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Critical Role Crack – Episode 10: Waste and Webs

(Groovy 80’s Critical Role Intro) Sam: DND Beyond is offering up another discount code for 24.. Spongebob: I thought of something funnier than 24…
Patrick: Let me hear it. (Giggles) Sam: 25 percent off any purchase in the DND Beyond marketplace.
Taliesin, Laura, Spongebob and Patrick: (Giggle uncontrollably) Mollymauk: Is The Traveller the only god you’ve ever seen or have you seen other gods out of curiosity? Jester: No, I’ve only seen that guy
Beau: She does see hamster unicorns… Fjord: (tru) Beau: Are they gods? They’re gods.
Jester: (incredulously) They’re just unicorns [d’uh] Matt & Travis: (god, thats so cute…)
Nott: (In the background) We’ve been sitting, drinking right? Mollymauk: I’VE been drinking Yasha: I light my torch once I get down there.
Matt: (awesome sound effect of a torch catching fire) Jester: (echoey) Do you see any monsters down there? Yasha: I look around..(shouts back) Everything looks good!
Matt: (In the background) Make a perception check Yasha: Ohh.
Everyone: laughing Matt: Spoke too soon
Taliesin: (Creepy screeching)
(Music box in background) Ashley: (jokingly) Everything loo-AAARGHHH!!
Travis: (jokingly) Yasha? Matt: There’s also a very very faint scratching sound. Beau: I put on my goggles Matt: Okay, you put on your goggles there.
Fjord: I’m gonna go ahead and cast Armor of Agathys Matt: The ice that normally gives a translucent, kinda blue-ish white colour has a strangely kinda yellow-green tint to it
Marisha: eeewww… Matt: (laughing/cackling evilly)
Fjord: (various sounds of disgust as he is covered in armour made of poop water.) Fjord: [The] scratchin’ sound’s a rat and we’re all like (war cry!) Matt: (I have a perfect poker face, noone suspects anything…think innocent thoughts) Beau: (cautiously) I take a ball bearing
Jester: (less cautiously) Poke it with your stick! Matt: So you throw the ball bearing and it hits and you see what looks to be horrible matted fur (AN ICONIC VINE!!)
“beau”: (sounds of shock and disgust amounting to “ISZIECH!!”) Matt: Suddenly two eyes reflect through and you hear this sound: (Rat screeching) Matt: Fangs open up and a bunch of the other clusters all suddenly begin to shift and skitter in your direction. I need you all to roll Intiative JawnTrawn: Is that a poop rat!? Is that a f***ing poop rat!? Jester: We’re fighting poop rats!
Liam: (screams in the background) Matt: That’s okay, you only take one point of poison damage; rolled really low for that one.
Sam’s phone: (rings with an alarm) Sam: (Reads alarm) Ohh..
Marisha: (in background) (coughs) I inhaled my spit [lovely…] Matt: *takes away the map he created for the poop rat fight*
Laura: What! No! How will we know where we’re going now?
Travis: (in background) wow, two 1’s. (background talking…not really that important and I’m pretty lazy so I won’t caption this for you.) MEANWHILE! Sam is taking off his jumper at the exact same time he did in episode 10 of the last campaign. One can only assume that was that the alarm was for… (ANOTHER ICONIC VINE!!!)
Who are you? Matt: Nott, you look up and see this thing as it just *DIGS* it’s giant pincers and fangs into Fjord.
Jester: ATTACK IT!!
Nott (The Brave): (terrified) Aarrgghh!!! Matt: You watch it…(another awesome wooshy sound effect)… vanish and disappear Travis/Fjord: FUUCCKK!!
Beau/Marisha: Ugghhhh
Matt: I need you all to roll Initiative
Travis/Fjord: FUUCCKK!!! Jester: I cast Spiritual Weapon!! A giant purple lollipop!!
(Angelic choir sings in the background) Marisha/Cat from yet another iconic Vine: Yaass Laura: Somebody took a picture of it [the lollipop] and then disappeared it? Matt: It might have happened yeah
Jester: Well I make a giant teal lollipop instead!
(Disappointed boo’s in the background) Marisha: Does anyone know where the lollipop is?
Matt: It’s fine. You cast Sacred Flame… it has no target to affect. It just kind of… Jester: It’s gone… Jester: (adorable scared little whimper) Travis: Nothing happens?
Matt: There’s no burst of flame the spell just has no target Jester: (an even more adorable, more scared little whimper) Beau: Real thankful?
Thed: Yeah,
Beau: Feel like we did you a good service today? Thed: I’d happily pay ye, but your friend already took all my money.
Jester: I didn’t take anything from his pockets Matt: Thats what he’s saying
Jester: (Outraged gasp!) Beau: Y’know you provide a service…get something in return… Thed: If I can be of service, I’d be happy to-
Beau: Who’s The Gentleman? Thed: I don’t know what you’re talkin about.
Beau: Oh friend, I don’t need to roll an Insight Check to know thats bullshit. Nott: I get closer to Thed and say in Thieves Cant
Liam: (satisfied and proud) Aaahhh yesss….. Nott: You can trust us.
*Liam thwacks Sam’s arm with pride* Thed: And the rest of your….compatriots? Nott: They’re cool.
*Seagulls intensify* Liam: *”Speaks” in Thieves Cant I guess??* Laura & Ashley: *jam to some sick Beach Boy beats* Nott: Wow….We did it. And we never have to do another adventure again Everyone: (Giggles in the background)
Nott: Right? Mollymauk: I dunno about you…I’ve got goals Liam: (jokingly) Campaign 3…next week. Matt: (jokingly) Yep that was it, thank you for watching Matt: G’night.

