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13 thoughts on “Crack The Shutters (Reworked)

  1. This is not a rock song – otherwise we know, SP is a rock band. It's more a nostalgic remembrance, farewell to 25 years. (me: farewell to 7 years). Gary's voice is more velvety, his expression is more complex, passionate, ——– when a good wine starts to ripen.

  2. I prefer the original so I'll stick to it I suppose. I feel like the original music had a more genuine feel to accompany his voice and the lyrics, just my opinion.

  3. This is a gorgeous version of crack the shutters! To tell you the truth, it wasn't love at first listen, but by the time the evening came, I wanted to listen to it again! Now I'm in love!! Snow patrol, you've done it again, thanks Gary and the rest of the snow patrol lads for the music you put out💙💙💙💙

    Edit: although one thing I would say I didn't enjoy, and don't all that much is the over auto tune. But that aside, it's a warming version.

  4. I love the original as well but this moves it into a timelessness that feels perfect considering the longevity and story of the band.

  5. Very cool version! The original was just PERFECT but it's nice to hear a new interpretation of one of your classics, the melody is just as good and it's always an pleasure to get to know your music better!! 💙❄️

  6. Yall are my favorite but I hate this. Honestly.

    If youre commenting to disagree with me just make your own comment. I get it. You disagree

  7. I’m so in love with the Norn Irish accent!!! And the wee ‘it’s been minutes it’s been days’ melody alteration! Well done, boys. I can’t thank you enough for not giving up in your darkest times, Gary…💕❤️

  8. How incredible to hear what this song would sound like today! I love this version so much ❤️ Thank you for your hard work x

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