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Cracked AIIMS, IIT But Chose MIT? Indian MIT Story: Stuti Khandwala

hey guys you kahani huh and this story
is about stuti can walla from Surat Gujarat and she first of all got into
MIT and heard all India achievements and the list is so long that video will never finish if do three videos a week item on anybody
so she’s prodigy she’s God gifted child in India and India is proud of her so
without any further ado let’s get started
so let’s talk about her achievements so first of all she got into MIT that’s the
best university for sciences and also for physics chemistry math and
engineering and also she got accepted to Caltech Joha California Institute of
Technology bubier around top 4 in the world though Escanaba in India she had
ninety eight point eight percentage in her class 12 boards yo kita rajasthan
bored me and in neat exam she got the rank of 71 aims she got rank of 10 in je
means her aunt was thousand eighty six one zero eight six and she scored 19
nine point one percent time so that’s a huge achievement and other than that she
got in aapme are her rank was 27 and neatly examines current 71 so was her
achievement say it canning is odd achievement says she could have got into
aims and also best engineering schools in india but why she preferred to go to
MIT and those consider an answer is pretty much same as i mentioned in this
video joke easy story i DJ it wants to germany’s you can check that out as well
so the answer is that she wanted to do physics chemistry in math and bio she
didn’t want to do either engineering or medical she wanted to do both to muslim
she wanted to do mixture of what / india my problem me I came with I’ll get up go
Casey University Madonna you can either choose engineering or medical so whether
a mess has other medical killing MVPs dr. Manning Keeley etc and engineering
schools like IITs are only for interesting thing about problem and also
I’ll get up idea challenge out there throw me up company stream the stream
you want to choose you get bio ranking so these are some cons of our Indian
education system and also there’s there are like very less all-rounder
University no concept though so that’s why she
couldn’t choose a universe in India so that’s why she chose MIT that’s the best
so now let’s talk about how she got into MIT MIT. You would think why I am sharing this. I didn’t get into MITs. But I know what you should have to get into MIT.I did apply to one of the top universities like UC Berkely, CMU League’s me again I am I t’s McKenna how
I am qualified but back in my high school I will say boots give many top
university like Georgia Tech UC Berkeley I did apply and my friend also applied I
do not get him and he got in so I exactly know what my profile had and my
friends profile did not have so that’s why the pure qualified not to tell you
this information so now basically process the same top coat top university
was radically charged seasoning these are the four important things that you
need to either to get into Ivy League’s or MIT or any top university and the
number one is scores and yes she had exceptional score in her SAT exam and
that was close to 1600 she said that she got nearly 100% in AP s SAT Subject
Tests SATs and even more exams like TOEFL is exactly so for SAT you must
have 1500 plus score out of 1600 as an international student and she got nearly
hundred person and also SAT Subject Tests is recommended for Ivy League’s
and MIT etc and number three is that you should also take AP the AP
extracurricular count he has after so if he should be taken as well and I also
took AP and with the help of that I am graduating early and other than that she
must have taken TOEFL eyes and she must have got 100 plus in TOEFL so that’s
pretty I’m pretty sure about that if she could if she could score that well in
SAT then ski TOEFL score chewy number two important thing is do not be
an all-rounder cookie india make a thank you all-around Oboro har cheez kuru
cricket big hello sports with hello programming with Cairo but I bigger or
do everything and but manage a polka don’t do not be an all-rounder because
the order will get Doh meanings f1 do everything ID mediocre level paper road
and do some meaning all-rounder kaha can choose one thing to choose one
extracurricular and say whose level picker or do it at that level give you a
hundred percent keep foreign nation hillside that you are the best in your
country in your nation and you make your country especially like
you were from India then make India proud so that should be your goal and
that’s what she did as well – first of all her first best national achievement
was that she won the national child award on the Children’s Day November 14
to 3 2016 2 2016 May she was represented and we say a word villa in front of
Narendra Modi other prime minister whose Keys omnious a vaudevillian that’s what
there was one of the biggest achievement and number two was she wants
silver medalist for international biology Olympiad
so back in 2017 about 10th class meeting that was saying here what Villa and
these two these two big awards and actually enough to get into MIT but oh