100 thoughts on “Critical Role Crack – Episode 10: Waste and Webs

  1. A clarification to my message at the end!!!
    I am genuinely not angry or mad at Beau for making Crack videos, but I have every right to be concerned that my ideas for jokes were being copied and exploited for views. A family member of mine was the one to angrily point out Beau first and I felt awkward because I didn't want to address it or start any kind of fight or negativity, but at the same time I couldn't IGNORE it because people have been personally messaging me that THEY were confused and thought that channel was me and my videos, and THEY saw it as someone copying my work!! What am I supposed to do about that? Nothing? So I figured just letting my audience know the difference while showing I didn't want to accuse them of 1000% copying me would be okay. I should have worded myself better, I even said I wasn't mad at them in the text but ACCIDENTALLY DELETED IT before I noticed in the export. And that song choice was a bad idea, it was meant to be cheeky but I can understand it being seen as rude. I don't regret that quote though, I felt it captured my feelings on the matter perfectly. I am truly sorry if it sounded passive aggressive or if it looked like some kind of start to a flame war. My intention was to END a confrontation before it even happened, and I may have failed. I am truly sorry.

  2. All those people dissing Beau are either stupid or just misinformed. Crack videos are not a new thing, nor is the format that is apparently being 'plagiarized'. For as long as YouTube has existed people have been creating Crack videos. There are those of you out there claiming that Beau is directly taking jokes from Gemini, but I ask you how is that possible when Gemini is episodes behind? To personally attack Beau and their content and claim that they have been stealing is just ludicrous. I don't see people attacking JackSepticEye or Markiplier for 'copying' Pewdiepie.

  3. Is Sam doing shirtbased easter eggs? And does the owner of this channel have a photographic memory of everything that happened in season 1 in order to notice that connection? Either way I'm impressed by all of it!

  4. You don't own dnd crack. Imagine how cool it would be though if crack became a saying like "meme" though?! It would be more content for the viewers to watch!

  5. 0:34 LMAO One of my favorite things this campaign has been watching Travis and Matt make eye contact and giggle whenever Jester does something really quirky or silly and cute!!

  6. When it comes to CR Crack you are my God and Goddess (Gemini and all). I do not stray (and appreciate your ability and willingness to care for our earbuds). One episode into that folk had to jump ship. They do not understand how ears work.

