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Critical Role Crack – Episode 1: Curious Beginnings

[Critical Role Theme] Beau: We have four gold, and there’s only three of us. Fjord: Well, I actually did pretty good at that card game so you can have mine. Beau: One for you, two for me, two for- Oh wait…no, wait. [Group laughs] No, that doesn’t make sense. One for you, one for me. Fjord: Thanks. Beau: And then 22…silver, that’s…[nervous chuckle] Laura: Tell you what, you do that math while other things are happening. [“Jealous” by Nick Jonas] [Critical Role Theme] Matt: As the sound of a fiddle seems to creep through- Sam: My god, Ashley’s a master fiddler, isn’t she? [Jaunty air fiddle solo] Ashley: That’s the sound for all air, uh, instruments. [Bass] [Flute] [Fiddle] [Snare and cymbal] [Critical Role Theme] Sam: So I step forward, and I open my mouth and I say: Nott [badly singing]: And I~ Filthy Frank [over the singing]: It’s time to stop! Nott [killing Scanlan’s memory]: Will always soothe~ [At same time] Filthy Frank: It’s time to stop, okay!? Nott: you~ [At same time] Filthy Frank: No more! Where the FUCK are your parents?! [Critical Role Theme] Ashley: This is the first time I’ve done this, so I’m- hopefully I won’t do this wrong. Sam: “I’m going to punch.” Ashley: I would like to rage. [Slowed cheering as “Sweet Victory” by David Glen Eisley plays] [Song continues] Ashley: I would like to rage. [Dramatic chipmunk music] [End song]

100 thoughts on “Critical Role Crack – Episode 1: Curious Beginnings

  1. I wanted to take the time and thank you all so much for enjoying and supporting this series!!! I cannot believe how quickly I have gained subscribers and watchers in the past week alone, especially today. I promise I will continue these, but I have been a bit busy and have some editors block. But I promise Episode 8 and 9 will be uploaded before the new Critical Role comes out on Thursday 🙂

  2. The Nott singing… I think Ashley's face should've been zoomed in. The pure amount of shock on her face beats Liam's disappointed facepalm, at least in my opinion >_>

  3. i have watched almost all of these so far. thank you for doing this these are amazing and if you ever can send them in, i'm sure the cast would love these.

  4. Oh my god, just stumbled on the 3rd vid in suggested vids and decided to start from the beginning becuase I loved the first minute so much XD

    Immediate jump cut to Liam seemingly disappointed or losing his shit because of his son, Sam Reigel

  6. I didn't know I needed this. But now that I have it, I can't live without it. My stomach hurts watching these things 🙂 thank you for making them!

  7. if you think Taliesin was dramatic in this just watch his face when they have Khary Payton break a will weaton dice XD

  8. I am curious what prompted you to make these? was there a specific event that made you consider making these?

  9. the bonus Taliesin made me fucking spit take, that needs to be a recurring segment please lord

  10. Ok can we recognise that Sam is wearing the same shirt that he wore on the first episodes of the first campaign on the first episode of the second campaign like this guy is just impressive

  11. I'm going to comment the following on each of your critical Role Crack Videos, because it is true:

    6. I had a blast watching all this. Subscribed.

  12. God damn. Now I regret I only listen to the podcast and don't watch the episodes on Youtube.

    Great damn job on all of these, CritGemHero. You're a Hero who brings us many Gems from CritWorld and we love and cherish you for that! <3 <3 <3

  13. Ashley is so busy. I want more of her to be in the show, but she's always somewhere else and they never explain why she isn't Skyped or discord?

  14. I swear ive watched through the playlist of these at least 6 times since ive found your channel, you're phenomenal at editing and basically everything about these are perfect. 10/10

  15. I just re-watched all these, up to 16 i think it was, I said it before, I'll say it again, Fucking Brilliant! Just wish you were quicker, but hey Quality over quantity. Keep up the good work.

  16. For me as a lizard folk barbarian my phrase is: Time to feast/hunt
    I haven’t entirely decided yet

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