my god just check our website the list is so huge that the list of awards she
won never ever in swap checkers that they give up said no jockey and also she
has a YouTube channel so do follow her now the number three most important
point required to get into these universities is si though coffee local
tea yogurt any essay in essays they like represent themselves and they try to
prove themselves that I’m all-rounder I am this they use I would but now I’m
gonna say ki aapke penny terrifically you have to appreciate yourself without
using like without without dragging us and without Nathan if could you know I
am this I am this you have to focus on one goal and that’s what she did so she
clearly mentioned dressing him in a couple the other key she didn’t want to
do either in Jade ring and na ki medical so don’t know Comex cannot Saturday so
that’s why she chose MIT you keep physics chemistry math
bio all of these four programs are the best in MIT so STEMI Heyliger she said
that I want to fix the mental problem LJ I’m a mental illness in India or say
affordable level pick Indian School available Canada UK Jenna plz Marin
India horchata like the Tsukuba mental problem was at a to Monica lotta from
the Campo hot boys out there they have to spend like 3 to 10 lakh rupees on the
head and mental illness etcetera and not every Indian can afford that and she
gave the solution to that problem in her essay and obviously this essays standing
out in the crowd two Muslims guys say best there so first
of all with this as say she proved key was that India up Nikko country has a
war who said better cannot satya to number one he she wants to go back to
India and she’s coming to us for education three points to prove to you
number two that she she actually wanted to do something impactful something out
of the box so yeah though cheese there was K s sympathy that’s the biggest
reason she got into MIT as well and now number four is something out of the box
something extracurricular does the Exchequer idle curiosity achievements
like cricket sports especially in sports so in sports she had achievement in
dancing so that’s extra very good actually so in her statement she said
that she did six years of practical training in classical dancing chorus
Nick coffee theoretical or practical testing and she qualified all of those
dancing tests either with distinction or in first class the more the Hardys was
then a hundred percent Leah exist uni 100% move forward but hi Joanie under
person move forward so Ethan a exams the I can’t even imagine myself taking those
it goes like that many exams the model of my head on oh yeah loves key profile
they can you should you should get motivation from her she’s the best in
the country right now I’m on the Manning kabhi be it Ania Chi profile key
similarity Canada key so these were the four reasons and now take a look at her
like achievements extracurricular awards let me list come Academy only these are
the list of award she has so this list is never gonna end
so now the conclusion is if you want to get into MIT and a good RPG on a shaft
they abroad so op induct new origin of Li India woke up in a pool you have to
make sure that you are representing your country and your goal is to make your
country better and come back to your religion or I mean not necessarily come
back but like opening can trigger of an Ebola or the impact should be the
biggest applicant we could nibble on cookie that is also important for visa
and immigration issues and you have to promise that they you have to give
evidence Kia Papa sorry oh so that’s for visa and I’m gonna be a jockey or my
dick okay took away I put in ionic and Ebola and
now let’s let’s move forward with the next point I forgot about that is
tuition fee so MIT gives need-blind scholarships to international students
so depending on your salary mother Kieran’s other come out there those
other paper we come to Martino come-come Baker okay though skip am Nikki salary
he’s from a middle-class family so it’s al he was okay okay so that’s why she
got ninety percent scholarship I’m good up case I lose all these other two
eighty percent bending on that so MIT skew Shan fee here Lee is fifty thousand
dollars per annum and she got ninety per square shape so she will be paying
$5,000 per year though five thousand dollars month a 75 0 35 three and a five
lakh so three and a half flags per year or
buck you were and in Canada culture so five to seven lakh up someone severely
expensive or it could be less if she got like scholarships for housing as well so
nothing says local culture and this is pretty much for IITs as well IIT
chemical charge for to lacquer so it’s not much of a difference if you take
known I have actually already made the list of universities where you can study
for free using mean blind and need aware scholarships so the video link is here
make sure to check that out as well so that’s pretty much it and India is once
again proud of her and Monica be we need see profile in aqui and you can you
should definitely visit her website and also her youtube channel every
‘information is on that so thank you so much watching
and I was goodbye

