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– Hey guys, what is up? Welcome back to Jingeriffic, the most epic mom channel on YouTube. Last time, we found a cassette tape, and we discovered what was on it. Do you guys remember that? (electronic echoing) – Pull the tape? (electronic echoing) Chain!
– Chain! – Pull the chain. – [Jinger] Did you find the chain? – There’s a piece of chain right here. – Whoa, what? You guys, Carl found the chain! – Should I just pull
as hard as I can, then? – [Jinger] Yeah, just as hard as you can. I could not get it to budge.
– Oh my gosh. – You’re not even budging the ground, the ground is not even moving at all. When we puled the chain, we actually found a buried
safe attached to it. We were able to pull that out
of the ground, and so today, we’re gonna try to
attempt, to open the safe. (upbeat inspirational music) On the Carl and Jinger channel, you guys told us that it was a great idea to go to Daily Bumps. We are here, and they actually just got into their safe today. So this is very, very exciting for us, because this gives me hope that we can actually
get into our safe, too. So here’s the safe. We’re trying to get it inside. I have a couple ideas on how we can attempt to open the safe. Tell me in the comments
right now, what you think could possibly be in there. I know that Carter
Sharer and Lizzie Sharer have found a safe, Stephen
Sharer actually just found one, at an abandoned house,
or something like that. Which is totally weird. I’m more concerned about Carter and Liz, because something is definitely
going down with them. A lot of you guys said that
they could possibly be in jail. And that’s so scary. Oh my word. Okay, Brian you got into your safe, which. – Yeah so come check this out. It’s actually unlocked,
and you can open it. – [Jinger] Okay, cool. – We are not allowed to
go through it yet, though. We’re waiting for the
authority’s permission, before we can actually go through it,
and make sure that it’s safe. – [Jinger] Hopefully I
can get my safe open, before they get here, so they
can kinda look over ours too. That would be really nice. – Yeah, I feel that would
probably be really helpful, but yeah, this thing is, it’s
got so much damage on it. – [Jinger] I just don’t even
know how to get into ours, like where do we even start, Brian? – I would say, start with,
try to see if you can bend this door, because we
actually had a lot of luck with a big crowbar. It bent the door back a
lot, so if you can do that, then maybe you could put
something in and even look inside. That’d be cool. – [Jinger] Have you ever
tried to listen to these? – You know, I’m not really good at that, but I’ve actually seen Missy do that, when she forgot the combination
to one of her jewelry safes. She was using something,
so maybe you could ask her. And see if she has anything. That’d be a smart way to do it for sure. – Okay you guys, I have
the pro, Missy here. She has got her, teth-a-scope? What is that? – This is a stethoscope. – [Jinger] Stethoscope,
I almost had it right. – You can call me Doctor Missy. I know exactly how to get this thing open. – [Jinger] Okay, so let’s try this. She’s going to try to
listen through there, explain out what you’re gonna do. – So, this is a stethoscope,
if you don’t know, this thing, when I put it on, I literally almost can’t hear anything. I can only hear out of this, ow! Ow. (laughs) So you listen out of this thing. This thing can kind of tell. So what we’re gonna do, is put it on here, and then I’m gonna, kind of
listen, and when I hear a click, I’m gonna, pretty much be sure
that’s probably that number. – [Jinger] Oh, okay, cool. – Then we’ll go back around the other way, until we hear another click,
then go back the other way. – [Jinger] I see, so
does the click mean that it’s starting to unlock it?
– Yes, yes. – If we can hear three clicks, we should hopefully be
able to get the number, and figure it out, so we’ll wanna write down that number too. Or memorize it.
– Okay cool. – If we find the number. – Okay you guys, so
Missy is getting started. If you don’t know how we
got this out of the ground, you need to check this out, right now. – [Carl] Oh yeah. Jinger, if this doesn’t
work, nothin’ will. – Are you ready? This is gonna be so awesome. – [Carl] It’s gonna be way awesome. If it doesn’t come out of
the ground on this attempt, that’s because it’s probably,
like 100 feet deep in there, so we’re gonna give it shot. I think I know what it
is, but we gotta do this. Are you ready, Jinger? – [Jinger] Ready! – [Carl] Alright, let’s do this guys, let’s get a countdown in. Three, two, one, go! (engine revving) Whoa! Whoa, you totally got it! You totally got it! Come here, come here! – [Jinger] Okay, so she’s
just waiting to hear the little clicks, we have
to talk kind of quiet, so she can hear. Do you hear anything, Missy? – I’m just hearing a lot of,
click, click, click, click. – [Jinger] Oh really, shoot, okay. – Wait, I think I just heard something. Alright I’m thinking it’s 42. – [Jinger] Okay 42, I’m gonna
write this down right here. – [Ollie] What are you writing? – [Jinger] Hey Ollie, look, your mom is trying to crack this safe open. She’s trying to figure it out.
