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Cracked Ferrari Wheel in Half!

Day’s not doing so hot welcome to jersey shit tah Blew the tire off the rim that’s not good How’d I do that? I hit a hole… back there Woah! I hit a real hole That’s not good That’s bad news.. uh… welcome to jersey Good news is, I’m like a mile and a half from my shop and we have spares So today we teach you how to change a tire Alright, so what’s happening right now, I was driving a car back from the city I had a meeting this afternoon so I took one of the Gotham Dream Cars rental cars 458 spyder Because it was a nice fall day, as you can see from the trees behind me Uh.. problem is… I hit a hole and got a flat Big hole… like welcome to jersey hole.. Chevy Volt to the rescue Guess it’s in the back Alright this is what a good tire looks like And this is what a sock looks like Hockey puck..we’ll ..we’ll go through all this in a second but rescue kit is here, it’s only been about ten minutes so this is the best news I’ve had yet Say hi to my brother, he’s going to record this Brother: No pictures no pictures I ripped the wheel right in half well I didn’t rip the wheel in half but jersey ripped the wheel in half Alright hockey puck .. New Jersey Devils because you don’t want to jack up a nice car like this and do it incorrectly Get a little tension on that uh 20 is the right one You want to break the nuts while it’s on the ground and if you need extra leverage.. which which I don’t at the moment alright, with this car I can just spin them off if you need extra leverage, just take the handle off the jack and put it on top of this and then you can get extra leverage and pry virtually anything off these ones of things that go in verses just nuts and the screws stick out of the hub legitimately like ripped the wheel brother: bus look at that it’s because I drove on it a little bit, but that’s not good pause the video for a second this is what it’s supposed to look like and nice on the tire and either have gloves in your car or prepare to get your hands dirty Now you can’t tighten these all while it’s in the air because the the wheel will just start spinning tighten it down just a little bit make sure the wheel is flush so you don’t cross thread anything Usually want to go in a star pattern so it tightens uniformly Usually want to hit this with a torque wrench to make sure they are torqued correct but I can’t over torque it anyways because I’m not strong enough Brother: Yo, bird just shit on this thing Did it? look at that, at least it didn’t shit on me New Jersey shit on me quick, just pop on that and I’ll torque them down officially… and I’ll torque them down officially when get back to the shop but basic skill everyone should know. and they just pay us the jersey gas tax putting it up to 23 cents more a gallon and just had to vote during the presidential election what to do with that, and luckily it passed and everyone voted that all that tax money that you are taxing on our gasolines has to go to the roads.. to avoid shit like .. stuff like this I never dress like this, the one time I dress for a meeting like this I get a flat.. I crack the rim in half, I’ve never even done that before I’ve seen it but I’ve never done it got another spare… but… that’s unreal I guess this is where the initial impact was and than it split Wowszer Whelp, you don’t see that everyday Not the end of the world, you get new rims on ebay for 2 uh 500 bucks plus shipping something like that plus minus Uhmm … yeah not the end of the world .. just a inconvenience in my day alright so the roads in jersey definitely suck That’s the real road taxes when you blow out a wheel and tire I’ve only had … I actually never cracked a wheel in half like that uh That was a first and it was the biggest deal out of my day It was probably 5 to 7 minutes to change the thing and then 15 minutes for my brother to load up the car with the stuff I needed and come on over This goes over here so not the end of the world you think you have potholes, well come to new jersey we got real pot holes and to be honest with you, I’ve driven over that hole before in other cars without blowing out any wheels I’ve bent wheels before, not on that specific hole but .. such is life.. unfortunately.. it’s dark outside, threw me a little behind schedule, was not what I planning on doing with my day but welcome to jersey… Catch you next time

100 thoughts on “Cracked Ferrari Wheel in Half!