100 thoughts on “Cracked AIIMS, IIT But Chose MIT? Indian MIT Story: Stuti Khandwala

  1. SAT Prep Video:
    AP Exams Prep Video:
    Skip to 8:45 for MIT Tuition fee, Her Scholarship Journey and Also Her scores are at 3:02. Also she got 99.91 percentile in JEE not 99.1

  2. Aagar talent hota na to Jee advanced. Crack Kiya hota back Bak karne ki jaruratt nhi hai mit har koi ja sakta hai

  3. Mtlb hadd ki chutiyapa,, she didn't crack JEE ADVANCED,,pehle pta to krleta bhai, bakchodi pel rha hai yahan!!

  4. You have not matured yet based on what you say in this video. Dancing is not a sport, it is a pastime. Focusing is important as are extra-curricular interests. There are many such early bloomers who end up doing nothing substantial in life. You also need to tone down the India/ India/India jingoism. The day she solves the problem of Alzheimer' s outside of her SAT essay, we can come back and talk. It seems like the current researchers here in US are fools and waiting for Ms Struti's essay to solve this major problem in healthcare.

  5. People run after mbbs for the title and instituition badge
    Here she spends almost 3.5 lakhs for fees…per yearr….!
    She teach me how important is your passion over money…??

  6. That's her choice.i and many other students have achieved that kind of rank. I am also studying in aiims. I want to change my country that's why I chose India. We don't flee from problems.

  7. Dude we all why she go MIT who wants to eat roti sabji if you can eat bread and butter . And we all know she will not come back to India after this but in the end her life her choice

  8. Her parents must have been supportive…my parents don't let me do anything extra or anything except from studies

  9. look at me
    jee mains 83 percentile
    jee advanced not cleared
    kvpy. not cleared
    IAT. not cleared
    me now i want to exlore the world and understand the ways how god designed everything and get closeer to god . people do it by praying , but chose the road less taken by

  10. Let's get something clear.
    Let's get something clear.
    I've heard of Stuti's achievements in the news here in India. But this has been nothing special. Stuti is without doubt exceptional but there are many others who have done this, many of whom who come from the same place as Stuti in fact.
    Here they are to name a few(who are now in MIT):-
    10. Lay Jain
    Loc: KOTA
    Institute: Allen/IITB
    Joined in Class: 7~8
    IJSO Gold medalist
    IPhO Gold medalist x2
    APhO Bronze Medalistx2

    9. Pawan Goyal
    Loc: Kolkata
    Institute: Resonance
    Joined in Class: 7~8
    IJSO Gold medalist
    IPhO Gold medalist
    APhO Bronze Medalist

    8. Arindam Bhattacharya
    Loc: Bangalore/Nagpur
    Institute: FIITJEE(SUPREME)
    Joined in Class: 8~9
    IAO Gold medalist
    IPhO Bronze medalist
    JEE MAINS Rank 1

    7. Nishant Abhangi(same age as Stuti)
    Loc: KOTA
    Institute: Allen
    Joined in Class: 7~8
    IJSO Gold medalist
    IPhO Gold medalist
    APhO Bronze Medalist

    6. Irin Ghosh
    Loc: Kolkata
    Institute: FIITJEE
    Joined in Class: 7~8
    IChO gold medalist
    KVPY SA Rank 1
    IJSO 2nd place Gold medalist.

    5. Chitrrang Murdia
    Joined in Class: 11
    (Google it)

    4. Siddarth Tiwary
    Loc: Kolkata
    Institute: FIITJEE/IITB
    Joined in Class: 7~8
    IPhO Gold medalist
    APhO Bronze Medalist

    3. Raghu Mahajan
    Loc: Chandigarh
    Institute: (-)
    @t [Look at my post about him]

    2. Dhyey Gandhi
    Loc: KOTA
    Institute: Allen
    Joined in Class: 7~8
    IChO Gold medalist x 3

    1. Debaditya Pramanik
    Loc: Kolkata
    Institute: FIITJEE
    Joined in Class: 7~8
    His link speaks for itself.

    So as you may have seen by now, most of these bright youngsters have had their achievements because of various institutes which they have been enrolled in since a very young age(some since 6th grade). Kota(the "coaching hub of India") Allen takes in almost all the credit here while few places like ChaiNa(Telangana) and FIITJEE have blown apart olympiads thus assuring that children get selected into colleges like MIT and Yale etc.They are trained for not only exams like NEET, JEE(MAINS+ADV.), KVPY but also for olympiads like IPhO, IChO, IMO etc. If you dig in a bit deeper, you'd see that Lay, Debaditya, Nishant, Dhyey, Irin and many others have aced the national levels of these olympiads but couldn't taker part in them due to the restriction of only one olympiad.
    So why is Stuti famous? Maybe Allen popularised the fact that she got into MIT, maybe she agreed to these interviews and disclosing of information. Maybe the others(above) didn't agree to it. But she wasn't the only one who has done this.
    I'm not jealous of Stuti obviously, in fact, I'd very much aspire to be like her(only a Physicist ;D ). But the MIT phenonmena is happening more nowadays and I'd just like to point out how coaching institutes seem to always be attached with them.

