Laughter is the Best Medicine

8 thoughts on “Cracking the Network Marketing Code | Elite Marketing Pro

  1. Paula, you are totally out of the box. I wish I could have learned from you earlier. The keys presented here are crucial for success in network marketing. I remember the Amway days….Family and friends can be the worst people to talk to. Every group I have joined in the past suggested making a list and talking to family and friends. Most of my family and friends were and still are 9-5 ers. They , family and friends, can't get past a steady job even if they have to take a pay cut. Thank you for showing up to this event, Paula your information was on Top! Priceless

  2. For a second I thought she said there's one black guy here . I'm like why is she so surprised? Oh one buck guy.. haha

  3. LOVE Paula, she is my upline and just the best upline and really does care about people.

  4. This is a really great training video, as are all the videos uploaded to this channel. Thank you guys so much for your commitment to constantly help your fellow industry friends grow their business.

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