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oh dear goodbye money bar [Applause] oh yeah shares what is going on welcome to the bar welcome back to another super epic awesome summer day I'm here with my sister Grace oh yeah chased behind the camera right now hey shares so today we're going to do some super epic stuff first let's get back into it we got the 1 million dollar unbreakable box and you saw in my last vlog that we use the spy wagon G wagon and tried to run over it to crush it and so far nothing happened it cracked a little but it didn't break and you guys saw in my last vlog that we actually made some real damage and started breaking this open you see cracks and like look at that there is a hole all the way down it looks like it's one two three four layers deep but we gotta get all the way down we also use a sander and weak in the middle center point of the money box but that's still then crack it all the way open so I went back to the store I got even more insane tools check this out we got a hammer but not only a hammer look at this hammer it looks pretty intense doesn't it yeah it looks even cooler than the one we had so we kind of updated everything yeah this hammers even got spiky things on the end so I'm thinking if you hit the center boom the whole thing will break open that doesn't work we have the crowbar oh yeah take a look at this thing we got two sides we can do with this is take this end and put it in that gap right there and crank it open pry it open like crazy and if that doesn't work we have a bigger better badder sander check this thing out look at the sandpaper on this super big grit let's uh test it out real quick that thing sanding down this glass could work very very well and if that doesn't work we have a mini jackhammer check this thing out look at the drill bit on this thing check this out piece of concrete lay that on the ground may jackhammer turn it on that broke right through that concrete that's what I'm talking about check this thing out this giant piece of concrete doesn't even stand a chance against this thing oh boy on that one yeah this is gonna be crazy and if this doesn't work we got this this almighty chainsaw check this thing out all right grace stand back and if this doesn't work shares we got the extra-large chainsaw this thing is massive and even more powerful check this thing out giant blade even has like a hook thing on it and if this doesn't work we got one more thing grace you want to show them yeah bigger badder flame thrower than what grace high sterday this is called the flaming torch I think this will work should melt the entire money box this thing's made of plexiglass plastic or something like that so a high heat I think won't even make it stand a chance against it grace you ready gets chase you ready to get started I'm ready oh yeah we got our safety hats and everything on we are good to go shares definitely don't try this at home but we are about to open the unbreakable box and get all $1,000,000 chase if we get this million dollars what are you gonna do with it Steven I gotta think about that I don't know it's a lot a lot of money you have to think well in this yeah a lot of shares we're commenting on my last vlog some crazy awesome FB ideas and what they would do with a million dollars some even said they'd donate all the charity a lot super nice that's so awesome I'm have to read through the comments to get some ideas yes the sheriff's coming your crazy ideas what we would do with 1 million dollars that is so much maybe we buy another like house oh good it's not much money yeah or like a jet ski oh go to be like maybe a hundred jet skis for a million dollars yeah that would be insane alright well you know what enough talking about what we're gonna do we got to actually get open so we can start spending yeah ok so the way this is gonna work sure is is we have our mystery wheel and just like on Grace's Channel on her last video we're going spin it to figure out what awesome spy gadget type tool we get to use so we each get three spins since it's my channel I'm gonna go first I'm gonna give it a spin alrighty ready take it away Steven here we go spinning in three two one get me something good let's see let's see let's see come on come on come on what will it be you're joking get my turn right away oh my goodness all right to figure out who's going next grace and chase Rock Paper Scissors go agree ready yep Rock Paper Scissors go Oh ready Rock Paper Scissors go oh here we go spinning in three two one go see let's see let's see hi grace what are you gonna pick that's tough there's so many I really think all of them will actually break this open this is sore there's so many I think I'm gonna go with this the crowbar the crowbar it might look lame but oh it's not because look we have that little space right there where we could fit the crowbar in and crank it open shares crowbar you think this will crack it open come on yes or no I'm gonna say the crowbar you know I think it's actually going to do some damage I think it will crack a little bit if grace can get it in that groove right there I think she might not be able to open and it'll be good but does anyone want to find out grace stick that crowbar and let's see if it does anything stick it right in here look watch it's in okay see that