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[CRACKED!] Cheaper Version of ClickFunnels!!

Are you looking for a cheaper version of clickfunnels? Because i’m gonna show you one right now! Hey guys, it’s Amanda, and if you’re looking for a cheaper version of clickfunnels I just stumbled across it. And I just wanted to show you. Normally, I only put out one video a week, but I just had to tell you… it’s called Builderall. Okay, so I’m sure you’ve seen me in some of my videos talking about ClickFunnels; “blah blah blah…” yeah… but if you’re in online marketing, there’s certain tools that you really need. Or even if you’re marketing anything online, there’s certain tools that you need to really grow your business and grow your brand. So I came across Builderall… Actually, this is an amazing company that’s been around for about.. I think it’s around 8 years now, but they’re new to english-speaking countries. So… Great news for us is that we can pay a third of the cost, and get all of the tools that you need. Now, I will say there are a few downsides… You know, you have to learn the new platform. It’s a little bit different to navigate compared to ClickFunnels… But um, I think it’s worth it. So anyways, I just want to quickly go ahead and show you inside my dashboard here what it’s all about. So it is called Builderall, as you can see.. (and let’s see if I can do this without losing my video) ..this is what it looks like when you log in. Right, and then under builders, I’m just gonna choose.. for example, a responsive builder, and go to a new responsive site. So check it out… this is very similar to ClickFunnels in the sense that they’ve got unlimited amounts of… (okay, there’s a limit).. but a ton of different templates that you can use. And even if you’re like a beginner designer or something, or even if you have a small business that you just started, this is an awesome place to start for your website. It’s so cheap, plus, you’ve got professional designs. You just click and plug and play. So they’ve got all these kind of things… you’ve got sales funnels in here… so very similar to ClickFunnels… where you see you’ve got a tripwire funnel, you want a bridge funnel, oh, my gosh, just I’m so excited! There’s so many awesome things in here. And you’ve got the MailingBoss autoresponder, so you don’t need to pay like 300 bucks a month anymore to have this thing. Here’s the thing, ClickFunnels is $97/month USD or $297 /month USD and basically the difference is the $297 you get their whole email Auto campaign thingy. But in Builderall you you can either pay $10/month for pretty much everything. You get this stuff as well, or you can pay the $30/month which is a third of the other guys smallest package and you get everything. So anyways, as you can see, you have everything. You can make your campaigns. You can track everything. I don’t have any numbers to show ya cuz I just started, but I already built a site for someone on it. It literally took me less than an hour. Like: “Boom!” done. So I’m gonna put a link in the description to a 7-day free trial. You don’t need a credit card which is amazing, in my opinion. You can try it out, you don’t even have to cancel. Just check it out and let me know in the comments below what you think about it. Do you think it’s worth it? Do you think you could make the switch? I really want to know. Thanks for watching guys, make sure you subscribe to this channel and see you on the next video.

3 thoughts on “[CRACKED!] Cheaper Version of ClickFunnels!!

  1. Hey Amanda! Rock on 🙂
    I used to use clickfunnels but was bleeding $100 per month so I was like f*&^ this haha..

    I did some research and it actually looks like Leadpages is friggon solid. Have you tried that as well?
    If so how do they compare?

    Much love 😉

  2. Do you or are you going to add videos on how BuilderAll is working for you? I am wanting to get started in e-commerce and know nothing and agree Click Funnels is probably the better be but the cost is something while learning this, these marketing approaches.
    I got involved with Market Hero but need an opt in page and cannot make one with them so was also wondering if BuilderAll has that option for making an opt in page but you were saying email marketing sucks and is not a good way to start? Can you elaborate on as well. Thks, Thomas

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