– We got the first number. – [Jinger] Look, she already
got the first number. Isn’t that awesome? – What about, you can
poke a hole in this safe, then maybe, we can put a
security cam inside the safe. – What? Ollie that’s a great idea! He just said to drill a hole in the safe, and put a security camera in it. Did you do that on your channel? – Yep.
– You did? What did you see? – We put a little camera inside, and then, we see what’s inside. – [Jinger] What did you see? – We saw some tweezers, and
a compass, and some tools. And some money, too! – [Jinger] You guys need to
go check out Daily Bumps. To see what’s inside their safe. Any other luck, Missy? – So, next I’m kinda just
going all the way around, and then we’re gonna start looking again. – While me and Missy are
in here, trying to crack this safe open, the guys
are back at the pool, doing some box fort videos, over on the Gage1up channel, so you’d better go check that out. Man, we’re just trying to
get this to freakin’ work. – Oh
– What? – 60?
– 60? – Yep. – [Jinger] Oh my gosh. This is so exciting. Missy, how many numbers
does it take to open a safe? – I believe three, normally three. – [Jinger] Okay cool, so we
only need one more number. – Yeah, I think it’s, is that 15? Yep 15.
– Yeah that’s 15. – Write it down.
– Write that down. It should open, right? Oh, what?
– Dang it. Should I try it again? Here’s let’s just. 60 and 15. Nothin’. I really thought I had it. – [Jinger] Okay, I wonder if this is some sort of trick safe, that’s a possibility. – Yeah, I mean, only way to get it open, might just be to break it open. – Okay, that’s it, we’re
just gonna hop to it. – Yeah. – We’re gonna break the
safe open, right now, at least attempt to. Do I go for the edge here
that Brian recommended, or do I go for the hinge? That’s my question.
– I’m thinkin’ edge. I feel like, just pop that. – Pop the edge open? I guess, I just don’t
know anything about safes, so, okay, let’s just let that in there. Oh my gosh! – [Missy] Is it so hard? – Okay, man, what in the world? Alright, let me try this again. I just feel like, if I
could get the edge in there, then I could pull it out. – What?
– It’s starting to come out. – [Missy] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. You’re getting it, it’s opening. – Ow, man, shoot, okay! – [Missy] Maybe the hinge. Let’s try the hinge.
– Okay I’ll try the hinge. – [Missy] You may need
like, a hammer or somethin’. – Okay, ready?
– Yep. – Oh, there’s no way. Look at this, this is
like, welded right here, there’s just no way. – [Missy] No, jeez, okay. – You know what? I have an idea. – [Missy] What’s the idea? – What if we drag this thing on the back of the Polaris, and see
if we can break it open? – Oh my gosh, we haven’t done that yet. That’s a good idea.