yep ready start prying three two one go oh yes I think it's doing something yeah love it it's so much wider yeah this hole is definitely now wider than that one so grace you got some damage that's pretty good yeah we're getting somewhere alrighty I would say yeah I would say that point okay one for me all right chase yep one point for grace it's my turn to spin now here it goes nothing three two one spin spin spin let's see what are you gonna land on and small chainsaw yeah I'm excited for this one the chainsaw it's definitely gonna rip open this box we'll find out okay well uh let's stand back got to make sure we're safe with this chase definitely put those goggles on because you do not want to get hurt do you think this small chainsaw will tear open this unbreakable box I think yes I'm gonna call my hashtag yes chase what do you think this million dollars got to be mine this chainsaw is going right through that box oh dear stand back Oh well oh my goodness all right try one more time okay here she's gone hits it back right and that guy's here we go go [Applause] whoa whoa oh my goodness it started making way yeah look at that it's a whole finger thick deep whoa okay so that works pretty well yeah somehow you just got to get to really slice through the whole thing maybe the little chainsaw thought the best maybe the extra-large change though is better because I was as I was pushing it down it just kept going to the side like he kept like moving off how cuz there's so many layers it's like ten layers thick and I think is I think it's too thick for the little chainsaw maybe maybe if you spinning at the big one maybe you can get into it then that's definitely a point for chase he made some damage oh yeah we're getting one step closer let's spin this wheel in the way three two one please don't please don't make me skip my turn let's see let's see I got something good this time yeah that's what I'm talking about okay we saw how this thing broke through that piece of concrete earlier that means I have a good feeling this thing what do you think chase yeah this concrete just split right in half there's no way it's not going through that box there's no way Sharra's come right now you think this mini jackhammer will work that's a yes or hashtag no I'm gonna say yeah it's definitely gonna break this thing right open I say we go straight what right here get this bolt out yeah okay here we go you ready on three two one here we go [Applause] I don't think it's doing much whoa wait did that tiny little thing that's so tiny that's crazy this thing was able to break open this piece of concrete but it can't even really get through that that's all it did that's weird that's not good you know I didn't seem right let me put on the front glass here we go let's try this you ready yeah it's gonna work not so much better idea try it on the front no it did last less damage that's even stronger look at that it barely did anything that's crazy that's even stronger okay shares this mini jackhammer did absolutely nothing I don't think I get up going for that no damage no point okay that's not good Oh chase you better spend something good because I did not even get one step closer to breaking this thing open well actually Steven it's Grace's turn first about me my bad I just chases changed all things so I think I want him to spin again okay great spin again get something super epic you ready yeah spinning go go go go go three two one what's it gonna land on oh all right grace I don't have high hopes for you but the only other thing I could think of is you could do something with the cut that chase already got into yeah maybe I'll use it differently and all like going oh you could pick pickaxes that's not a pretty sharp point maybe if you try to like stab it it might actually go through I'm gonna lay this down yeah right in the center there yeah because in my video we weakened that area so it's super weakened I think if I just smash it right down they'll actually work all right so just like with a hammer you get three super hard hits to try to break it open you ready for this yeah everyone stand back here we go ready first hit in three two one go grace that was not very strong you got to go all muscle in all muscle and stand back yeah really get into it okay you ready okay slam that thing into it okay here we go ready three two one go all right that was better grace you got to put more power into you got to be pretend like you're angry angry like really angry go back head over with that thing and slam it hard you ready here we go three two one go there's the yellow mark on yellow mark all right grace you did it get some damage on that that's pretty good oh wait there – that's new yeah that one's deep that's a big hole right there okay so that can do some damage actually that's pretty good all right that got us one step closer to getting to the center yeah I get a point yeah that's definitely a point all right chase and now you're off let's go all right let's do this Jerry smash the like button for chase he's so far had pretty good luck with getting the chainsaw let's see where you gonna get this time you ready – one spin away here we go here we go get something good hope it's good I hope it's good come on what's it gonna be it's gonna be know if I was the money box right now I would be