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Hello people, this is Ravi Meena from… “The Thug Mafia” and today we are going to shoot public review on IPL (Indian Premier League). So lets see, how’s the IPL is going on. The 10th season of IPL, lets ask the public about it…So Lets Go Who is the sexiest cricket player right now in IPL? Virat Kohali…. He is plays awesome and also looks handsome! I’ll tell you one thing, everybody I am asking this, everybody is answering the same! Can I ask something else or should I have to continue… Hot, cute, good looking, charming and very adorable… Virat has something that nobody has it! What do you want to say bro? You should as Anushka Sharma! If there is a rule that “if Virat hits the six and any girl who catches the ball, she will get a chance ho kiss Virat Kohali” I’ll be go crazy…! Don’t you like any Indian players? Do you know where are pandya brothers from? IPL is fun for cricket, its like we have blood in our veins. So your saying like have skin in our body. So your, uncle is into betting. Please take the number and address of her uncle. Please zoom on her face, she is the one who bets on cricket matches. Do you think if politicians start playing IPL, who is the one who should enter the IPL? Ban the politician from playing it. Narendra modi, Rahul Gandhi, Yogi Maharaj, Kejriwal. Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi man! Kejriwal will cry for batting…! Lets ask modi to play IPL. Narendra modi should play. Are you a big fan of modi ? Kejriwal man he is brilliant at sweeping the floor… Kejriwal man he is brilliant at sweeping the floor… kejriwal knows cricket. Is kejriwal was cricketer before? Really? I think so, I don’t know about him but when I look at him he looks like common people. Ohh… he is the cricketer he will take runs faster But I don’t look at him like that. You cant look at him like that, obviously Mukesh ambani man, he is the man, and if I say this he would me give jio free for more years. this guy has a point Mukesh ambani’s sons are very cute, his got very thin now. I don’t know his name but he is so hot. Hum priti. you think prity zinta is hot and you don’t like shilpa shetty? So would you date shipla shetty? If I got time, I would may be. Ohh… So you are very busy person? What best hooting did you did at the stadium with your friends? If there is India- Pakistan match is going on what worlds will you say to the opponent team? India will have the world cup till the end. If there is India- Pakistan match is going on what you will say to demoralized them? Your sitting with your boyfriend and there is cricket match going on and on the hahahaha I am getting really crazy answer. I also wanted to ask, so boys go to stadium for watching the player or cheerleaders? Both man, Kill 2 birds with one stone. I don’t want politically correct answer. I will have my binoculars and try to see both with it. I will zoom it on their assets. If you get a chance who would you watch players or cricketers? I will zoom it one their assets. If you get a chance who would you watch players or cricketers? How both? With one eye on first and other eye on second. No no… combo, combo! If you want to introduce new rules in IPL, which rules do you introduce? There should be more players, Ok if there is 11 playes you want 15. No no only for Mumbai Indians more players and for other teams the same. So means, if there is 11 players we should add 15 players. Every batsman should get 2-3 wickets. You mean to say players can took wickets to home. No no… They should get more chance of batting. What? Nobody want to play match 4 days man! No no…
Ball’s will fall on the ground. Whose ball will fall on the ground I didn’t mean that ball, I means cricket ball. So people you saw that what is the publics opinion on the IPL and you see how people are crazy about IPL how people do hooting on stadium, why do people go to see the IPL and who like whom So please comment down below and let us know about your opinion on the IPL

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