Laughter is the Best Medicine

creepypasta Laughing Jack animation

What’s happening again ? I’ll show him what I’m made ! Who’s there ?! …me… No ! Now, I’m done, get out of my house ! Well… Now, that’s it, you’re out ! Shoo ! I’m tired ! Is there anybody else that wants to disturb me ? So good night ! After Jeff the killer and Eyeless Jack, there was Laughing Jack ! Who will it be after ? Slenderman ? I shouldn’t have said that… To be continued…

32 thoughts on “creepypasta Laughing Jack animation

  1. Plus de 2000 vues ? Sérieusement ?? Wow merci ! 😀 C'est vraiment cool !~
    More than 2000 views ? Seriously ?? Wow thanks ! 😀 That's really cool !~

  2. lol, Laughing Jack looks so retarded that it's cute! 😂
    Awesome job by the way, keep up the amazing work love! 💖

  3. Diré todas las palabras que se en inglés , cool , cute , very Good , bye , like and hello , nada más mese en inglés XD

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