  11. Mains tak nikal jaata hai
    Jee Advanced mein achcha rank lake iit bombay mein jane mein jaan nikal jati hai

  12. It's pretty simple if Steve jobs had gone to MIT I don't see a point in him creating an empire known as Apple it's pretty simple these kids have no definitive future for example my brother did his engineering in a local college but due to his exceptional talking skills he is working in Nvidia as a ai and ML head and those big guys graduated from MIT are working under him . My point is that Big big colleges mean nothing unless you work hard . Hard work is the way to success and my bro is the best example

  13. The real reason is that the students are just focusing on getting marks although they get knowledge but their main focus is to get marks but eventually they have no knowledge and after getting degree which tells that how much knowledge they have but in interview they have no knowledge so they couldn't get job as they cant help the world
    And we study for getting knowledge so that we can help the world and then we get something in return (money) but we should never seek for it as a reason of doing work , remember if your focus will on money for doing anything you will never be succeed
    Money is an important aspect of life but not every aspect of life.
    Our goal in life is to thank the god for giving the beautiful life and help the world at greater level as perspective of helping peopls instead of doing work for money and help the world at greater level by doing the work in which you are interested with hardwork patience and consistency smartly then you will be successful for sure.
    If we have knowledge and degree then we can help world if we have knowledge but no degree then we can also help world by giving test of knowledge (or any other method) but if we have only degree but no knowledge then we are obviously not qualified for helping world and if get job so by source then we could not do work and couldn't help world due to lack of knowledge .So always study or do work means help the world hard and smart in any field that is study,sport,entertainment or in any field or do any work as perspective to help the world instead of just for money as mentioned above and ahead and help the world at greater level which is our goal and thanking god for the beautiful life.Aur ha steve jobs ka jo bhi percentage ho ya bhle hi vo college dropout the but apni line me interested the air usme bhot hardwork kiye with consistency and patience but aur agar students bhi apne INTRESTED line hardwork patience and consistency ke sath kam krenge to they will also be successful aur ha ye bs excuse hai na pdhne as marks tell how much knowledge we have aur ha
    And if you give exams there your knowledge is tested so that you have enough knowledge to get into next class and if you are giving competitive exams then you only get selected if you have scored enough(based on merit) which shows that you have enough knowledge to goto institute for taking further knowlege in your intrested line as you have enough knowledge of previous things to gain next so that you have full knowledge and you can help the world at great level although there also you requires a lot of hardwork to get experienced and can improve,create or run the things to ease people and save their time which they can use in other work.
    Remember:Our goal in life is to thank the god for giving the beautiful life and help the world at greater level with hardwork patience and consistency smartly then you will be successful.
    Never try to change any one or his thinking because you cant change anyone or his thinking becuase in the end you can change only yourself.
    First we learn basics in studies and solve problems that how the these small things work and then later we study how these things work at greater and advance level and know how the whole system works in any subjects in studies or sports or dance, singing , and this is applied in every field.
    And in indian education system every thing is perfect except few things that the students are forced to learn useless dates and names in history civics and different places in geography and many useless data that is of no use if anyone needs such data he/she can look for it on internet and books and for anywhere else and it does not mean to not know everything at least one should know basic here i don't mean that a person who know a lot of names or dates is useless ,he knows it because he is major in that field and in case of science or any other streams/subjects there is no such case learning and memorizing formulas is useful and let us know how things work and helps us to study further if one do so by understanding the concepts instead of just learning without understanding . So what i mean that there is only and only minor lack in indian education system is that of learning dates places and names which are of no use but one should know basic things in history geography civics type subjects and unlike in any other streams/subjects learning formulas and other things helps and and also helps to study further if memorized after understanding concepts instead of memorizing with out understanding (ratna) as in case history,civics type subjects as there data are learned uselessly which are of no use .
    And to know it one should just look up for books and internet as there are no concept related to it unlike in other subjects/streams .
    And in subject or topics in any stream one understands the concept and formula is there it should be learned and keep in mind which is useful for studying further and applying it to solve problems and questions and some time if possible apply it practically though everyone do it when they do work as to help the world but in history or geography or other in which dates and useless data are learnt then they are not or any use and one can look for it in books or Internet or from any other source easily as mentioned above.
    But in history type subjects instead of learning datas which are of no use as mentioned above ,why war happened and how it was sorted and how things work these things students should know as to improve the condition and help the world with continuing knowledge and creating new ideas and absorbing knowledge and transforming or applying to create new things or to run the continue things and creating new ideas and applying it and help the world and if some thing happen in future knowing how to control it … .
    So basically instead of learning use less data and learning useful things which is a/q to me is taught but useless data are also taught and more dangerously students learn them which should be stopped.
    If you do the work in which you are interested with hardwork patience and consistency smartly then you will be successful .Smart work with hard work is key to success now smart means doing the same work with efficient manner with minimum time and doing more work in your line smartly it is hard work .
    In some schools the rules are so strict that they just focus on rules instead of studying instead of it the school should focus more on studies/or any other curricular activities like sports e games etc with moderate rules and regulations.
    And in studies,sports, single dancing etc at advance or small levels generally at advance level one subject is related to other thats why in graduation we study some other subjects with the subjects we select because that subject is also important in the subject which you have selected and if you are interested in the bothe that main and subject you are additionally studying then you will excell in it and help the world at greater level That's why when we study a subject chapter topic or even at starting of session we start from basics and then at last up to high level and this is the real method and true and even good and best method that's why in whole life we study like this not only in studying but in all the learning process in sports,study,dance, singing etc.
    There are 3 types of students
    1 who just dont study or do the work in which he is intrested with hardwork patience and consistency and ruin up his precious life and do useless things whole life and help the world qt very low level
    2 one who just study or do any other work for getting money and get material things to show off in society but doesn't do work as perspective of helping the world and just work for money to show off the material things ,they just do work in sake of money irrespective of the intrest and finally they get fed up because they are not interested in the work they do . They just living life and their goal is material things to show off and money which is useless and help the world at moderate level.
    But all in these processes there's lot of things which are executed wrongly as teachers are not teaching properly in school, colleges etc and teachers are just telling students and teaching them for marks which is wrong they are not giving the students right perspective and much more things are wrong but we can't change any one unless he/she himself/herself changes.
    Yes i know money is important but always remember–> money is an importan aspect of life but not every aspect of life. And people of 1 and 2 type just for money for material things and show off as mentioned above.
    And 3 the one who study or do work in in any field sports, entertainment or in any
    Field in which he is interested with hardwork patience and consistency smartly as perspective to help the world to working on current idea , improving idea and create new things to help the world and help the world with continuing knowledge and creating new ideas and absorbing knowledge and transforming or applying to create new things or to run the continue things and creating new ideas and applying it and help the world .They just want to serve the world irrespective of money and they help the world at greater level.
    And all the successful people are the 3rd one and you should always be 3rd one because the 3rd one is one of the key to success.
    And obviously if you you do work in which you are interested with hardwork patience and consistency smartly then you will help at greater level and in return you will get something (money or any thing else) but if one work for money he will never be successful because he focus on money not as the perspective of helping people it doesn't mean that successful people work for money ,they work as perspective of helping world as mentioned above in 3rd one .
    We alaways first do hardwork with patience consistency smartly to gain knowledge throught the whole learning process