  1. haha fucken Jersey, hate my state, some of the highest taxes, highest insurance, expensive shit houses. and all that tax and toll money we still have shit roads, and now we have a gas tax

  2. Last week I had a surgey, the tools and the car is cleaner that the room and the tools my surgeon used why whould you need gloves to work on that car lmao

  3. Do what i did to my beater maxima and get tiny rims and huge tires lol. my car used to feel like a racecar because of the tight suspension (zero body roll around turns) and low profile rims. not to mention i paid $650 and nearly doubled that fixing my Godamn water pump and fuel filler neck which were both toast along with about 10 other things that broke over 16 years and the poor people stank that I spent 3 weeks degreasing it

  4. Almost jacked up the paint with that jack handle when he started to put the tire back on. That would have been a nice insult to injury

  5. Will the city pay since it is their fault for not doing their jobs in keeping the streets safe? Can you make a claim?

  6. wow…changing a tire on a Ferrari is just like my cars. That is crap load of buses on a residential street

  7. Jersey where the road budget goes into someones pocket instead of the roads, thanks Jersey. Fucking hate my state.

  8. probably b/c you got those big tires on there; you should go with a smaller sidewall so you can hit them bUmPs harder

  9. I was wondering what the shop or where are you Work what the name was or if anybody else knows please reply thank you

  10. Well, thats a huge bummer, a little less painful when damage is incurred by a client as opposed to coming out of your own pocket…….

  11. Never cracked a rim, but my work's road is so bad that we don't bother replacing our rims because they never make it a full week without bending

  12. I fucking lost in when the bird shit on the car. " at least it didn't shit on me " lmaoooo!
    -talk about a shit day

  13. Hahah – come to Michigan… we have you beat. I had a pothole take out the front rim and tire, the back tire, and the tie rod end all in one shot. And they were new rims and tires…

  14. in my world, the city would buy me a tire and rim. call the tow, police ECT and have them document the pothole.

  15. The woes of low profile tires. That is why when you drove over the same pot hole with other cars it didn't happen every time.

  16. Do not take all the bolts out when the cars weight is still on the wheel moron. Just loosen them, jack the car up and then take them out…

  17. Seems like this rim is fake. Genuine rims are designed to deform, but not crack.
    That is why you should always buy the "overpriced" genuine wheels.

  18. watching robs videos about $300K cars going through more shit than my shit VW I bought for $1K 3 years ago, makes me a happy camper.

  19. Here in Georgia if a pot hole breaks something in your car you can complain to the county and they have to pay for the damage.. how does it work in New Jersey?

  20. And as a tire expert that car and that Rim is only supposed to have 88 lb a pressure per nut and I can tell by the way you're cranking it you're putting about a hundred and fifty maybe even 200 lb which if you do hit a bump will cause that rim to crack it is so vital when dealing with aluminum rims if it's brand new you talk them down to no more than a hundred foot pounds and then after driving a hundred kilometers or 60 miles that you are to read torque the nuts again cuz those nuts will loosen on a brand new rim

  21. How much is a new wheel for a 458? I just paid $1,300 for a wheel for my 2012 S550 with AMG sport package

  22. using a harbor freight jack to lift your Ferrari on the side of the road…..I approve sir hahaha. If I ever have an exotic I'm sure I'll be breaking out the pittsburg tool set lol.

  23. The same thing happened to my C6Z earlier this year. I hit a huge reoccurring pothole near my house. Thankfully, the rim held air and I drove it on the highway and back with no issues. Until I got out and actually looked at the rim. The outer flange was ripped and bent. There was a similar crack on your rim. The rim was made by Speedline in Italy. I had it repaired for $270. However, it's not perfect. So I'll be ordering a factory fresh one. $625 retail. Dealership wants $570; $520 with core. But, I think I can get one for around $400 off the web. It's a base rim and not many of these cars were ordered with the base rim. And I'll keep the re-man one as a spare. It'll go on either side and isn't directional, thankfully.

  24. Any ideas where to park your exotic in NYC, I would like to drive my exotic sometimes at night and during day to NYC, Soho, Midtown, Brooklyn, hourly or cheap 12-24 hour parking.

  25. In the uk , pot holes are bad we send the bill to the council when they damage tyres and wheels with photos and they repay it. (Sometimes) 🤷‍♂️.
    Be careful coming to the uk, alot of thefts. New Brighton, on the wirral wirral,is really nice place /photo place for the cars next to the old fort. 👍👍👍👍

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