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Crack The Girl Code by Michael Fiore And Marni Kinrys Review

Crack The Girl Code by Michael Fiore And Marni Kinrys Review Crack The Girl Code by Miss X and Michael Fiore give you powerful secrets, techniques, and unique seduction formula for quickly and easily approaching, attracting, dating, and keeping the attention of any woman you want without lies, manipulations, games, or ridiculous “PUA” tricks. The 3-step system focuses on making a woman feel a powerful, unconscious connection to you, triggering sexual desire, and making her feel like she’s the one who chose you. In Crack The Girl Code you’ll find out: How To Drop A “Desire Bomb” in a woman’s mind that makes her think about you again and again for hours or even days after meeting you. The “Escape Velocity Trick” you can use anytime you need to get out of the “friend zone” with a girl you have the hots for. How To Connect With A Woman On A Deep Emotional Level so she sees you as her Dream Man even if you don’t fit any of the criteria on her Perfect Man list. The “Rose Colored Glasses” Technique that makes a woman see you as highly desirable and extremely attractive even if you’re fat, bald, old, or broke. Vocal Seduction Techniques which allow you to turn a woman on, calm her down, make her feel love, or do just about anything you want just by controlling the tone and rhythm of your voice. 13 Universal Signals women give off that let you know she’s totally into you. The Conversation Matrix Method that allows you to talk to any woman about anything and everything without ever running out of things to say or having to resort to canned pick up lines. And Many More… Crack The Girl Code also comes with 5 excellent bonuses at no extra cost. These are: How To Avoid The Friend Zone How women make the decision to put you in the friend zone, what you can do to protect yourself from getting placed there in the first place, exactly what you need to do and say if youre already there and want a woman to see you as more than just her “buddy”. The Sexual Escalation Formula how to escalate the sexual tension between you and your woman by making the right moves at the right time so you can go from holding hands to hot and heavy whenever you want. My First Ever One Night Stand A video where Marni Kinrys talks about her first ever one night stand and reveals exactly what the guy did and said that took all the pressure off so she could have fun, let him ravish her, and actually enjoy the whole process. Miss X’s Simple Seduction Checklist which makes the entire process of getting the girl you want step-by-step easy. The Connection Factor which walks you through how to dial up the attraction with a woman by developing the traits women find super sexy and highly desirable. To Learn More visit the official website to watch Michael Fiore’s Crack The Girl Code video.

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