  14. Bro , sirf yhi nhi h india me aur bhi bahut sare student..unke bare me bhi charcha krna banta Bansal & Qkshat kaushik

  15. Bhai parents,family,aur seher,sangat ye sab bhi sahi hona chahiye i got 512 marks in neet this year.i am from small village in bihar,can't get any support from my family, relative always become jealous.parent never support in anything they just compare with best student who got seat.they never asked what you want to do.

  16. PCMB karana hai to IISc or IISER me bhi kar sakate the. Definitely her motivation to choose MIT was different than what you are mentioning here.

  17. Sir private college me cs branch prefer krni chahiye ya nit me lower branch to have the tag of nit. Plss guide me I m career oriented which is better??

  18. Hi harnoor,
    My brother got selected in UCLA to pursue Master degree. He did his Btech in CS from India. Can you give a rough idea of cost of living and tution fee per annum.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

  19. excellent what she did atleast she has courage to took brave decision to go beyong doctor and engineer .
    God Bless you go ahead

  20. Getting into MIT is easy, dum hai toh kisi parallel universe ke kisi planet ki university me admission leke dikha .

  21. I qualified both jee mains and jee advance with a rank under 5k both …I was getting many iits and nits….but I wanted to take admission in iit bombay ….but my family condition didn't reach the limit to go with it…. now I am trying to qualify …apprentice exams and to get a job soon….

  22. Actually she is so stupid ,all CEO and top management ,NASA and maximum IT professional are selected from IIT and other research institution ….education is best in India ……for post graduation studying abroad is ok but foundation is the best in india only ……America pays salary in lacs for IItians and NASA

  23. Every university has a different approach to its admission so is IITs why are u against the IITs all the time , IITs are completely different from Ivy’s so why compare them.Everybody is not rich like u and extraordinary to afford Harvard and MIT universities the only option left is Indian universities so why u are forcing people to scrap their lives and IITians are very intelligent they just don’t get that enough funding to make their projects otherwise we could compete with international universities easily .Soon IISC will make its mark on the world by winning Nobel prize .

  24. Hi.. Can you help how to guide kids on daily routine studying usually at which age students get inspired to set goals.. My dream is to make my daughter study abroad. Does icse/ cbse/igcse boards do make any difference..

  25. Can any Indian do schooling in America for free??
    (Through some scholarships)

    You're very lucky
    You're acquiring degree from America
    Best of luck for upcoming future

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