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70 thoughts on “CRACK VID #1 Troll Version【Arsenal Military Acedemy 】| Trường Quân Đội Liệt Hỏa 烈火军校

  1. This is so so so funny…brilliant! Gu Yanzhen could be everything u want him to be, he is cute, adorable, funny, crazy, loving, sweet, sexy, hot n really badass
    P/: li wenzhong is the most saddest character…he always a loser, being hit repeatedly by yanzhen even sometimes without reason 🤣🤣🤣 his love life is sweet but at the end he died becoz of his guilty feeling 😭

  2. Cảnh tập bụng mặc đồ lính mà hôn trúng tạ tương là tập mấy vậy mọi người? Sao ko thấy zị ta?

  3. His playful I don't care lets have a drink attitude made people underestimate him where I come from we have a saying it's the quite one's you should be fearful of

  4. I happen to watch this series n fall in love wid the actor n actress both so cute funny and adorable now watching both acting in another series she so pretty and he so handsome ❤️💋😍😘❤️

  5. I miss this drama it's soooooo sooo nice.. Xukai I love you and Bai Lu too❤❤ she looks more like a handsome boy so perfect 😘

  6. Really loved it😙 especially the last clip🔥 Such a badass❤ literally forcing all my friends to watch #Arsenalmilitaryacademy 😉😆

  7. Ohh, I kinda love the guy.. Bai Lu and him get along sooo good. Their chemistry is amázing and will never get tired to see them again and again. I think it‘s better that they are just best of friends forever. As lovers, I‘m afraid I don‘t ship theme coz otherwise if they break up, the friendship will be gone. The Possibility is Possible

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