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CRACK The SURPRISE EGG "Giant Surprise Eggs with My Little Pony, Spider-Man & Paw Patrol Toys

because thanks for watching epic toy channel today we have a bunch of and not just surprises they are giant surprise eggs look at how big they are compared to Johnny spider-man suprise egg a giant blue one a giant green one a demon giant a green one and a huge pink one so do you like playing crack the egg on the trampoline yeah but normally you play with a friend what if this time yeah so let's take them off and do one at a time and crack the egg on the trampoline the green one first okay let's do okay are you ready to play a giant surprise egg version of crack the egg let's do it it's a puzzle game okay you ready for another okay let's do it what is that thing emails Minnie Mouse and what does she do let me see it another blind bag and what our winner we can open these blind bags you got it we've got the green one do you think you can bust this one open let's find out whoa that was a tough one minion puzzle that's so cool there's 24 pieces oh that's funny he's got a banana what else was in there a little is everything going up these Frank cool this is a series – oh okay the last giant surprise egg are you ready to open this thing up looks like you got a ton of stuff in there Wow cool there's an Olaf deck and then a deck of frozen cards with Anna and Elsa and Kristoff Oh from the new movie home a play put a graphic glow bleep hi My Little Pony blind bag let's see Oh a frozen coloring and activity book with stickers this looks cool okay should we open up the blind man look let's also open up the Spider Man a go at the same time this was gonna be so much fun let's open up this blind bag first it's minty so he loves we go we got sweet cream scoops cool she's yellow pink and orange she's cute okay which one should we open up now those two My Little Ponies let's do it to My Little Pony blind bags at the same time this is crazy Lily blossom she's so cool she has yellow hair and she's purple it's minty she's so pretty she's white and pink and a blue body and then little peppermints that's so cute so cool and look at the little hat is it a baby seal looks like it Jenny what do you have there but a girl bird okay open up whoa chewy lemon that candy you can do it squeeze hey kids thanks for watching epic toy Channel and Johnny lost his nose in his mouth and now he has spider-man for a nose and mouth we have so much fun there every single day and we'd like to do silly crazy faces so if you like to have fun then hit subscribe so you can see all of our epic videos

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