Laughter is the Best Medicine


Hi my names Scott, and I’m addicted to cracking
open a cold one with the boys. My addiction first started back in University I’d be cracking
open a couple of cold ones with the boys every weekend. Then I started cracking them open
during the week. I just love that feeling, you know, of cracking them open. Yeah I’d
say I open about 20-30 a day now. It’s become pretty severe the problem. It’s definitely..
I’d class it as an addic.. Sorry, she’s got.. she’s got a can that’s unopened… Excuse
me, Excuse me do you mind if I get that for you? Thank you, Thank you very much. (sighs
with relief) I now have to sleep with a can next to my bed. Sometimes in the middle of the
night I just wake up with that urge to crack. And I’m not just talking about cracking open
cold beers either.. Most of the time I don’t even drink them. It’s not about that. There’s
a lot of different things you can find laying around the house. In the kitchen that can
really satisfy them cracking needs. I used to crack open tins of tuna, and dog food,
one time I cracked open a can of pea and ham soup. That was a real low for me. I just wanted to crack open cold ones in every situation. Sometimes the boys weren’t even there. I used
to be one of his boys. But.. er.. he was cracking open so many cold ones you know I just couldn’t
keep up. So me and some of the other boys, we decided we just couldn’t take it anymore.
You know its getting to the point where some of the ones that he was cracking open weren’t
even cold. He was cracking open luke warm ones. Eventually, I had to find some new boys,
but erm, they didn’t stick around long either. I don’t care what people will think. I’ve
got everything I ever need. People don’t understand, some people think it’s unnatural. But they won’t stop me.


  1. I hope you know that this video was stolen and put on someone else's channel a couple days after this was posted. It has more views too.

  2. is it just me or does anyone just keeps rewatching this because how funny this is. Idk just the word "with the boys" kills me๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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  4. This is hilarious! It really sucks that it was stolen multiple times and reposted on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You really deserve way more views and subscribers!

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