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Crack, Tora Tora Movie Fame | Kannada Movie Artist | Pooja Raju Interview | Naya TV

Hello, all.
My name is Janvi Jyothi and I welcome you all in today’s episode. Today’s guest is Pooja Raju. She entered the industry
through the movie, Crack. She acted with Vinod Prabhakar. She’s worked in many films and serials. Let’s welcome her
and have a chat with her. Hi, Pooja.
Welcome to the show. Hi.
Thank you. How are you?
– I’m so good. Crack was your debut film. Yes.
– You have worked with Vinod Prabhakar. How was the experience? Actually, I’m into sports.
I’m an international Karate player. So I’ve always liked
Tiger Prabhakar’s fights. I treat his son as my brother.
– Okay. It was an amazing experience.
I was very nervous. He’s such a famous actor.
Even the director.. Mr. Ram Narayan.
He’s a very big director. It was my debut film.
I was very nervous. On my first day,
I couldn’t deliver the dialogue. I was just awestricken. When he asked me what happened,
I said I was nervous. He calmed me down. He took my dialogues. He helped me with the dialogue delivery. He helped me a lot.
– Awesome. And I treat him as my brother.
– Even on set? No..
I was playing the heroine’s friend. Okay.
– That’d happen only off screen. So he really liked me.
He likes bold and independent girls. And he’s very supportive.
I’m blessed to have worked with him. He’s such a wonderful director.
He’s very down to earth. He helps me so much.
The entire set was amazing. Awesome. How was the experience
when you saw him for the first time? Were you excited? A lot.
I’d ask people when he’d show up. I’d wait for him.
They’d ask me to have patience. I’d just wait for him.
I was very conscious. I’d forget my lines. Then I told him that I was his fan. I’d tell him that I loved his fights. Because he’s also a Karate player. Then he heard me out. Which movies have you worked in? Then I worked in Tora Tora.
It’s Kannada first Sci-fi movie. Which has a time machine..
It’s a student oriented movie. I have played the lead. How was the experience?
Who were your co-actors? We were seven. It had two girls..
One girl was from the future. So three girls and five boys. Actually, the girl who played
a girl from the future didn’t mingle. Her shoot was only for about 3 days. But we..
We were very naughty. I was the youngest in the whole team.
– Okay. They’d pull my leg.
I was like a baby. They’d teach me things. Everyone helped me.
– Okay. Very nice.
It was a student oriented film. I just finished that time.
In the year 2015. I’d just completed my college. When I got a student oriented film,
I was very happy. It was very natural. Okay.
Which other movies have you worked in? Then I got a Tamil movie offer. And then, I wanted to work in serials. So again, I came back to serials. I recently worked in Yuge Yuge Mahadeshwara. It streams on Zee Kannada. I played Parvathi.
– Wow. How was the experience? The set was wonderful. And it didn’t seem like shooting. Everything was green mat..
– Yes.. Actually, this was my mom’s biggest dream. In all the roles I have played..
She wanted to play Parvathi. She always wanted me to play
a historic role. I never liked it.
The language is the biggest problem. I’d stammer.
The language we speak is very different. When it comes to the historic language.. Wearing the crown and.. People felt that I had an attitude problem. If I’d speak, the nose ring would fall down. I used to stand up and sit down
very slowly. And the costume..
It used to prick me. It was very pricky. Would you walk like that?
– I’d walk very slowly. I’d run in normal sets. I was very fast. But here, I was very slow. They’d wonder why I was so slow.
I was scared that I’d trip. It had a very long veil. They’d call another assistant to help me. I was very worked up. My nose ring would fall off
after I’d delivered a dialogue. The director let me do what I wanted. It was a very good experience. Very nice.
– Now you’re working in a Tamil project. When will the shooting start? It already has.
The first schedule is shot. I have an introduction song.
– That’s pending. You’re all set to gain fame
there too. – Yes. He’s one of the famous directors.
His name is Bartish Raman. Okay.
– And he is a renowned director. He’s a well-known director. I’m happy to work with him.
Even my role is amazing. It’s like a foreign return girl. So you’ll get to see..
– A modern girl. This is not how I looked.
I was very.. If you see my past pictures I was into sports..
I’d only tie a pony tail. I was very raw.
I hated make-up. Then he saw me.
He gave me a makeover. I didn’t like it. He asked me to give it a shot. Then I colored my hair. I got a complete makeover.
They changed my dressing sense. He changed everything.
When I saw my pictures I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I started..
– You should thank your director. Yes.. The saddest part is that schedule broke off
half way. I got to play Parvathi. They said, they had no issues
if I could do justice to my role. But they asked me to change my hair color.
I said, I really liked it. He didn’t listen to me.
I told my mother that I didn’t want to do it. She asked me to get it done.
It’s nice.. You changed your hair color
for the role. I turned it back to normal. Okay..
Very nice. You have done a lot for the role. When you go back to your introduction scene.. My mother doesn’t want me
to change my hair color. She’s like.. Okay.
You said, the shoot of your song is pending. Yes..
I have to change it again. I’m happy.. Okay.
We just spoke about your professional life. Let’s talk about your personal life.
Tell us something about your family. I’m a single parent child. Okay. My mom, my grandma.. Myself and my younger brother. My sister is a model.
She’s represented India. And she’s Miss Icon India. Awesome.
So your sister wants to enter this industry. No.
She’s more into modeling. And she goes to work.
– Where were you born and raised? Bangalore. And I studied in a convent. Near my home..
I studied my PU in Oxford. And I did my degree in National College,
Jayanagar. Wow!
– It was different. I chose a very different stream. My hobbies and education
are completely out of sync. I studied Commerce.