very very very scared all right chase strapped up with your safety equipment this is gonna be crazy Sherry's stand back for this one okay yeah this is crazy definitely do not try this at home chase has worked on the farm for a very long time and a super certified with this stuff so he knows what he's doing oh yeah I'm ready here we go in three two one go oh dear goodbye money bar [Applause] check that that whole corner is ah it completely annihilated it sheriff's look how deep this is over here look how deep this cut oh wow that's like that much that I just right there's a lot of damage right there I'm almost to that bolt well it definitely better than the smaller one but I still think it's just not strong enough oh you really don't think so Steven the money is still in there yeah we're not down you're right but we did make great way work closer to the money now we're only about like two inches away on this side well that's definitely a point for chase cuz he completely annihilated I mean look at all the shreds look at this so that really made way but uh hopefully I can step it up and get an even more powerful tool my last spin do not let it be skip my turn oh yeah here we go three two one come on get something good we gotta get to the money give me something good Oh hammer hammer hits okay it might not seem like a stronger tool but now that's weaker it's weaker and it's a different hammer it's got these micro spikes on them which I think could allow some extra pressure that's like a hundred spikes all hitting at the same time yeah pretty yeah I think you could work very well you know what I'll go right on the weak spot that we made yesterday yeah we down right there so look when you step on it it's weaker yeah okay you ready for this yeah here we go first Nick going in three damage I can definitely see these micro spikes see it they're inside right there Mike yeah that was pretty good and I didn't even go full force yeah okay can go again three two one high yeah we're definitely getting there you know what sure is I gotta do some real damage so we're gotta go from up higher ready for that even what are you doing what doing up there we really got to break this thing open here we go three two one hi-yah whoa look at all those micro fractures in there there we go we're definitely getting closer yeah that did some damage yes a point for me I'm Steven you earned that point we're getting closer and plus we can get a sander someone can spin and get the sander we can sand this down make it even weaker so then if the last person who spins gets the hammer again I think it'll split right open well grace is up next don't fail me now flame George oh yeah that's what I'm talking about great definitely suit up for this one I think we could definitely melt it right here about the center of it get it super hot super melted and then hope the Chaffins on the hammer and woosh smashes open the money comes out we get the million dollars we head to the car dealership rats and Lamborghinis all that good stuff oh yeah let's do it let's do it all right shares i'ma stand back for this one because that thing is crazy and it makes such a big flame I'm gonna go way back over here you guys be safe over there oh yeah definitely stand back for this and don't try this at home ready yeah count me down 3 2 1 start melting here we go put it on there we go oh yeah melting that money bar on the box hopefully does it for the dollar bills oh no it won't you gotta you gotta melt through the plastic first it's definitely working pretty well check this out yeah that's what I'm talkin about melt a plastic thank you good oh yeah you do yeah I'll think for sure definitely oh yeah look at that really melting oh yeah right there whoa oh it is melted oh oh it's very melted yeah perfect cheese hurry you better spent and hopefully get the hammer cuz you can bend it right down spin spin me too one spin hopefully we got the hammer we need the hammer shares please please please the hammer would definitely work now like button give me good luck let's see I'm going with the pointy end this time though okay big end okay step out I think you missed yeah three two one go oh yeah the best emotion we've had all day yeah good one more time last hit two one go oh yeah anything look at we'll look how deep you guys Wow oh my goodness don't touch me that's probably pretty hot it is yes I can feel it how hot it is just by putting my hand oh my goodness that is definitely the deepest hole we've created in any of the vlogs so far yeah moved a whole two stacks of $100 that's $10,000 yeah you've moved $20,000 that torch really melted this good look at all that you know what I'm thinking it totally softened it up made it so much easier for me to get through it yeah what if we got like a real-life flamethrower yeah that's what we need we should try to get one of those oh yeah for sure you know we're so close to opening this up I think my next vlog will have it open shares comment down below your crazy big ideas on how we can open this we are so so so close yes we are so so so close so make sure you come down below your crazy ideas and I think next blog will definitely open it up oh yeah we got this next one we're getting the money out you know what to do stay awesome and whoo

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