Looks like the crack is a one time stopgap to keep lava away from your house, once it's filled, no more good luck…. hope it doesn't continue or it'll overflow.

  14. If man made all this heat he would be called an environmental vandal and charged, but now it is beautiful……, still vandalism of Hawaii.

  15. trump should meet kim jong un at the volcano……………….say "welcome to America"…..then shove him in

  16. Are you sure that's a 'crack'? It could be an old river bed – from a river of lava during a previous eruption some time ago.

  17. That Looks Like A Never Ending Sourse Of Aggravation, What if It Flows Forever Now? Could You Even Think Of Living There Again If It Dos'nt

  18. Pele is sweating to the oldies, Man’s history is one continuios deforestation via our increasing use of fire. A blue island girl like her in a black starry ocean does not want to wear a pollution parka. The nearby star and the geo-thermo heat of her heart should power our cities yet we burn today;s and yesterdays Forests. Man’s ability to pollute is based on intact infrastructure, so this is a self solving problem if man does not change business as usual and we haven’t seen nothing yet, but. I think we are getting a clue…
    Besides, groups of man follows, deities lead, not the other way around.

  19. Oh, Man By Far The Best Video Coverage I Have Seen Since This Started, All My Prayers And Very Good Luck I Send To You And All Your Friends And Families.

  20. excellent drone footage, thanks for sharing the beauty and sadly the tragedy. My dad and two younger brothers lived on the island for years, my dad stayed for 25 years on both the Hilo and Kona side. He got fed up with the vog and went back to the mainland in the early 90s. No amount of praying stopped what nature intends to do, but my thoughts go out to those who lost their homes.

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