I scored about 80 percentage in my PU. But my mother wanted me to become
an anchor. She put me in journalism.
BA. Okay.
– I wanted to pursue business management but she wanted me to become an anchor. So I studied that. I’m an international Karate
Black Belt player. In the year 2010..
I won it when I was in my tenth grade. I was an instructor. There’s no link between my interest
and my field. You were a Karate instructor.
Now you’re a heroine. I’ll tell you a joke.
My first serial streamed on Kasturi. It was titled Chakravyuha. I played a negative shade. I don’t know
why I’m offered only negative roles. I always get selected for a negative role. I don’t know why.
I have worked in about 4 serials. They say that I look
like a negative character. When I ask for a soft character,
they give me a negative role.. I’ll give you a task. People have
always asked you to play negative roles. Why don’t you deliver a soft dialogue? I have forgotten it.
I don’t know how to cry. Why don’t you showcase your talent?
A director might like you. No..
The reason is, I have to cry. I don’t like emotional and romantic scenes. It’s easy to play a villain. It’s good to be safe.
– So you’re getting what you want. Yes.. There was nothing in my house.
He took my gold and property. Everything.
My mom is a strong woman. A mother is the strongest warrior. Yes.
– The way they bring you up.. Then..
Education.. Karate.. If you have an additional talent it’ll help you. I’d stop practicing after my tenth grade. I requested my instructor
to enroll me again. My mother told him everything. I again started.
I’m earning now. That is different. But my first salary was..
I taught at free of cost for six months. My first salary was Rs. 250. Rs. 250.
Then it went to Rs. 500. Then it came to 1000 and 2000..
It went till Rs. 15000. I still remember this.
My class was in the 8th floor in my PU. You can’t really expect a lot
from that college. I don’t like dairy products.
I hate milk. I’m lactose intolerant. I start vomiting.
Mom knew this. I’d not eat properly. I’d steal mangoes, make a chutney
and eat it. I hope you always stay strong
and independent. Take care of your sister.
– I always say this. You must get educated. People feel that bringing up girls
is a burden. That they have to spend money on us. They think we’re jinxed. I have heard it all.
When we were rich, nobody said that. They used to treat us well. When we incurred a loss,
they said, I brought them bad luck. And I still remember.
My mom also remembers it. When I was in my PU,
the college would get completed by 4 pm. My class would start at 5 pm. It was from 5 pm to 6 pm. Another class was from 6:30 pm
to 7:30 pm. I’d to run from college. Nowadays, it’s very common. I had a stomach ache. I had no strength..
I’d not eat properly. I didn’t have a very good diet. I couldn’t take it.
I was bleeding. I couldn’t see the bus.
I couldn’t see anything clearly. When I boarded the bus,
I was about to fall. An old lady was there. When she
asked me whether I had a stomach ache I said, yes.
She stood up and made me sit. She gave me some water.
That pain was.. I have never cried in my childhood. My mother.. Since that day, I stopped believing in God. We were innocent.
My mom would save money.. My mom would pay our fees.
I’d always seen her helping others. While educating us,
my mother was asking for favors. I have seen that.
We have cried a lot. And..
I really admired Lord Ganesh. I cried.
I asked Him why he was doing that. I said, you don’t exist.
Then my friend showed up. He took my bag
and took me to the 8th floor. Then I was..
I had no emotions. My friend had tripped.
I didn’t feel like helping him. He fell right before my eyes. My father..
I get irritated by the very name. I’d get pissed. I’d never talk to any guys. The very word father would make me furious. I’d always talk to my guard. As he was
also a father, I’d stopped talking to him. Then I got depressed. My friend took me to the washroom. I take self defense classes. Be it for corporate events or anything,
I’ll go and teach. Which is your most common lie? I’ll be there in 5 minutes. I’m almost there..
– Traffic jam. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.
At times, I don’t turn up even after an hour. I do that even on set. Your friends might have got to know
about you now. I stay at home. I make excuses.
– Okay. Which is our national tree
and fruit? The fruit is mango and the tree is..
I don’t remember. It must be banyan tree.
– Awesome. Who said, ‘Kudala Sangama Deva’? Basavanna. You’re good at general knowledge. You might not know this. I have never scored good marks
in Kannada. But I wanted to learn the language. In our college, they used to penalize us
for speaking in Kannada. Is it?
– Because we’d never speak in English. They forced us to speak in English. Then..
I still can’t write Kannada. I couldn’t differentiate
between some letters. I used to not even pronounce properly. Say it, please. My teacher will have to come to my house. Okay. Who is the last Indian
women to win the 400 meter sprint? I forgot.
– Hima Das. – Yes. Okay.
Now I’ll.. – I think, she’s modeling for Adidas. Yes..
I’m going to ask you a few questions. You must answer in yes or no. Politics?
– Yes. Did you like this interview? It was amazing.
Yes! Have you lied in this interview? No.
– No. Okay, Pooja.
It was nice talking to you. Thank you so much for your time.
– Thank you. And NayaTV is an amazing channel.
You’re a super cool anchor. I had never disclosed some of the things. Thank you for giving the chance.
I hope, I don’t get into trouble. It’s just time..
– People will be happy. You have faced so many problems. Many people don’t know much.
I never cry. Not many people know my real self. And I thank all the mothers out there. Nobody is as strong as you. Support women.
When it comes to the industry, support talent. Don’t look at anything else.
– Thank you so much. Wow!
Thank you so much. I love chocolates.
I love you so much. Thank you. What would you like to say
to our viewers? Please keep watching my serials.
Support me. Give chances to people like me.
Always support women. A lot!
– Thank you so much. That was Pooja Raju. I’ll be back in the next episode
with yet another guest. Until then, keep watching NayaTV.
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Thank you.

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