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Cracked Tires – Causes and What to Do about Tire Cracking

If you see cracks on your tires, you may wonder
if it’s normal wear and tear or a sign of a bigger problem. So what’s causing your tires to crack? Cracks around the sidewall may be a sign of
age or environmental damage. This is also called dry rot. Cracks in the grooves can happen because of
improper inflation or excessive loads. Cracks on the tread blocks are usually a sign
of excessive force. Things like spin-outs, panic stops, or sharp
turns. What should you do about a cracked tire? Minor sidewall cracking might not be an immediate
concern. If the cracks are more serious, you need a
tire tire. If you’re not sure, the best thing to do
is swing by your local auto dealer so they can take a look. Tires do support the weight of the entire
vehicle, after all. So it’s an issue you shouldn’t let slip
through the cracks.

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