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Crank Yankers Season 5 – Official Trailer

(dramatic music)
(phone ringing) Hello? How can I help you? What is this about? My name is Spoonie Luv,
from up above. Could you have my baby? (maniacal laughing) I bought someone else’s
diapers from your people. Like a baby wears,
but for a man. It makes no difference
what you tell me about what you’re
wanting to do. How are we able to handle a wet
and sticky load? This isn’t the service for you. You’re wasting my time. You on weed right now? Right now? (laughs) (belches) Why are you
burping into the phone? What if I get pregnant
by a ghost? You know this voice
is very familiar. Okie dokie fine. (screaming) (dial tone) I’m so happy because I’m making
brown beautiful doody in my pants. You need to stop calling here.

100 thoughts on “Crank Yankers Season 5 – Official Trailer

  1. I thought Jimmy Kimmel and adam Corolla both made the show together it's weird they are saying from jimmy ft. Adam and other guests.

  2. in addition to tiffany I hope we get wanda skykes and nicole byers too iconic voices and both hilarious–plus wanda was on the original so its only right

  3. Im so glad to see this. Sometimes shows just take breaks for a few years and dosent mean their canceled. Examples always sunny in Philadelphia,family guy, scare tactics. Sometimes shows just wait for Something stupid to pass buy like the cancellation media society of 2018s sjw everything is offensive era and now the 2019 everything is hatespeech thing is passing

  4. screaming omg yesss, I freakin love crank yankers, sooo glad it's comin back , man imagine what the phone calls are gonna be like now in 2019 lol cant wait !!!

  5. Yeah!! Prank phone calls!! I totally missed this!! We need this show that's been cancelled for years, because it's a dumb concept!!
    Who needs originality?!

  6. If this show doesn't make fun of retarded people I WILL NOT WATCH IT. The only character I liked in this show was the one that mocked people with down syndrome and if this important, iconic, revolutionary character is not included I WILL NOT WATCH THIS SHOW AND I WILL BOYCOTT IT WITH MY 30 BOYS. We are tired of the SJW agenda ruining TV shows I didn't even remember until right now AND IT MUST END. #Kekistani #GamersRiseUp #Trump20202020202020202020

  7. This is absolutely, absolutely, beyond light years, amazing! These are the finest bits of comedy ever to mankind !!

  8. Sweet Monter of Goddess! This is AWESOME! Please, Please bring back Shorties Watchin Shorties as well! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  9. fuck faggot kimmel lol and fuck these huge actors, the original series didnt care about celebrity voices right? its all about making money from normie bullshit, fuck this shit im watching the original

  10. I thought this was a prank or a fever dream, but it’s real. And my 8 year old self is worried about my parents seeing me hyped for the return.

  11. Comedy Central: Well, we fucked up with Brickleberry, all those political pundant shows, sarah silverman
    We may as well bring this show back.

  12. Stop freaking out about “No Special Ed”
    1. Either hes still in and not in the trailer OR
    2. The networks didnt think it would be smart due to “PC” people freaking out.

    Either way I doubt hes not in the show when theres stuff on South Park that is 10x worse.

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