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Cracking Skulls in Crack-A-Book | 7 Days to Die | Alpha 17 Gameplay | E55

dude what's your problem bro get out of my face trying to make a video here what's up zombie Slayers is kg boy yeah look about your eyelids bleh these freaking guys man these freaking guys like I'm just trying to get back up to where I was these guys broke through the floor and came to get me like I'm not believable I gotta give him a credit for the tenacity oh my god are you serious be serious with this no I think I could just punch him out there we go I got a couple things to talk about with the gun well only one thing to talk about the gun the gun had steel bullets in it which takes away five damage so that's a pretty decent mount of damage so that was one reason that the pistol felt so weak up there I want to use the steel ammo before the real I moto so I've just got to keep in mind you know basically I show left myself away out and I didn't and that's on me so my bad and let's get back up to where we were all right coming through the bookstore come and do the crack a book I don't remember where I went where I didn't that goes back to where I was right nope that's good where I want to go see right here this was the mistake not the bullets not the gun not me missing that was the mistake so you know and so I'm saying with these games if you don't think I'm seriously like if you just like I oh this is easy I don't have to leave myself always plan for the worst case scenario guys I'm telling you that's that's just the way to go and if you do that you're gonna have a good time so punch this clown there we go oh wait a minute we're all the freaking books man where are all the crates oh come on no come wow thanks unfun pimps am i right way to ruin the book store this whole freaking room used to be full of crates Oh oh good one awesome this would be a toilet wow this is this that's bad that's bad well why would you even do this like building anymore I can't believe how bad that is whoever thought that was a good idea it needs a reality check what what there we go yeah that's um that's bad like this whole room is pointless now there's like three loo containers and the whole thing week I'm sorry that's weak sauce well you know what keep the keep the tower out of out of my games I won't do this tower anyway why would I unless there's something up above that I don't know about which is possible so we'll keep going we'll see I'm seriously disappointed seriously disappointed with this okay come on come on it's another thing I have you guys check on traitors for brass I keep forgetting to do that that's you know lose so much time in a day right I mean got a you got a prioritize in some ways that's good and eat that let's throw the glass away let's drink this let's throw the paint away I have plenty of shorts shut eyes shorts on right yeah so I have plenty of shorts so let's not worry about those I kind of led but 7 lead taking up a whole inventory spot is not gonna work for me scrap a same thing with that scrap scrap there you go that's how you make inventory room look at this look at this they took out all the crates but almost all of them and this is I'm not I'm not a fan okay so what is this tower really have now it has a couple bookcases is that it listen guys I'm a fun pimps fanboy I love the fun pimps I love this game but I'm gonna call it the way I see it this is a horrible horrible just just terrible mmm I I'm choking on my own rage here I'm not really rating but um yeah this is terrible this is just just I have no better agitate for it it's just terrible man Wow this you've got pistol gun that's cool they are they were gonna take out the pistol guns but um but I like I personally think that pistol guns are cool and not because of that they're I'm getting a gun but because I love it as a godfather reference all right so I love the pistol guns and they were gonna take him out and he decided not to it they're gonna do is are gonna make them all quality level one so you still got the godfather references give you some bullets you know and you nobody's getting overpowered like early all right guys we're back did I say pistol guns like repeatedly and I am out of it dude toilet guns that's what I meant I love recording live on Twitch because like there's good and bad parts about it but the one thing I love about is people could point out those mistakes and I can get to them earlier all right so let's go through this pointless point a stupid tower boring the new tower boring oh my god if you guys want TOI let's come in here what's up J PB how's it going well okay well let's take stock of what's in this room although this this room I don't think ever had much in it but we've got a one bookcase and one cabinet okay it's not terrible for a small room like this also you can get the chairs and get yeah that's not a bedroom actually but they never used to be bigger or am I thinking about the area down here let's close this door yeah this hole oh man well the good news is guys you can do this tower a lot quicker remember used to take like two days you can do it like two minutes now this isn't there's no reason to be in here did you guys just guys just cleared out this whole friggin room this is a cracker book crane here I didn't I was wondering if I was gonna go the whole building without finding a cracker book great all right I'm gonna stop going on about it cuz I know what's gonna annoy people but I will choke on my irritation all right should we just scrap some of these I usually sell them but are they really worth selling at this point yeah let's just use them yeah why not okay I want to be an Olympic swimmer up here that's what's important in this tower physician sounds good slow metabolism definitely stay down and the Huntsman just in case I find any animals I don't really need their cloth I sell the paper but I could always sell picnic tables – boom headshot scrap the nails scrap that scrap that scrap that okay I really don't have to go back down you know normally I would have to go down for I would have to set