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Cracked 💥 Refrigerator Door Seal FIX Silicone Video

Hey guys Paul here. These rubber gasket
seals around your freezer and refrigerator doors can get
cracked with time, so what you want to do is clean
out all this ahead of time with vinegar or bleach, along the seams and
get all that gunk that is going to be in that crack
out because it’s been in there for a while
probably, and make sure this is good and dry. And what we’re gonna do is put a bead of the
silicon sealant along that seam right there, and then
we’re simply going to close the refrigerator door and that’s gonna create enough of a seal to let that cure overnight. Alright so what we’re gonna do is run a bead of this all down this seam here. Leaving about a quarter-inch gap as I
move along, just to create a little bit of excess for going inside the seam… and go over that again just filling in about a
quarter-inch opening there. That will cure up really nice. Take off any excess there on the
sides just like that, and come back get the same out here because you don’t want
these two seams sticking together–just the
seam that is ripped. So keep that seam in there clean, and let’s shut the refrigerator
door. The suction on the
refrigerator door closes that seam. Let that sit for
about 12 hours before I open the
door. Alright this has been curing overnight for
about 15 hours. Let’s check out the seal: it’s curing up
nicely, definitely adhering to both sides of
that rubber. There’s a little gap in
there, however, if you notice, it’s nice and straight
and the whole idea is that when this pulls
in and out with the suction, that this silicone sealant is flexible and it will move as the seals open and close with the
door. If your seals are cracking, pick up
some DAP 100% silicone sealant. They have some other silicone
sealant products as well. They’re all gonna work great in this
kind of repair. Would be great to have you as a
subscriber on my channel. Share the video with your friends, if
they have some refrigerator issues and they want
to take care of it cheap, doing it themselves. We’ll see you
guys real soon.

23 thoughts on “Cracked 💥 Refrigerator Door Seal FIX Silicone Video

  1. Our refrigerator seal isn't cracked but definitely losing suction. Any options other than replacing? Also, we have an older freezer and parts are no longer available, how can I find a substitute gasket seal?

  2. Thanks for info, I have a gasket that is hanging and split at the bottom of the door. I called and got a price on the gasket,,,,Mind blowing, 130.00 for a piece of rubber. The fridge is 16 yrs old , don't want to spend that much money,unbelievable how much they cost. I'll try the silicone..thanks again.

  3. Can't thank you enough!!! I had to do it twice because I didn't use enough DAP!!. but the second time it was just a touch up and it worked and you would never know it had been repaired when you open the fridge door. THANK YOU

  4. a trick I can't believe I didn't run across until about 20 years ago and was working along with professional building-exterior sealant-application people is, after you've roughly applied all of the silicone sealant, to moisten your finger with saliva (if you're not feeling germophobic) or dilute dish-soap, and use it to smooth the bead out. Do this without delay so the sealant won't skin over, and you won't believe how 'factory' you can make a repair like this look. Keep applying saliva or soap to your finger as needed. The silicone won't adhere to a soapy/slimy surface, so your finger will stay clean. Downside is you should avoid getting the lube worked into the silicone (fortunately this is hard to do unless you overwork it like crazy or go crazy with the soap/saliva).

  5. Genius! Thank you so much for sharing this. I was looking to buy a new fridge; then thought I'd save money by fitting new door seals, but they were pretty expensive too; then Ifound your video. I've already got the sealant, so I'm good to go 🙂

  6. Thank you. Seal on my Kenmore went, going to take 2 weeks to get a new one. This will be a lifesaver, going to try it out tonight.

  7. Thanks Paul you’re a lifesaver! Was thinking hot glue gun, epoxy, or double-sided tape before watching your video.. The silicon makes more sense👍

  8. Thanks Paul I’m going to give this a shot I work for a housing maintenance co. and the tenants abuse the fridge , not cleaning the fridge etc and the fridge is only two years old . Normally the this part would be replaced but the way these people aren’t respecting the appliances is frustrating and expensive . Cheers

  9. Wondering if this will work on my freezer seal. As well as there being a slight gap between the seal and the door there's an actual tear in the seal and a bit of it has actually ripped right off. What could I repair/pack the tear/missing bit with or would just silicone work?

  10. Any advice on how to fix a warped refrigerator door? There's about a 5 inch area across the top of the door where the seal doesn't meet the fridge. Thanks!

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