– Let’s do it. When we pulled it out of the ground, it already had all this
on it, so let’s just hook it up to the back of the Polaris, and just drag it through everywhere. – [Missy] Let’s do it! – Okay you guys, we are
ready to hook up the Polaris, get that safe, and drag it. Hopefully we can open it,
smash that like button, to give us good luck, then we can get this safe open, you guys. – Yeah. – [Jinger] Oh yeah, here we go you guys. This is gonna be so epic. We got Missy’s dad here you guys. He’s gonna load the safe for us, ’cause that thing is so heavy. Alright, now we’re gonna hook the chain up to the back of the Polaris, right back there, take it
down to the better area, where we can get some speed. Missy, we’re gonna get some speed, right? – Heck yeah, yeah. – [Jinger] Alright poppa,
make sure that’s on good ’cause this is gonna get crazy. Alright you guys we got this all set. Missy, we are so ready to go. – Yeah, let’s go. – Alright, here we go you guys. We are gonna go, get this safe open, right now, I hope. – Alright Missy. – Yeah. – [Jinger] You ready for this? – Kick that thing off, let’s do it. – Hit it! Go, go, go, go Missy, go! Aw man you guys. Woo! Oh yeah, we’re totally getting it. Oh the chain broke! Whoa, you guys, the chain broke. Missy. – Oh my god, that was crazy. – [Jinger] That was so crazy! Oh man, wow, there’s extra dents for sure. There are definitely no holes in that. – We need to get a drill. – [Jinger] Or, what about a sledgehammer? – Ooh, a sledgehammer? Yeah. – [Jinger] What if we did a
sledgehammer, and tried to, I dunno, could we hit through it? Did you guys try that? – We could definitely
maybe hit these hinges, or even just hit right
through, we have tried it, these things are tough,
these things are tough, but we could just go for it. – After investigating
the chain it looks like the chain just actually
slipped off the safe. The chain didn’t even
break, what a let down. I at least wanted the chain to break. (laughing) Missy, I cannot believe
that did not work better. – I know. – [Jinger] That was so. – I was ready to put
the metal, to the, wait. How does it go? – [Jinger] Pedal to the metal! – I was ready to hit
the pedal to the metal, and I barely even got there. – Oh man. Okay, so the stethoscope didn’t work, the crowbar didn’t work, dragging it behind the
Polaris, didn’t work. – Nope. – I’m running out of ideas, you guys. Tell me down in the comments some ways that we can get this safe open. I know other YouTubers
have been successful, but this is a really strong safe. – Now we are gonna drop the safe off the top of a giant hill. We’re gonna let it
tumble all the way down, and see if maybe that can crack it open. – Okay, this is gonna
be so awesome you guys, there’s a huge hill over
here that we’re gonna use. I have a really good feeling about this. – [Missy] Yeah, my dad’s
driving us, let’s go. – There’s like rocks in the hill, I’m hoping it hits one just right. – If we have enough
momentum, and great force, it’s gonna happen. – I think this is gonna do
it, thumbs up if you agree! Jinger, this is where we found our safe. – Right there in that hole?
– Yes, we dug it up. – What in the world? – [Missy] I know, crazy. I think we’re gonna drop it off here, ooh, there’s a couple rocks there. If you drop it right there. – Alright let’s do that.
– Okay. – So Missy, you stay here at the bottom. And we’ll go up to the
top and push the safe off. – Okay. – Be careful it doesn’t
land on you, please? – [Missy] Yeah, I’ll be careful. Okay. – Here we go!
– See ya! – Alright you guys, we’re getting ready to drop this thing off the side of a hill. This is so crazy, there’s
a whole bunch of rocks, I really think this is gonna work. Hi Missy! Okay you gotta watch out! Alright you guys, I got the safe here. Poppa’s gonna open the
back of the Polaris, and then I’m gonna give
this thing a big shove. Smash that like button, and tell me if you think this
is gonna work, right now. Alright Missy, you ready? – [Missy] Woo, I’m ready! – Okay, here we go. In three, two, one, go! (upbeat electronic music) – [Missy] Oh! Nice! – That did not work. It almost hit the rock and it missed. Do you think it did anything? – [Missy] I dunno, see if it’s open. Careful of snakes. (record scratching) – Snakes, what? Okay, no false snake alarms, Missy. – [Missy] I’m so sorry,
there are snakes here. – Okay okay, that’s fair. It does not look like the
safe even budged, you guys. This is crazy. Oh my word. Okay, what do you think? I don’t think it did a darned thing. This has to be the world’s
strongest safe you guys. We cannot get this thing open. – [Missy] We need more suggestions. – We totally do. Okay you guys, I’m gonna
turn the safe over to Carl. I definitely feel like we need his help. We are not getting this safe open, with any of our tactics. So leave us suggestions,
down in the comments below, for Carl and me to get this safe open. I don’t know if it’s
gonna work, but thank you so much for watching,
be sure to check out the other videos on Carl and
Jinger, and Daily Bumps. The stuff in their safe
you guys, let me just say, is crazy. We didn’t get to look at all of it, because the authorities
are coming to look at it and everything, but I am really
excited to go through it, if they give us the go ahead. – Yes. – And hopefully it
doesn’t get confiscated. – I think there’s some
good stuff in there. – I wish we could’ve
gotten our safe open today. That’s okay, we’ll try it next time. And until next time, stay savage, bye!

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