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Crack vid RG – Over the limit special

Goddamn it ! It was complete shit. Complete shit. Apart from one element, for the rest
you were shaking like a dead leaf. You only had points thanks to your pretty eyes. Why… ♫ Fuck you, fuck you very very much ! Lower your head and hold it.
Then wait for the ball to come down. Stop being angry. – I’m not.
– That what you think. Hi ! This is, the online source for learning Russian This is the first lesson, in the series ‘Learn Russian grammar’. It was complete shit. Complete shit. You stupid cow, it’s you routine. Look at me ! You stupid ! Do it every time ! Are you stupid or what ? Piss off ! Coward. I don’t give a shit about what the judges like. Dammit ! Are you mad/crazy ? You pig. What a stupid loser. Pitiful coward. You’re lossing your concentration bitch ! Go fuck yourself, you and your damned gentleness ! Stop. That’s shitty. Language! ♫ I will follow you, ♫ follow you wherever you may go. Your forehand is telling me the opposite.
It’s boiling as if you have rabies. – I’m calm, ok ?
– Yeah, sure. -Look, I was angry, I’m calm now.
– No, I call it a contained rage. Be moderate ! – Simply calm down.
– I am calm. I am calm. I’m calm. *Будь нормальным* Goodbye. *Amina complementing & encouraging Rita* That’s enough fawning ! Enough fawning ! That’s enough ! This is a tragedy. In the previous program was about love, this is tragedy. Feel the tragedy of your father. bitch I hope the fuck you do you’ll be a dead son of a bitch I’ll tell you that ! A pancake with meat, pancake with banana and bortsch, please. That’s what I said to her. If you continue like this, you will not go to the Olympic Games Are you crazy ? You represent Russia, not Uncle Vasya (meaning ‘not yourself’) Ah, well I’m afraid we have to stop the film there, as some of the scenes which followed were of a violent nature which might have proved distressing to some of our viewers. Though not to me, I can tell you. Amina, stay the fuck away from that. *etc etc …* EVERYBODY QUIET !

33 thoughts on “Crack vid RG – Over the limit special

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE VINER!…..We need Viner in America!!!!… She will make my daughter into a champion!…. P.S… Love the mediation Farts!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁….RG FARTS!

  2. 3:52 In fact, Viener said: “You represent Russia, not Uncle Vasya" 😁Viener has such figurative epithets always

  3. That's literally precise and hilarious, to be honest, the first time when I was watching that documentary, I got the same inner feeling as you mentioned in this video. Especially the section about Rita's dad, how could she be so … brutal…
    BTW, I love your Crack series ;))

  4. For those you want to see the whole documentary with english subtitles (thank you @RGvideos, I think a lot of person are going to be happy !)

  5. As I wrote elsewhere about Czech RG. The same behavior of the coaches. You're stupid, you're a cow, you're just total shit, and so on. But Russia has the results, the money and Mrs. Viner.

    Perhaps humiliation for the prize of victory and money is worth it.

    Here we say: Russia is not a country, Russia is a lifestyle.

  6. this is literally becoming famous in our insta rg world…. you should make insta accnt for crack vid it will be a promotion for your channel also you will get lot of followers

  7. Thank you so much, Clematis! I rarely laughed so hard! This video is a masterpiece! Well, not only this one… – you know we are all waiting desperately for part 3 of your crack-video-series for finding a meaning in our lives again…

  8. i feel really angry from 1:28 – 1:46 . i would've gone to her and smack her mouth :') she was exhausted and she needed to hear that kind of words while practicing? i really want to do the same thing to her and look at her face omg. i'm sorry i'm just sad

  9. HILARIOUS…but seriously, maybe it is effective anyway to produce Champions!!! I mean, literally like CHAMPIONS…with an Ssssss…..😂🤪

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