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Cracked TV Screen – LCD & LED TV Panel Repair Options & Replacement

In this video we will show and explain what
a cracked TV screen is, your options for repair, and some of the best ways to dispose of your
TV, if you decide not to repair it. Here at we do not sell replacement screens
or TV panels. If your TV is not working correctly, and is showing an image on the screen, that
looks like the one in this video, then you most likely have a cracked TV screen.
A cracked TV screen can be caused by many different things. Some of them include hitting
the screen with an item, a controller, a ball or something else of that nature. Or a common
way of damaging the screen is also by dropping the TV while other moving it or installing
it. If your screen is cracked, there is no way
to repair the existing TV screen, you would have to replace the TV panel.
Replacing the TV panel can be very difficult and it is recommended that you hire a professional
with experience and training. Acquiring the exact TV panel that you need
for replacement can sometimes be difficult. If you are searching for a replacement TV
panel, you will want to search your TV panel number online to see if there are replacements
available. These TV panels can also sometimes be very expensive and can cost up to 80% of
the price you paid for the TV originally. Again, here at, we do not sell
replacement screens or TV panels. If you decide that you are not going to replace
the TV panel, and want to dispose of your TV, here are some possible options of ways
to recycle your TV. You can contact your local electronics superstore
as they might take them. Look up your local electronics recyclers and
see if accept TVs. Contact the local government to see if there
are options for recycling centers. You can also simply do an internet search
for “recycle my TV” and see what pops up in your area.
If you have any further questions regarding your repair, simply post a question in the
comment section below, we strive to learn and share new TV repair tips everyday. Subscribe
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100 thoughts on “Cracked TV Screen – LCD & LED TV Panel Repair Options & Replacement

  1. Sometimes when i get mad i hit it lightly than like 30 min in gta5 team deathmatch other teem was cheating like really i hit it really hard big mistake

  2. Why no one explains if we could reuse the motherboard of a smart tv as computer or something that don't depends on new tv panel? like connect the motherboard to a monitor?

  3. Thanks for nothing. No seriously, Thank You for providing no info into the problem at hand besides "where to recycle it" (my local dump could have told me that you fuck stick).

  4. Me too…I threw the remote at the tv…Not a great move if you like watching tv… thx for showing me how to fix it…

  5. My 65 inches Samsung tv screen is cracked but showing well just that line ran into it dividing the picture. Is it just the screen issue or panel ? Can it be fix

  6. i got a tv lcd generic with a v236h1-01 broken display, aswell i had another display what it's seems working which is a m236mwf1-rev0, they have the same layout, it's should work?

  7. "If your tv looks like the one here in the video then you have a cracked screen" yea no shit sherlocks

  8. what about the boards inside, arn't they still good if I come across another tv that's the same?

  9. You forgot the best way to recycle a tv with a cracked screen, take it out back and use it for target practice!

  10. God damn it this was not the answer I wanted to hear! I am pissed! I think I cracked mine while vacuuming! And it's only just two years old and it's a Vizio large I don't know how large not real large and the Vizio smart TV and I am just so upset I don't have the f**** money for another one pissed off I was hoping there was some way to fix it and they're probably is but they just don't want to because they make more money sewing a whole entire another TV number one electronics used to be worth money and you can sell them and pawn them or whatever not anymore.

  11. before you junk your TV remove leds and boards and cables… those are very useful replacement parts for others!

  12. Why not sale all the parts to any plasma, i believe thats a selfish,(they will buy new avensually)some of us love to repair or love to have something to do, THANK$! a concerned person that hopes to stay active & busy that really helps me(:Especially when i cant.)

  13. I crack my screen cause it was just sitting there and it fell over and I was sitting in my chair and I’m just sitting and thinking DAM

  14. My tv lg set 32 inch it was cracked but it was working only sound what can do please reply soon

  15. I cracked my tv screen by hiting it with mosquito bat 🙄 which is sony kd-65x9350d 65 inch .iam pretty sure i didn’t damage the tv panel . I waana know how much does it cost to replace the tv screen ? And i couldn’t find the spare also . Help me out

  16. fuck fortnite, i threw my battery pack at my goddamm samsung smart tv and now the shits broke. 800.00 DOLLAR GODDAMM TV. IM QUITTING THAT SHIT.

  17. This guy deserves a fuck you in life. Hope your kids die early for wasting my time. Dumb fuck! Fuck you Jimmy!

  18. I was trying to put the hdmi cord in the tv and it cracked in the front from the tiniest touch and it broke and I fell so bad

  19. Wowww I never figured I should google search to find info about fixing my cracked tv. This dumb video is for crack heads.

  20. I've cracked the display panel right now…there's nobody at home..
    And my dad comes in 20 mins..pray for me😓

  21. Ayyo Lads i was having an anger attack type thing threw a pillow a mufuckin pillow now TV cracked and my brothers home in seconds eeekk ://////

  22. I paid Au $599 for my kogan 55" 4K HDR LCD LED tv so im looking at a $400 fix as it needs a new panel because the creen is cracked no thanks i will buy the panel cheap online and do the repaire myself ive fixed and replaced smart phone screens and digitizers before i couldent see it being much of a difference really just working with somthing much bigger and awkward to work with

  23. I thought this was a video on options to repair my TV. So you say there are no options. What a stupid video. Thanks for pointing out the different ways to crack a TV screen Who would ever have thought of all the ways you can do it.. is not the place to buy your electrical appliances, going by this useless information.

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