    But, you have our minds, and soul. <3

  7. When I saw theirs I thought you had made a new channel, so clicked and subscribed. Did not take long to realize it was not in fact you. I like yours better, however that is not to say I didn't also like Beau's. Glad to see you are back though!

  8. How in the hell did you catch what Sam was doing? Hell how did Sam catch what Sam was doing? Did you both watch the whole episode ????

  9. I think in a world where people get mad first and ask questions…never, it's great that you understand that other people can have similar aspirations as you.

    I have seen and like BOTH you and Beau's channels respectively and enjoy your content in the way I enjoy both McDonalds and Burger King. Similar but different.

    Maybe someday you guys could do a collaboration on a video to get the best of both worlds at once. Either way, I'll continue to watch your great videos.

  10. Liam needs to stop punching people XD I've only realised how often he does it cause of these crack videos but he has a punching problem

  11. This is fantastic, you always find the best content to throw in there, like the rat vine and the clip from zootopia (that was just frickin uncanny), I love it!! So glad you're still making these awesome videos, I was worried for a hot second haha

  12. You two should totally work together! Found you, thanks to him, though. Suddenly another "Crack" appearred in my "recommended".. And herer i am o:

  13. I love both your guys' cracks. I like having more than one person making them so I can have twice as much crack. 😂 Its all craic to me!

  14. "Imitation is the highest form of flattery"? "Exploiting your work"?? Sis??? Get over yourself, perhaps? I love your edits and I'm glad you're getting popular, but crack videos for every fandom has been around since the 2000s. I say this with affection, but you having a lot of subscribers and views doesn't give you the monopoly over CR crack videos or memes and with the amount of subscribers you have, you're setting up an inflammatory reaction towards a newer channel with how you chose to address this (The Busted track? Really?) Also I don't understand the amount of people going over to Beau's channel just to accuse her of "stealing" bc, again, crack videos are not monopolized by someone just bc they did it first. I'd rather have multiple people making crack videos than just one so I can enjoy more content. Honestly at this point, I'd rather the two of you collab just to end this conflict and create a more peaceful community (Also to show that that the two of you actually have different styles when it comes to crack vids idk). Anyway, I do wish the best of luck to both of you and hope this whole situation and aggression ends bc I hate petty drama like this.

  15. Love your videos! this was hilarious and i cant wait for more, that being said the ending had me furious , i hope this all blows over because sensless petty drama is not something i enjoy as a bitter aftertaste to some good comedy. thats my 2cents anyway!

  16. A very humble and polite way to acknowledge the other channel. Keep doing what you do, and is it Thursday yet?

  17. I swear to god all of these videos are perfect. Thank you so much for putting them together!! They have provided me many hours of joy!

  18. Do you think it's a little bit of a bold claim to say somebody is stealing your ideas when you just steal the comedy and video from critical role

  19. A point on thieves cant. Thieves cant is neither a language or a series of gestures, rather it is basically common with a few words used in place of others like, fence, lift, job etc.

    6. I had a blast watching all this. Subscribed.

  21. I watch your videos at least once a week just because they are the best and always, always make me laugh no matter how many times I have watched them. keep up the great work


    3:39: Mollymauk "I don't know about you, I've got goals"

    yeh, probably.

  23. I love these videos so much omg😂😂 one came up in my suggested videos so now im watching them all and it has made my day👌

  24. Down with the false GemHero!
    i kid I kid. I'll probably go check the Beau one's stuff out later. Anyways, onto the next episode.

  25. >stealing my jokes
    >your jokes are just using widely recycled memes as reactions

    don't get me wrong, i love these videos, that just doesn't seem quite right.

  26. Okay gotta say in the description, there's really no legitimate reason to dislike JonTron as a person unless you've been fed hearsay.


  28. Sorry, gotta unsubscribe for the baseless JonTron hate. Unless you know the guy in real life, he's no more a bad person than Pewdiepie is a Nazi. Maybe don't believe everything you read on Tumblr…

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