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CRACK!VID | Larry & 1D

[Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so you always say that one Direction’s gonna get back together one day do you actually believe that hundred percent we’re never going to be as successful in Iran as we were one direction one of us left the band we were on high is still and it’s it will definitely happen that it’s just the time there’s the question honestly the bottom line is it’s just too impossible to predict when but it’s a no-brainer we’ll all feel the same at some point we’re getting back together but just when you know what they say for me once strike one but fool me twice strike three oh okay oh yeah yeah yeah it should be proud [Music] [Laughter] yeah you should be happy proud [Music] it’s a few bit cheeky am I gonna tell them no I’m not going to tell them I don’t see the point of that as a doctor you would not tell a patient if they had cancer is louis tomlinson finally speaking out about the Larry onedirection romance we never got the truth coming out yeah on rumor Patrol this is actually an article that legitimately ran in the son Louie did an interview with them recently yeah can we one super rule just put to rest what any of these guys believe in can you tell me what your view is on these people who are obsessed by a Larry conspiracy never should be not asked to write directly wait a second Larry Stylinson who is Larry Stylinson never should be not asked about it directly here’s the crazy thing so he is noting that yes he definitely knows about it how crazy is it though that he’s never been asked about it directly how because everyone’s like oh I don’t want to ask him that question he’s gonna get mad and not what talk to me for the rest of the interview you know sure Jim I’m happy finally someone was like so it over you know into one drinks anymore exactly and he was pretty honest and candid he did say that not all of it was a pleasant thing for him he said it pleasantly quote created this atmosphere between the two of us where everyone was looking into everything oh really it’s a funny thing I mean look people couldn’t people couldn’t believe what they want to believe now that the band is over it’s like clearly this romance that people were hoping with the thing is an honest thing because we would have been seeing them around to get my low-key wish it was a thing though cuz they’d be a really cute couple have any guys and boy bands ever come out and like how to relationship together I think so there’s been a lot of rumors like everyone thought b2k it just makes no fucking sense it’s just bullshit [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] you serious I don’t know what the fuck just happened but I don’t really care I’m gonna get the fuck up outta here I’m out [Music] I have a question for you what do you do for a living okay hey I have a question for you too why are you still here alright oh I feel like all my kids grew up and then they married each other it’s every parent’s dream you got so many fans everybody loves you guys so much they’re dying for you to get back together [Music] [Laughter] with a great job that’s my baby this train is going to crash into these five people should we move the Train to go this way or should we let it go that way which way should the train go [Music]

74 thoughts on “CRACK!VID | Larry & 1D

  1. Omfg, it’s pretty good!!! Can’t stop laughing. It’s fucking amazing, keep making this. You have talent!!!

  2. I wanna know who said the "bla bla bla" at 7:23 BTW your vid are on point it put a smile on my face keep doin it ❤

  3. Аааааа, этот crack великолепен! Спасибо тебе, милая!
    Много любви, хх

  4. You can tell how happy he is with Eleanor just like soooooooo happy

    Like he looks much happier with Eleanor than he does with harry like really
    Like if you think I’m being serious than look at me profile

  5. what did he do at 6:50? what was that? somebody has a little a agression problem i assume 😀 no, probably understandable considering the many paps everywhere

  6. I'm going to be completely honest- I don't really mind if 1D doesn't reunite. I'd be perfectly fine with that, actually. Their music wasn't ever really my style, or what I liked to listen to- But Harry's gone so far, and it's only the start of what I perceive to be a much longer journey. He has his own style, his own path he's carving out, music I love with adll my heart, confidence, he's found himself finally… all of it. What I want is for Louis and he to be free. I want to see the boys goofing around together in their seperate houses; see them all come over to Lou and Hazza's place for a movie night; just hang out. Like Ed and Harry. Like Niall and Shawn. Just be friends- Not necessarily a band, but together all the same. I want that back. That's what I want back. Not the music, not the videos or the pop songs; not the photoshoots or the scripted interviews. I want the togetherness.

  7. Completely contrasting with my last serious comment

    DAMN Louis has some beautiful collar bones

  8. "An article that legitimately ran in The Sun"
    Me: * incontrolable laughter *
    Bitch the only two suns that I know are legitimate are that burning star on Space and Louis William Tomlinson so get your facts straight.

  9. 7:20 Is that "The Best Day" by Taylor Swift of her Fearless studio album that I hear? Sorry just a huge directioner swiftie (who also happens to be a Larry shipper).

  10. Anyone else notice that when louis & elk were holding hands, she was the top just like harry used to be & louis is still the bottom hand?? LMAO! And I'm only referencing hand holding re top & bottom. Sexually they share that. 😉

  11. I just really hope Louis is okay. He just seems a bit down. I understand he’s lost his Grandma, Mother and Sister. I hope there is someone there for him.

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