up like three or four a dropout job chess by now oh is that paper oh that's pretty cool oh okay now we're getting somewhere now we're getting some oh boy [Applause] you did you did yeah look at all those books I got okay so now this doesn't look as bad and the reason I like papers for shotgun shells plus if you want you could always get paper to sell early game wait that's not paper oh they look like paper lame okay well that sucks a little bit more but we do have a few bookcases here so that's cool where's other mods I think you should get mods in bookcases I never go getting some now I wanted an advanced barrel man do you get the mods or the schematics where's the best place to get actual mods Jesus get a lot of pointless now these things right here these magazines are absolute shite and mad mole 100% agrees and they are getting they're going bye-bye that rip totally replacing them thank God you can't do it quick enough man you really can't get rid of these things those suck now I know there's concrete here guys I've got more concrete I got concrete coming out my ears I don't need to be spending time you're shoveling concrete plus I give me concrete quicker by getting stoning and clay wow this is laggy holy crap I'm just gonna break through this give me more maneuverability actually I can get this obvious to come to here and I can hit them and they can't hit me oh boy no not that heck I just fell over what no fist please it's hard to do anything including switch items when you're lagging shit bought some barbed wire I could have done this kind of stuff with barbed wire in doorways yeah this is what I should be doing like pretend that's not there I could just put barbed wire down or something and you know fight like that that's that's why I should be doing it yep nothing looting here got a dumpster can't find those outside all right no stop cage stop for the next 12 minutes of this video you will not mention how bad this building is comparable it's a cool building it's just all right enough is this not paper either no it's just what that should give paper I'm not complaining I'm just saying I should give paper because it looks like paper I might turn that into paper boy get out of here with that too fast for you bro yeah thanks for the 50 stamina jackoff is that a curse jackoff yeah it's a bit much bit much yeah well what are you gonna do what you gonna do the first time I remember getting spanked actually the only time I ever remember getting spanked when I was a kid was I was I was a kid and one of the teachers like I must have been like I was in elementary school so how old her kids elementary school I don't know but um yeah I was young really young and one of the teachers did something that pissed me off and I was walking away and someone was talking crap and I the teacher said something I I called the teacher a jerk-off and I didn't think of that as like that bad of a thing but apparently it was and it is yeah that's the first time I got spanked my is it was crazy too because they were like yell at me they were saying I was gonna get spanked and everything but then we had dinner and they didn't mention it and I was like thinking of myself man maybe they're not gonna spank me I don't think they're going through and then I go to bed and then my my stepdad you know comes in there with a belly nerd I respect I'm like oh so like I've said alright let's let's get this over with so rented bathroom and he put me over his knee and he starts whipping me with the belt and my stepfather like I didn't realize this as a kid but he was he I offer I could overpower him at any point he was kind of weak and when you start hitting a kid like it was involuntary I knew I was gonna get spanked I knew what I had to take it but the thing is like okay so you sit there and you're like okay I'm getting a spanked and I have to deal with this and I'm that's okay I accept that I'm gonna do it okay but then when you start feeling the pain you involuntary involuntarily fight it and and I got for him like a second he couldn't like that was well at first I was like man this guy couldn't do shit if I want if I really wanted to you know he couldn't do anything you know I got I had like big growth spurts like at a young age so I was pretty big I'm at a young age and yeah so he started spanking me I was like I really take this dad because I know I deserve it because I said some bad things but I'm getting up so I got up and ran into my room and then was over I'll never forget that it's funny I don't remember like anything for my child but little things like that I remember what that's a kapa all right let's uh pick these guys off anymore I don't have to really deal with the cups I don't want to but I'm going to he's not even running got him in the throat did I kill him seriously one thing I do like about this game is they nerfed ops they used to be devastating not so much anymore here let's punch this one that was the most infinite half swing almost swing I've ever seen breath just saying just throw that out there true story it's true it is a true story Jesus look at how fast he finishes tower guys I've got eight minutes left in the video we finish this this tower I'm not saying anything else I'm just saying you know that's pretty quick that's that's good right nice quick tower okay what do you got take that scrap that break into these three things and I gotta figure out what we do for us this video I don't know maybe we'll hit traitors and I know seven and a half minutes of trading yeah I don't think so I think we're just gonna find something else to loot dude what's your problem bro get out of my face trying to make a video here and you throw me off what the hell happened – huh gotcha my lachchi tower watching Malati Hachi tower I don't know this doesn't look good though I'm just saying it's not looking good in here all right we're not gonna finish this we're not gonna get close to finishing it well let's check out the hamaguchi mawashi tower and I'm going to assume that this is going to have been changed as well so we'll say blow your head up what we got over here what are you doing brah what's your problem I'm right here oh my god so many zombies they got they're not on water 126 baby you looking at chump so I I want to like I want to continue making feeling like first aid kits but the problem make a first aid kids need blood bags the problem make of blood bags is I have no idea what the effect of draining your blood means I get a sickness buff I used it twice the sickness buff seems to like be random does anybody have an actual like real-deal explanation of how that sickness buff works because like I want to I want to drain my blood but you know I'm not gonna do it when I don't know how the sickness buff works I guess I could do it at night but I don't remember exactly with the sickness training your blood sickness buff did I think was a stamina hair right so I could probably do it at night not worry about it what's your problem dude you're gonna get picked that's what you get that should you get your Chum that's pretty good man two hits yeah more useless steel I was speaking of steel I'm oh we stood up 80 rounds she's alright I was gonna switch out I figured I'd be low on steel ammo by now but apparently not do I have any uh yeah I do alright you know what let's do this there we go come up the old escalator if you take the hold on you know what I'd like to see in this game you know we have the the sex Rex that gives you 50 stamina when you kill a zombie I'd like to see something like that for help obviously not 50 health maybe like a couple health some kind of um oh that's what we need on a melee weapon a leech effect is that a little too RPG ish it might be for some people I don't care I think would be awesome let's go and have a meal here oh dude duck me got my spin a boxer punch you in the balls how's your nuts oh shoot your arm dude your arm you all right yeah you can are you good to keep going you have no arm in no head I think you're done I think we're done here sir why are you empty both are empty that's something going on no it's down below it's down below me huh blow me baloney whatever I'm one of my guilty Zinn Wow is named one of his guys Jimmy baloney which i think is a hilarious name and yes I should have kept the I should have turned that that cloth into bandages instead of throwing it away well you know hindsight's 2020 it's not really hindsight they told me when I did it I just didn't see it right away sorry we be good come on bro so we're gonna do it so we don't waste these we'll put these down here what did I do without any Isaac where's my bandages where's my bandages sure like a third weapon no that's cuz im using fist that's right there's no melee down there mailee is usually my number one all right this looks like a nice room I think I could chill in here chillin like a villain good good good not much any of that they're a bit over here I don't remember it's like a whole like three minutes ago the hell you people want for me to actually scrap that yeah fill this away throw that away I know I'm leading it to throw it away but I am ski goggles we don't need maybe I could sell them I don't know don't care you don't either so ski goggles when you got picnic tables picnic table hold so hard to make money on the on the trader now probably the traitor is I think the quests are not worth it at this point and the fun things want you to do trade quest they say if you don't do trade quest you're you're screwed basically mad malls big answer to brass being hard to get is do you um deuce do quests and when you do a quest it resets the building so mammals basically saying do what I do go and loot the building get everything out of it then set off the quest and do it again right the problem that was what if your quest suck and they kind of I don't know suck might be a strong word that I don't think they're really worth it to be honest I think they suck but you know those tier 5 quests are kind of garbage oh that's another thing that the funk time said I've really shouldn't be leaving this interesting stuff to the end of the video but you know what this is going to reward you guys you superfans you guys who watch the whole thing alright man well also said people said your quests suck they're not worth it and tier five quests are just not worth it and he said that they have some ways that he kind of agrees and they have some ways around that and one of the things they're gonna do is they're going to allow you I don't know if he said this for sure but I did say see him talking about it they were thinking about or are going to allow you to go back to old tier quests so like let's say you're onto your five quest you can go back and pick tier 3 quest again which i think is a fantastic change so I hope I you know read that right I'm pretty sure I did come on freaking lag get leg my freaking ears there's a lot of businessmen in here let's get rid of this steel Emma wait well the businessman where all the businessmen there's no businessmen huh that's interesting maybe they're in here here we go this is so difficult with this framerate people are like yeah just hit him in the head I'm like you know how hard that is with this framerate it's not so bad when they're walking but if they're running at you it's basically impossible it's partially because of the lag and it's also partially because of the way they move their head from side to side when they come at you all right guys unfortunately it is getting late and I do have to get back home sorry I'm going to call this one here if you ended up enjoying the video please we're done keys out like button also if you're new here please subscribe for more daily videos think about what you're watching I'll see you next time and until then take it easy whoa boy look at this guy you're about to get steel ammo in the brain oh my god I can't move alright see you later guys

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  1. It's weird and shameful that you get wood from those paper rolls in the crack-a-book building. Sounds the fun pimps didn't fix that? Anyways, great vid BTW!

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